My #metoo Moment

Dear Readers,

It is coming to my attention that people are supposedly upset because supposedly I slandered exes in my blog. Well? This is a rumor and is false, for any of the exes that violated my trust did so because they wanted power. Before I proceed to tell the story of my #metoo moment, trigger warning applies here. The trigger warning applies to descriptions of sexual assault/harassment and graphic descriptions of what happened.


When I first met Jason, I was fooling around on Skype. I had been fresh out of a relationship with a Somali blind man who is still friends with me, though we barely talk. We could not marry in the Muslim community however because of perpetual misconceptions about blindness that were spread among the brothers. When I added Jason to Skype, the Skype account was at that time “jasondo374”, and we started out as friends, hitting it off pretty well. What I didn’t understand was that Jason wanted access to my Facebook messenger, AIM, Skype passwords, etc. He gave me an account, but later he stole the password and allowed someone else to change it for spiteful reasons. But back at the beginning.

WE visited each other in Georgia, I flew from Denver to Atlanta, and Jason greeted me there at the airport. It was recommended by his mother, an older woman in her sixties or so, that Jason not record every single moment, but that’s when I found out that he did all this and more. We went to a house in a small town where, one night, we decided to have some fun. I went to a karaoke bar the night before, but the next night, little did I know that Jason was recording the moment penis met vagina. He also recorded and made jokes about me talking while having sex, which spelled woman as property but I didn’t know this at the time.

After I got back from Atlanta the second time, little was I aware that Jason had recorded all the moments, and I had a bad experience with the whole art of oral. I remember the last night we were together, we were watching Borat. Unfortunately, it’s a racist comedy, but still, I remember Borat in the background, my head slipped downward, I had to at least give some. But it was not to last long enough. I got back to Denver, and things went downhill from there. Jason not only violated the terms of service for Skype, he violated my trust, showed people the intimate moments we were supposed to keep private, even then, he made awful sexual jokes about how I wasn’t good at sex, and this was later revealed to me in a troll. While I was with my current, Trenton, I found bad comments on this blog related to my ability to have sex. And sadly, the person who did this denies even doing it, but he impersonated Blake, my most recent long term ex.

Blake saw the recordings, and he didn’t believe Jason’s awful side of the story. What I understand now is that he uses the recordings to jack off. HE has been known to violate other girls in this way, and I invite victims to come forward. Victims he’s had include friends of mine who I haven’t spoken to online and he also violated and badly injured an Asian girl. This guy has made it known through the recordings that he’s the boss, but he treated all his women like property. The only difference I see between Jason and Mr. Weinstein is money, and yes, an occupation.

Girls, if you want to know why I’m writing this, I should have done so long ago. I should have listened to Jason’s schoolmates who came to me with many a concern about Jason’s eratic behavior. He should have been punished for this behavior, and fewer girls would have been hurt.

Thank you all so much for listening and reading this #metoo story.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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