Some changes to the blog

Dear Readers,

I’ve made some changes to the blog title as well as the tagline. When I first began blogging a few years back, a lot has changed, and the blog itself evolved. I became more aware of what I was doing, and thanks to Trenton, I changed both title and tagline to reflect the progress I’ve made in the area of reason, which some people don’t get. I write frequently about disability equality and access because I am speaking from experience as a blind person. As a blind activist, I want to speak firmly, owning the word “queen”, which some of you might have taken in a bad way. Well, here’s the thing: the Queen is back with a brand new tagline and title, and here’s a rule. Trolling has been a problem, especially with Felicia Nicole involved with the recent scandalous content she tried to show the world, and showing the world that a monster is nice isn’t so good. I tried to be nice to Jason, but he turned into a monster. I didn’t create that, he did on his own by abusing girls, getting girls pregnant when they clearly couldn’t carry his baby, and by making up lies and deestroying people’s good names. I have not ever tried to destroy someone’s good name because once you harass and defile a woman, you’ve already lost your reputation, not the other way around. Not the woman you defiled, to say the least. I’ve exposed guardianship fraud, exposed Florida’s hypocrisy, reviewed books, and educated many people on the real people with mental illness that live and work among us. I myself have dealt with misdiagnosis with Autism and cognitive impairment, resulting in an improperly administered guardianship, which again, I exposed. I am all about bringing things out in the open because we can’t hide stuff under the rug anymore.

Above all, the tagline I am using demonstrates not only that disabled people need equal rights, but that reason should prevail in education as well. I have to take a page from my buddy Tyler McKinney, who is not quite Irish by the way, but he hates what he calls belief in the supernatural, and calls many of the followers of supernatural forces “parasites” multiple times in his Facebook page. However, I’d encourage you to look at what Mr. McKinney has to say about how people have misused God in all the wrong things. I’ve exposed churches for their corruption and inability to include, and I am going to suggest that disabled people find another way to grow in a spiritual journey that doesn’t include a badly built concrete box, unfriendly congregation and leadership, and misinformation about disability and sex. I’ve often exposed sex education in schools, and will further explore why abstinance only until marriage programs don’t quite work especially for people with a disabling condition. There are websites out there, but not enough healthy information about sex and disability exists. Do people think we’re not equal enough to have and do sex? Well, read on.

The most recent thing I’ve decided to take on is a series of posts about drugs and why people do them. I will continue the series after this, I promise. Please feel free to read past posts as I have to inform you all that so many things you could miss. The exposure of evil and the righting of wrongs is the end goal in my life, and I’d like to thank every one of you for being a reader of the blog.

Again, thanks.

With love,


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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