Which Grinch is more of a Grinch?

Dear REaders,

High up in the mountains north of a tiny village called Whoville, there lives the Grinch, someone who likes to steal things, particularly Christmas. Jim Kerry has played this mean green guy, but the trailer for the latest movie didn’t impress me at all for whatever reason. The Grinch in the latest movie doesn’t seem to be as interactive with the Whos of WHoville as much as Jim Kerry. None could top Taylor Mobson as Cindy Lou Who, the tiny girl who wonders why the Grinch steals the tree.

So what makes Grinch movies good? Well, the Jim Kerry Grinch movie is awesome because Dr. Seuss’s classic rhythm and rhyme is embedded into the narration, though not exactly what the book or the cartoon special would expect to have done.

Though the movie does throw in as much of the cartoon’s special’s poetic rhythm and its lines, most of the movie itself is amazingly interactive while we are staring intently as the Grinch looks back at us and shows that his heart is, and I quote, “two sizes too small.” I personally thought Jim Kerry’s Grinch was the best because Jim Kerry has had experience with dumb gags, bad jokes, comedy beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. The gags in his Grinch character are amazingly on par. But the new Grinch movie? Why oh why did Danny Elfman do the music for this one, too? I better decide if we should at least give this one a chance.

The trailer just didn’t rub me the right way, but then again, thou shalt not judge a movie or book by its trailer or cover. No way. So it’s hard to say if someone beat Kerry to the podium or the award for Best Grinch Ever!!!!!

Now, for you WHovillians who think the Grinch should not be way scarier than before, unfortunately, I heard something about the widow of Dr. Seuss not wanting movies done on her late husband’s books. Books, especially those by Dr. Seuss, should be revered as the best children’s books ever!!!!!

But here’s the deal: if you’re going to watch the new Grinch movie, at least give it a try. And compare it to Kerry’s Grinch fairly. I mean, try and be fair with contrasting and comparing. Jim Kerry’s movie portfolio is a lot longer than the other guy in this new movie trailer, but I’ll see what we could try.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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