R. Kelly: Thoughts and Feelings About the So Called Documentary that I Confess I’ve Never Seen

Dear Readers,

A lot of us have come to know the singer known as R. Kelly, supposedly the leader of a sexualized cult where women are abused and told what to do. R. Kelly was acquitted on 21 counts of child porn or something like that, and I remember he had been adjudicated in the late 90s for something related to sex abuse. Here’s something very important I’d like to say:

Alia, the hip hop star who tragically passed away in a plane crash, was blamed in a recent BET article by R. Kelly for lying about her age upon her illegitimate marriage to Kelly. Alia was fifteen, but blaming the victim is a very important pointer that could brand R. Kelly as a sexual predator. I’ve been blamed as well, but not by Kelly himself, but I recognize the pattern of behavior anywhere.

I wonder, however, if R. Kelly had been Caucasian, would this scandal have been any worse? Perhaps, but sexual predators come in all colors. Kelly’s victims do need a voice, but so do all sex abuse victims. R. Kelly is a grammy winning singer, but he blames a dead woman, ALia, for lying about her age. But are there any other traits R. Kelly possesses which could make him a sexual predator?

LEt’s see: he didn’t take responsibility for trying to marry Alia, fifteen at the time, and he felt entitled about it. But what will happen in the investigation is anybody’s guess. Kelly does not seem to have deviant sexual behaviors, but where’s the evidence of power and control? Predators who prey on kids, boys and girls alike, have problems with power and control and not having a healthy balance of both. Does R. Kelly have problems with this?

I need to see a history of sex abuse in R. Kelly’s family history. Was he sexually or physically abused as a child? Does he have empathy for people? Kelly must not have empathy, or if he does, the big book says he has to misuse empathy. Many of the questions here are unanswered. Therefore, the only way to guarantee R. Kelly is a sexual predator is to …

  1. LEt the investigation unfold.
  2. Allow the victims to speak out. Listen to their stories.
  3. Meet R. Kelly through the TV set, or perhaps look into why people are blaming Kelly and attempting to mute his music.
  4. Not mute Kelly’s music if the scandal proves untrue. Lady Gaga might have said she will never work with Kelly again, but I need to see evidence that Kelly is really a sexual predator.

Let’s go over the ten traits once again, and I’ll tell you what, more than half of them will go unanswered.


  1. Blames others or circumstances for failures, takes no responsibility for actions: The BET article should speak volumes about this. And the answer here is yes.
  2. A sense of entitlement: I bet a lot of rich people are entitled, look at their drinking habits.
  3. A need for power and control: NOt sure if that’s Mr. Kelly.
  4. A badly impaired self esteem. Really? R. Kelly? A badly damaged self esteem I have not seen yet.
  5. A troubled childhood. I want evidence here.
  6. A history of abuse. If this guy was acquitted, then why is he under investigation? Was he molested as a kid? Some child molesters had great upbringings, so this is still hanging in the balance.
  7. Inability to have intimate relationships with adults. ANdrea Kelly is adult, I assume, so this might be false.
  8. Deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors. Where’s the pornography?
  9. Lack of empathy: Again, where the hell is the evidence?
  10. Drug or alcohol abuse: I don’t know how many singers have this trait, but musicians should never be branded based on this trait because musicians and actors and artists have a 70% likelihood to abuse drugs or alcohol. Predators sexually abuse while doing drugs and alcohol, so maybe Kelly does, or he doesn’t. I will post updates as I research Kelly’s past life and abuse or lack thereof. There simply isn’t enough evidence to pin Kelly the label of predator, … yet.

Thank you all very much for reading.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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