An Important Note to Readers

While some of you accused me of false accusations of rape and murder on the blog, you did not know the names of the victims in this case. I can’t reveal those names due to privacy concerns. Those victims, on the whole, are my friends. I’ve been friends with people who’ve dealt with the monster I’ve written about and trust me, I’ve seen it all on Skype. A bunch of my friends and I would have told you that Jason is dangerous. HE mentally destroyed girls and women, faking that everything was all right, and those girls and women had more health problems under Jason. To stick up for such a man is tantamount to bigotry and sexism against girls and women with disabilities, his preferred target. I won’t get into details here, since I’ve written my own personal story about him, but anyone sticking up for this man should think about the women who were humiliated, ashamed, and undoubtedly almost killed under his intimacy. A guy on my Facebook repeatedly showed little to no support for me because he was entitled, Conservative, supported bigots and misogyny, which doesn’t belong here in the blogosphere. Neither does misogyny and bigotry belong on my Facebook page or Twitter.

People, if you’re going to stick up for a man who could’ve killed my friends, said “You’ve signed your death warrant for being friends with Beth”, and so on, you don’t have empathy. I don’t talk to him anymore, I only hear secondhand information about him through friends and old schoolmates, one of which doesn’t play around. This is the very last time I’m going to say this, maybe the first and the last. Don’t think that sticking up for predators with disabilities is a good idea. My fiance is disabled, but he’s the greatest because he treats me, his mom, and other women with respect and love. Now I do only wish he’d understand how politics and this government bickering is affecting us, but oh well. I can’t change someone.

And you can’t raise a man. A man who acts like a boy cannot be made to act like a man. Felicia might think she’s changing Jason, but really, once you hit 25 yers old, you can’t change. You can’t change, and raising a man is difficult, and I’ve tried to do it before with my ex, my last long term ex. But trust me, you can’t raise a man, period, and Tim Tebow is probably more of a man than half the men out there. He’s lucky I’m not with him. Of course, I don’t think sports players are a good idea in my book. But if Tim Tebow wasn’t remotely half the man he is now, that little miss he has would not have said yes. I made the mistake of going out with a man who not only acts like a boy, but expects people to be friends with him for threat of death. Know this, dear readers. You all have NOT signed your death warrants by reading or not reading this blog. To the victims of Jason, I won’t write his last name here, I won’t reveal names like I said, but feel free to come forward with stories and interviews with me if you’ll be so kind. If you are a sexual abuse victim, and you’re disabled, please come forward and call any hotline that does this sort of thing. The Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities in Denver is an example. My Somali ex worked for them once. If you have such agency near you, feel free to contact them and talk about your story. They will listen.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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