How is the #shutdown affecting me?

Dear readers,

I want to explain a few somethings that some of you may not know. The partial government shutdown must end, and this is why.

  1. The top reason is food. We have to budget $200 per month in real dollars because food stamps are not funded after February. Don’t look at me like I’m entitled, people. Human beings who can’t work for their living must be given compensation in real effort, including food stamps, so as not to exhaust the food banks. Food banks also don’t give you a choice of foods, not like grocery stores. So look here, people, I want to shop at a grocery store and no way am I getting canned junk from a food bank. Luckily, the metro ministries mobile food bank had fresh fruits and veggies, but not every food bank has that. Commodities are for folks 65 or older, which I don’t fall under that category. Work in a sweatshop or DVR run office is not an option and you don’t know my history, so trolls, back off.
  2. We can’t go to the Church nightclub for Ferry Corsten’s show. I’m sorry, we had to budget and tickets to the show did not fall under our budget plan.
  3. We might not live independently together in our own place. Before you spew hateful rhetoric at me, think again. We need autonomy and independence and human dignity like everybody else, but being blind puts both me and fiance at 75% unemployment and for me, I’d earn $.75 per $1 Trenton, my fiance earns. I want nothing to do with a gender pay gap, and working for a nasty CEO is my worst nightmare. FEmales with disabilities face workplace sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace 83% of the time in their lives, and I may expand this to include familial abuse.
  4. We may never see a good leader in government again.
  5. The Handmaid’s Tale may come true, that is if the Democrats get shot by Republican zealots who are dedicated to founding a Christian nation. IF a shutdown were to continue, and on and on, someone could get hurt whether it’s the President, Congress, or both. We must make every effort to reopen this government.

As a blind person, my political wish list is:

  1. Braille literacy for all blind/visually impaired kids. Blind/VI children face a 90% functional illiteracy crisis because of government uninterest, parental expectations, and worse, schools not doing their job.
  2. Try having more blind orientation and mobility/travel instructors. It is a discrepancy between the blind and sighted worlds, having sighted O and M instructors who have no clue what it’s like being blind, ignored, or worse, at more risk of dying because some idiot driver hits them while they’re crossing the street. Blind people teach and do the skills every damn day, so why not use more of these people to mentor young blind people?
  3. Unification of the blind community into one big Congress. Thanks, Clayton for your inspiration. We need a blind assembly that is more unified, devoid of government kickbacks, and agency heads would not be allowed to join unless the agency bends the normal system of DVR and actually gives blind/VI people their lives, their livelihoods, and dreams.
  4. Blind people should be supported in starting their own businesses. This is essential to making us empowered individuals.
  5. Women should wear pants to work. Are you staring at me from a suit and tie, Dr. Jernigan? Women should wear pants to work. Period.
  6. Men who are unmarried should be forbidden to touch or assault disabled females at work. We need to create a safe space for women to do their jobs, people.
  7. DVR should be reallocated to funding these businesses like Clayton’s record company, for instance. IF you’d like to collaborate with Clayton, go to, and email him at for not only this, but his new single Conniving Mastermind. It is freaking awesome.

I think you all get the picture. IF you read this post to the very end, congratulations, but if you’re a hater and want to spew subintelligent rhetoric at me, close this window and find something else to do.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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