Why Do We Smoke or Do Dope? part 1: The Problems That Create the Problems.

Dear Readers,

Before I get into things, a quick update. Christmas has come and gone, and things are all right. Thing is not sure when we will be moving to a new apartment. Beta nightclub will be shuttering its windows and shutting its doors for good this January, so Ferry will be playing the church nightclub, but I don’t know what policies and good things await at that club, so I won’t be at that show then. Ferry is a great guy, but I’m a bit nervous about how the people at Church will treat me and my partner, both blind. Unfortunately, Heather also known as DJ Hey now knows about the beta closure.

Well, this is a big economic boon for downtown Denver. This kind of stuff is what makes the problem I’m about to talk about. It’s a four letter word we don’t want to be proud of: dope. I’m not kidding.

Now, what causes people to sell, use, or distribute drugs such as crack, smack, tar, whatever street language you can come up with for the drugs on the streets themselves? There are a few things I’m going to discuss in later posts, but here’s a summary of what is to come.

1. Lack of honest work. Places like India might sound like familiar ringing bells when I say lack of honest work. We in the U.S. have a unique problem. We outsource manufacturing, and in places where factories once stood, you now see druggies and drug dealers everywhere. Take a place like Detroit, Michigan. Detroit is America’s poorest city, and work there pays little. A mother in Detroit once told Oprah that she had to choose between feeding her children or the car payments she must make on her transport to work. Which paid next to nothing, and this was a single mom with kids.

2. And speaking of the lack of jobs, the other problem that goes with any honest work is lack of a living wage. Wages in the lower end of the job spectrum do not pay the American’s needs off, including things like rent, car insurance, health care premiums, existing healthcare needs due to preexisting conditions, medicine, and all the things you need for telecommuting combined. Low wages especially hurt women, disabled people, and minorities. Drug dealing is dangerous, but pays ten times more than the honest living wage that pays next to nothing, so no wonder minority groups such as Latinos, African Americans, and so on get attracted to drugs, and some white people do it too. However, the education system is another problem all on its own.

3. Education discriminates against minorities. If you’re a black woman, disabled or not, you would face more problems with schools in some areas than a white woman with disabilities. Black and white doesn’t always matter. However, disabilities and the ability to speak and write ENglish does in some capacity to the educators. Latinos and those who do not speak English as their first language are more prone to discrimination in the education system, and inner city schools, as research tells us, become dropout factories. I can see many of the big drug king pens probably were not very good influences in schools, and because they were oppressed, they wanted to get some revenge on the system that hates them so much. Take Joaquin Guzman, also known as El Chapo. He probably had a bad educational experience, but by running a drug cartel in Mexico, he got money, money, and more money. Mexico is a poorer area, and if their education and healthcare systems don’t get fixed, there might be more Cena Loa drug cartels, more El Chapos to take down, more people shipping drugs to our country. It’s an international issue as well.

4. People have a bad attitude toward those folks who use drugs to get over pain. ANd healthcare sucks here in the United States. Let’s just say I had back problems. I don’t but just pretend for a moment. If my hips were in pain, back broke, all that stuff, doctors now are prescribing opioids. These drugs could lead to addiction, and that’s where, according to research so countless I can’t give every link, 80% of addiction to painkillers happens. It starts with a doctor, ends with a fatal overdose of heroin and fentenel from places like China. Our healthcare should be discouraging the prescription of opioids. Take it from Isabela, a survivor of opioid addiction. She has been clean for a while now, and can live to tell you that these babies are bad for you. A doctor should prescribe natural painkillers that don’t contain addictive substances such as opium or any synthetic painkiller at that. Morphine drip is fine for some, but for addicts and potential folks who could become addicted to this stuff, it’s just plain stupid and could lead to a fatal overdose.

5. Beside the drug dealer blocks I noticed in the netflix docuseries Dope, I noticed that women were selling sex or themselves, selling sex with young girls, mainly their daughters. Drugs and sex selling seem more appealing if we don’t do the following things.

1. We must legalize with regulation the practice of prostitution, and cut supply to anyone who deals with underage girls. I’ll propose how to do this in another post.

2. Supervised injection sites for heroin addicts is a good thing, but we must give dealers an alternative to selling deadly crap. Mainly, we should give these guys honest work that exercises their intellectual capabilities, pay or their college, training, and other things. f we don’t, the inner city boys will think it grand to sell and distribute drugs right under the noses of law enforcement. This might not be easy, and it is dangerous work, but it can be done.

3. We must make all educational personnel race blind. Let’s take a black girl and a white girl and see what you get with a white teacher. The white girl might get a higher grade than the black girl, which could mean one thing: race relations. Again, this isn’t easy work to do, but it must be done. The black girl will be subjected to sexual assault, paddling, violence, and otherwise unnecessary disciplinary action in school same as others with disabilities. IF you’re a black minority with a disability, mainly all the minority groups represented in the U.S., you could face a 90% unemployment rate.

5. We must redefine the living wage and honest work and teach the golden rule more stringently with all students in public schools. Don’t take things that don’t belong to you, and say no to drugs aren’t enough. We must also teach integrity and etiquette in schools, something we’re not doing because of the diversity of cultures. Why not get out those old etiquette guides and start doing something? Kids who have better social training and have mentorships with various folks like the police are better off and won’t go to drugs and drug dealing. We must make it so unappealing at a very young age, and this might include stringent health classes and things about honesty. Honesty is the best policy, and working in scam call centers should not be encouraged, but like I said, lack of honest work does contribute to the system that puts crowds of minorities in jail, poverty, or on the streets selling illegal substances like crack and heroin. How can we possibly end this war on drugs? Not the way the law enforcement have been doing it, but we can change the way people feel about cops.

Mentorships such as the Bigs in Blue located in Texas will work wonders, but tactical and impractical moves like those in Oakland and Baltimore might not work because it creates mistrust in the minority populations. Almost all the drug dealers I saw in the first couple of episodes of Dope were African Americans, and there were names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty, of course, but the point is that drugs appeal to the minority population because we’ve set it up that way. It’s the fault of the white personnel in education who refuse to give a black child a chance to program his own app. It’s the fault of the white company executives who don’t want to hire a disabled black man or woman or transgender person because of fear, liability, and perpetual misconceptions about disability, race, and sexual orientation or identity. It’s the fault of President Trump, who allows migrants to die in border patrol custody. ANd doesn’t even look the way of Latino children who are disciplined unfairly for defending themselves in school, and are taunted in English, told to say they’re sorry for vomiting in class, among the things they’re punished for. It’s the fault f the government who lets Native Americans stay on badly maintained reservation lands where there could be awful amounts of drinking and drug use. We must solve this, and with good governing boards and bodies of politicians who actually care; with teachers, parents, and gang dropout counselors; with janitors, administrators, and many company executives. We must do what is right and hire disabled and minority folks before drugs overrun places like Denver, New York, Los Angeles. Please take a look at the Netflix docuseries entitled Dope, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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