Could the #govtshutdown lead to more serious problems?

Dear readers,

While teenagers harassed a Native American elder on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I was appalled by the privilege these boys were brought up in. I was also more appalled that the government shutdown passed 30 days. People are not getting the point that those folks who can’t work won’t be helped for long. And getting work is a boon for blind people because:

1. 75% of us are currently unemployed.

2. 53% of sighted people in a recent survey say they’re uncomfortable with blind people. What does that say about us as a race, not blind people?

3. With respect to blind people and capacity to do things, too many sighted people think we’re not capable of doing essential household things like babysit and do clothes shopping.

4. 83% of females with disabilities are sexually assaulted whether it is at home, at work, or in travel. Grabbing a disabled person is seen as normal, but this is still unacceptable.

5. There are still predators among us. I won’t work for a man because of the possibility of being preyed upon for my disability. I won’t let someone else’s DNA pass through my body and my body is mine. It doesn’t belong to anyone else, even in a marriage. Because there are people out there who believe a woman should never refuse her husband’s advances, I’m stating this. I don’t refuse Trenton’s jokes and advances because I trust him, but when you have no idea what you’re doing after years of supervised dating and then suddenly you’re living together, things can get ugly. That’s another story for another post, but as a disabled female, I have to be on my guard, people. I must be on my guard when it comes to the men who want to see my body as usable and disposable.

As a woman with a disability, I could be badly affected by not only the shutdown, but unwanted advances from a boss. This is the pinnacle of the Huffington Post article that might come out this week. I will post a link to the story if it does come out here in the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Thank you all for reading.

PS. I anyone thinks I should not be in a position of power, you deserve to know why you, the sayer of such, are not. You touched my friends without their consent, got somebody pregnant, and that girl wasn’t even ready for. baby. That girl adopted the baby away because she couldn’t handle motherhood, nd you expected nothing less. Well, I’ll be in a position of power, and you’ll regret saying otherwise. It may not be a governing position, but you won’t be allowed to speak ill of me when I have it my way. The bill of rights should prevent you from plotting an assassination attempt, so keep your distasteful and sexist thoughts to yourself.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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