Why do We Smoke and Do Dope? Part 2: Lack of Honest Work

Dear Readers,

You hear the sound of your telephone, cellular or land line, ringing in the night. You pick it up, and the next thing you hear is the following message from a guy or a gal with a foreign sounding accent, “This is the IRS. We have a warrant out for your arrest, and you owe $5000 in back taxes.” THe next thing you ask is, what?

This is one such example of a job that is dishonest, taking place in Mumbai, the slums in which lay call centers run and operated by criminal gangs who steal and prey on desperate Americans and Canadians and especially taxpaying citizens of both countries. Now, imagine why these people have dishonest jobs. India’s economy is not an open and quick running system like, for example, Hong Kong. Want an example? John Stossel did something weird but fun, an experiment if you will, in Hong Kong versus India. John opened a business selling hats with his name on it, and the business was opened in just thirty minutes in Hong Kong, which seems to be a diversity and commerce friendly place. India, however, requires loads and mounds of paperwork, and most of India’s city dwellers may end up in slums. While there are a lot of honest workers in India’s call center boom, there are just as many of the bad guys.

Now, why did I mention India and call centers there? Because the United States could fall in that direction. For one, a business must be licensed, but not everybody has the money to take a business course. Drug dealers don’t need a business textbook to tell them how much net profit they earn from drug dealing itself, trade in prostitutes, etc. This breaks my heart as well as some of you all. But let’s reel back to the big problem: white people want to oppress minorities.

Ever since the African trans-Atlantic slave trade’s ban in the 1800s, we’ve had a huge problem with hat to do with the people the Caucasian descendants decided to steal from their rightful homelands. The descendants of displaced and likewise enslaved populations have been subjected to isolationist policies and forced to work for low pay or no pay at all. Let’s see what we can do when we’re faced with these conditions.

When you’re frequently told to sit at the back of buses, arrested for doing daily activities wites do, and told to cut off your dreads, there seems no end in sight to the oppressive policies whites place on blacks and browns. However, some do make it through. Take my fiancé’s mom for instance.

She went to an opportunity school in which she took office related courses, clerical work studies, and so much more. She went on to work for DPS (Denver Public Schools) for years on end, then was let go. However, she is looking for alternative jobs that pay better. I applaud Nathalia or her hard work and continued wanting to work, but there aren’t enough Nathalias out there.

Take the woman in Dope who was selling drugs with El Capitan in Oakland, California. Ambrosia was a black lady who was pretty intimidating to look at, if you ask me, and she lives her life constantly on the run. What was Ambrosia’s school like? Nobody knows, but if I have it right, she might have been oppressed, out of jobs, not allowed to apply for so many places. With Silicon Valley overrun with white rabbits and males who want to taunt women like Ambrosia, she might have not been able to find honest work enough. Her family might have been poor or downtrodden in some other way. This is how drug dealers are born.

What about Joaquin Guzman? His work with the drug cartel he operated for years until his imprisonment was probably borne of poverty and less opportunity in his home country of Mexico. El Chapo, as he was and is best known as, was responsible for not only the drugs, but murderous action, prostitutes, etc. I have a legal prostitution proposal I’ll deal with in another post. Mr. Guzman should have taken school more seriously. He should never have done drugs or the Cina Loa drug cartel. It would have been better for his twin daughters, who will almost certainly never see their father alive or in lockup. Is this fair?

Most of the drug dealers and peddlers I met in the series Dope were African Americans, but Latinos and other immigrants are responsible in part for this problem as well. Not all Latinos mind you do this, but there is a good population that believe we Americanos, and I’m speaking from their point of view, but they believe we’re the enemy and some have become sort of a Robin Hood. Yes, I believe in Robin Hood’s agenda, take from the rich and give to the poor. But not by criminal means should any Hispanic, black, or even white person act on this sort of agenda. I didn’t know there was, for instance, a patron saint of drug traffickers. There is one in Mexico, and two of the bosses were seen praising him in his mausoleum in Dope’s third episode, season 1.

