Dear Girls

Dear Girls,

I’m writing you all this letter because, well, it was International Day of the Girl child. I want to give you some … well, women’s wisdom. There are many things you will encounter in life, life as it happens, and you can dream of any future you want.

First, to the little ones, when you grow up, your body will change, boys will tease or perhaps try to win your affections, and stop you from dreaming, but here’s my tip for you all: quit playing too much with Barbie dolls. Try Lego blocks instead. Legos allowed someone to build a Braille embosser, a type of printer that prints the dot code that blind people read. You could play with Barbie if you want to be a fashion designer, but remember, you are building the future we will all live in, so don’t worry about clothes, boys, and jewelry. Pick up your Legos, then get out your big girl power tools and go build something. You could make a robot or design a piece of furniture. Build your houses! Build the earth and its villages!

If you’re not that great at building things, I see no problem in decorating. You could decorate people’s parties, weddings, etc.

And speaking of weddings, to the big girls, the teenagers, don’t get married at a young age, even if your mom says so. It’s not good for you to marry until you are eighteen, no exceptions whatsoever. The AHA Foundation and other nonprofits are working together to end child marriage in the U.S., which ruins lives every year. So if you want to build the future, put aside your wedding plans until you are an adult, and if the partner, male or female, is what you desire. To the ones just starting to explore the wonders of womanhood, don’t be ashamed to tell your teachers that you’re on your period, or as my fiancé jokingly calls them, comas. Every time I say something about it, a joke is mutually shared. Don’t be frightened, the cramps from Hell will soon pass. Don’t be afraid to down a little Midol if you need to.

And to girls in India and Africa who are ashamed of menstruation and can’t go to school, keep going to school, and fight hard for your education. Why? Because it matters, and books matter. So read good books too. Put don the juicy Fifty Shades novels, and pick up some good ones, like the Giver, or the entire Giver series. Maybe the Dragonriders of Pern series will tickle your fancy. Read about Lessa, the badass weyrwoman who defied all the guys on Pern and said, “I’m out of this being the lone queen, and I’ll go wherever I want.” Read about other badass females like Keladry of Mindelan who wants to be a knight, and she became the Protector of the Small. Read about Bekah Cooper, the police lady in the same place as Keladry, but she worked right there in Corus, Tortall, a world created in the mind of, you guessed it, a female author. There are plenty of ladies who defied men and got lots of points for doing it. I think Lessa deserves a few brownie points for at least changing things on Pern. Oh, and should I add Menoly? The dragonsinger? She defied her parents and hold mates and became a singer, a female harper. That makes things so much better when women speak up, do what they want, do as they please. When men rule the world, all they’ve got is bloodshed, war, fights, and then they want to jack off on girls that don’t like them. Oops.

If anything, girls, you are like the daughter I never may have. So make me proud, stand up, and be as badass as you want to e.

Thank you all.



Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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