Defamation of Character concerns, What’s this about!

Dear readers,

This entry will be quite short. Let me set the record straight. On many grounds I find my ex, Jason, guilty of emotionally abusing me, the late Jennifer Weaver, an Carol Ann Weeks, as well as fraternizing with other girls during those relationships. Carol and I have since moved on and found good guys, but Jennifer, while she died of health complications, certainly did not speak to him before her death. It made me very sad to see her go like this, so you all can imagine losing a friend like that. Jennifer was a big Beatles fan, I’ll never forget. She loved God, loved people, and she’s probably up there with John Lennon who was her favorite. The thing I’d like to clear up is, if the allegations of child abuse and murder are not true, then who said all this and why? Where are Felicia Nicole’s kids? Is it true that she’s pregnant? Is it true that her youngest daughter was injured? I can’t find facts right now. I want evidence to prove it, whether it’s in a photo with text in it, a lock of hair, or a phone call from an old schoolmate of his. I will not be accused of defaming character, whether here, Facebook, or Twitter. Part of this is an ableist attempt to discredit witnesses. The other part is … well, hate speech. Harassment.

Facebook has been notified that three people: Bill, Anita, and Michael, have all been blocked and reported or calling me a psycho or lunatic and other names that are hurtful. Nobody needs to be called these names. As for guardianship, it is plain evil, pure and simple, for adults who can speak for themselves and are blind and at risk for isolation. While I was commenting on a teenage girl’s misuse of a cell phone, I got too much hate from Bill, Natia, and Michael. All three of these people will now pay a price for their hatred, harassment, and name calling. It’s called being blocked and not able to contact me. I would encourage my real friends to either believe the facts, believe me, or don’t post on Facebook. IF you don’t have anything good to say about me, please don’t say it at all. Otherwise, I’m tempted to grab a stapler.

Sorry if this seems a bit off putting, but it has to be said. Anyone who calls me names like psychotic and lunatic and lune bag will automatically be blocked from now on because those names are harmful to the mental health community. HEre’s a solution: for the folks I blocked on Facebook, go spend time at a mental health treatment center, and spend time there as a volunteer. You’ll see that most mental health patients are there for treatment. Treatment equals meds and therapy, which is a good cocktail of things that help the person with various behaviors such as alcoholism and narcotics use. I thankfully don’t have narcotics or alcohol on my profile, but I’ve met many who do. There was one guy at LaAmistad who said he was serious and wanted a relapse prevention plan. That’s dedication. And his family came to visit, which showed they were all behind him every step of the way.

Now, I thought this was gonna be short, but oh well. Things had to be said.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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