Well, if the patron saint of honest workers were to have risen suddenly from the dead, maybe the minority and immigrant groups would get a leg up. Let’s take a hispanic and profile his honest work history.

Jesus (Jessie) Hernandez, a spunky guy with a sense of humor, works hard every day for the money. No, he doesn’t deal or peddle like so many predecessors, but he works honestly as a booking agent at a hotel chain in Miami, Florida. Little Havana and other such sections in Miami are expensive to live in, but Jessie’s family is highly educated, and yes, Jessie is blind. We’re friends, and it has been an honor to have a friend like him because his sense of humor is always present wherever he goes. Jessie’s work history includes working with schools and children in the special education sector. Now, what do the stories of Nathalia and Jessie show us? That people can find honest work, but there just aren’t enough Jessies or Nathalias out there.

Sometimes schools don’t believe enough in the right policies, something you might find in another post. However, lack of honest work in places where drugs abound is a problem. Baltimore, Maryland for instance, does have a significant black and brown population, but law enforcement got off for killing Freddie Grey, so I am not sure how the black population is trusting law enforcement now.

Law enforcement isn’t the only problem Baltimore has. There is poverty, and oppression in other places, but Baltimore has a serious problem with opioids and dealership of such drugs. Healthcare will be covered later. Honest work should be taught to the special populations like those of my friends I’ve profiled.

Now, let’s see what can be done to solve the problem of dishonest workplaces and drug peddling at the hilt.

First and foremost, we must be race and disability blind when hiring. Jessie got lucky because his job applications and interview process was flawless and smooth, and he was given better opportunities and family support for the job application and history he needed to submit. He got his feet wet, and assuming anything else went good, he was able to put his blindness in a good light. Because of his bilingual skills in speaking both English and Spanish, he certainly is an asset to any company who will hire him because in places like Miami, Los Angeles, and more now in Denver, Dallas, and Phoenix, Jessie’s language skills will be needed to communicate important information to immigrant populations seeking a refuge or vacation time in the United States. The same could be said of my ex, Deq, who is a Somali born interpreter for the immigrant community who are seeking asylum, refuge, or going to visit relatives.

Interpreting could be a vast opening for immigrant groups such as Hispanics, Africans, and Asians who do not speak English as their first language, but if they are given plenty of practice with English skills, they could interpret for folks. This could be a huge leap of faith for most people, but it never always is. I’ll cover schools later, but one way to open the translation sector for people is to open two way immersion programs in schools. For example, in a Miami school, you could learn English, sure, but Spanish instruction in science and health might be prescribed, and imagine this breeding friendship and familiarity instead of contempt. While the white folks in private schools are reciting El Padre Nuestro in Spanish class, to me this is meaningless, there was still a load of English in all other classes. But if we went to a Miami school in my mind, we might see a lot of Hispanic Americans learning English, French, and German classes. But it goes further. The two way immersion programs will give these children practice with the new languages they’re picking up. Perhaps all Americans should do two way immersion and learn languages as a means of opening doors so they can interpret. I confess Spanish was a strong point for me in school, but face it, my skill with that language has gone out the window. IF I had two way immersion and support with it, I could say I’m bilingual to a company and they’d hook me up with Spanish people to talk with, and I could pick up where some might not. Representatives in sales and retail, honest work, will need bilingual education in order to really get practice with their skill, selling a product. ANd that’s what’s in demand.

So the big question bugging you might be the following: then what to do with the black population? Again, we need to give them the same opportunities as the white and other populations. Bilingual education and good job training are important, and places like Emily Griffith Opportunity School are a good start. You might see a black hygienist in a dentist’s office, a cosmetologist who’s Puerto Rican, and among other things, your sales rep could be someone who speaks four different languages. This is a huge issue in schools I’ll cover later.

So now you might ask, then what? Well, cliffhanger here. I’ll do that in another post.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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