Why Adopt a Pet Rather than Purchase One?

Dear readers,

If you walk into a pet store and stare at all the adorable puppies on display, one would never know that these adorable animals might have been badly bred, could carry illnesses and genetic diseases, or worse, could die upon purchase. While these puppies leave the pet store, cute and all, there are many adoptable dogs and cats that desperately need loving homes.

So while you watch the New England and Los Angeles NFL teams compete for the Lombardi trophy, rings, and bragging rights, why not take a moment each year to watch Team Fluff and Team Ruff compete for the Chewy Lombarki trophy. Why, you might ask? Because every Puppy Bowl participant in this and every year’s puppy bowl will be placed in loving foster and adoptive homes.

How can you help? Go to your local animal rescue orgs, Humane society, or ASPCA shelter and adopt. The fees are much cheaper than a puppy purchased from a breeder, and you receive rewarding love and devotion from your pet, plus the shelters will spay or neuter your pet for free. There is discounted veterinary care for some animals with owners in need at Denver’s Dumb Friends League. So if you really need a therapy dog, adoption is the best way to go.

Where can you find adoptable dogs and cats? Well? You don’t necessarily need to log on to the web, but if you know a local rescue group you want to work with, call or log on to their website and find out if dogs or cats are available to adopt. The puppies are sure to win your heart, but what about senior dogs?

Dogs threee years or older are so desperately in need of loving homes, too. So watch the thrd annual Dog Bowl. If you missed the Dog Bowl this year, I’m sure they’ll do it again next year. Senior dogs make great companions, so look up senior dogs with a local shelter or rescue group. Animals are cute, but those animals in most need must be adopted into loving families.

For more information, log on to your local humane society or ASPCA website and check out volunteer opportunities as well if you’re interested. Shelters always need volunteers to clean cages, walk the dogs, feed and play with cats/kittens, and much more. If you’d be so kind, readers, please let me know if you find good rescue groups that do shelter dogs and cats that have not been adopted yet.

Thank you for being ggood readers of the blog, and stay tuned for more announcements regarding podcast stuff.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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