How should we change the way we serve disabled customers?

Dear Readers,

In light of the recent snafu over the #strawban, I’d like to bring to light the ableism in society and the double standard that must be quelled for women and girls.

For starters, straws made of plastic help all forms of disabled folks. Imagine if my Nanna Taurasi was at IHOP with myself and Trenton. Mary Taurasi died years ago of pneumonia, but if she were a living soul during this so called #strawban, I’d have to say out loud, “Give Nanna a straw.” She would have to drink from either this or a water bottle with a plastic tete, and so would her late husband, Jim. Now, I caught this old guy at IHOP today with a tracheotomy in his throat. Probably from years of tobacco use, but even he needs a straw.

I would not mind if my grandma on either side was with us, but for the sake of physical exertion, I would have to say, “Give Grammy a straw!” Even if we were in California, where this ban is being implemented, Grammy (Marie Taurasi) might have needed a plastic straw. Saves me a little tremor or nerve picking up cups. While I can drink like a so called “big girl”, I joke with myself about this all the time, a straw is a definite yes for me not because of blindness, not because of physical disability, but because I just feel that the look of a soda is just as important as drinking it. Without straws, where’s the love a soda gets? Paper straws can rip easily. Plastic ones can do better.

Now, besides straws, let’s move on.

Women and workplace harassment have not always been working in tandem. One o the reasons I don’t work is because precisely of workplace harassment, whether by a boss or fellow coworker, I don’t want it, don’t wanna be shunned for sexual purposes, or have value placed on a hymen, which I repeat is not, not, not an important part of the body. It is nothing more than a piece of skin. That’s it.

As a woman, I feel that working for a male boss could put me at odds with myself, lead to whoredom, or worse, pregnancy by my boss, which should never, never happen. Trenton should be the father of my children, not a supervisor on the call center floor. Therefore, it is better for now that we simply do not work. And we can’t report the kids to social security either. Forget that.

SSI should not be the end all be all of a blind person’s life, but the stigma is still there. Writer Rosemary Mahoney writes candidly about even the developing world’s blind being abandoned, beaten, abused, etc. Africans often confiscate the land of blind people and their families, which is not fair. Therefore, the stigma is there in the world.

Talk about curing stigma for mental health. We need to cure stigma for all other disabilities, including but especially blindness. We need people in the developing world to quit trashing the blind folks, and start caring because blindness will not go away as a characteristic that some people must adapt to in everyday life. Thank you, Ms. Mahoney, for writing so eloquently about blindness. And that’s why we must, as a community, stop being a microcosm of the sighted and start being a jewel on the world crown.

For the women who are blind, we must be respected, not touched, no sexual advances anywhere. I have a soon to be husband, practically a mate for life, and I won’t allow a floor man to have my baby with me, and I want no child with anyone but the man I want.

Thank you all for reading. As for the #strawban, restaurant chains should take note that us losing plastic durable disposable straws will mean elderly customers aren’t welcome. Think if Mary Taurasi was still alive, or Rose Gravina, or any of my now dead relatives. In their golden years, I bet they used straws to drink, so that #strawban should be thrown out for good.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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