Who Is Heather Locklear?

Dear Readers,

If anyone watched Michael J. Fox and other sitcoms in the 90s back when television was wonderful, you would have seen an actress by the name of Heather Locklear on some of these shows. I never got to experience the sitcom mania that swept the 90s, but now Ms. Locklear has something else that her family wants: her estate and money. THis family of hers is considering a Conservatorship, just another word for guardianship, in California to steal her money and possibly murder this beloved actress. I want to make one thing clear: Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes have both become conserved “targets” if I may use such a term but such targeting I believe is a pure act of evil, barring what others might think.

I became a target for guardianship at the age of seventeen, an age where I had no skills, no maturity, and no way to leave. I left, however, because of the abuse and overextended punishments my parents doled out as an act of making me an inferior person. They are not taking responsibility for the act they imposed and for perhaps robbing me point blank. If Heather Locklear’s family succeeds in getting her conserved in the state of California, she will be one of millions who is conserved due to disability, age, or wealth. Even if Heather wants to spend her millions on the care she needs, let her spend it on what she really wants. Britney Spears’s conservatorship is the worst I’ve seen. Her father and sister may steal her estate, claw their way into Britney’s personal life, and perhaps put her away in a home for old folks when she ages, stealing her money further.

I can understand why nobody thinks this is a bad idea. Some of you might think, but these celebs are in rehab, doing drugs, etc. But here’s another thing to consider: Ms. Locklear and Ms. Spears should be given supports that limit what the conservators can do. For instance, if I was rich and lived in a mansion, I’d be giving Britney shelter, food, and yes, I’d be fighting to remove the Conservatorship from her family. I’d educate the family on why Britney needs freedom and justice done on them not her. She has probably got visitations with her two little boys, but I thought Shawn Preston Federline’s playhouse was a bit over the top. Even so, Britney herself should be taking care of her boys, letting them grow up and feel their way in the world, not KEvin, who clearly took advantage of her. But the same rules don’t always apply.

Heather Locklear might have spun out of control, but a Conservator will not do any good for her. Amanda Bynes might have gotten DUI convictions in Hollywood, but is it safe to say that a Conservator should rule her life? No. Amanda’s able to say, “No.” Amanda Bynes will say nothing if she’s dead. Neither will Heather or Britney.

What is the target for a guardianship or conservatorship? Someone who is … fill in the blank with any extraordinary thing. Stevie Wonder is blind, black, and elderly. One would think he might become a target. Scrupulous conservators might find Hollywood and Los Angeles rife with targets, including famous people, famous singers among them. I feel that anyone who becomes famous or able to subsist on their own should never let scrupulous guardians and conservators into their houses. Always ask someone if they were given permission to enter your home. Of course, if you have a smartlock, make sure that only people you know and trust can come in. Rihanna might benefit from all this, but she could become a target for conservators, barring the abuse by singer Chris Brown. Rihanna must if anything keep her home secure, and hopefully she marries a man who will keep her safe. This means no record of domestic violence, etc. Many hip hop and R and B rappers also might become targets of guardianship and conservatorship because of their wealth. Recently, hip hop got a bad name with the murder and jailing of several rap artists. Rapper Esoteric Quality is probably the only rapper who hasn’t dealt with drugs, rehab, and worse, the Arizona conservatorship or guardianship system. His legal name being Clayton Jacobs, he has been the target of anti hip hop bias by high school officials, deeming his music “a threat.” It isn’t. What Jacobs and other such artists try to convey in their rap music is reality for these people: guns and violence, drive by shootings, abuse by parental figures, sexual abuse of siblings, and much more. If you’d like to check out the new single by Esoteric Quality, please contact him through his website:


I was lucky to get to know Mr. Jacobs on a friendly basis, and I can tell you he doesn’t play. But if he became wealthy tomorrow, what do you think he should do to prevent himself from being the next Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, or Heather Locklear? Let’s see what others say.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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