Who’s Excellent?: Why We Should Never Do Business with North Korea

Dear Readers,

I heard a pretty awful thing that our President actually said. Did I hear it right? He said Kim John-Un was “really excellent.” What? Here’s a few reasons why this is not correct.

  1. This is the most important reason. The DPRK, or North Korea, is ableist. It decries the presence of disabled men and women in its public squares and in Pyongyang, its capital city. I have a friend who was adopted from South Korea, and honestly, he wouldn’t survive the North and its able bodied policies. He’d likely be killed or moved to a subhuman goulag, according to Human Rights Watch. I’ve seen articles and watched videos about the North, and this is a hidden shameful truth. My friend might have faced sterilization if he were of the female persuasion and if he was a certain height, he’d have to live in a special village set up for the little people. This country is doing business with a country that hates disabled people.
  2. North Korea hates giving women opportunities. Even to choose your own mate! North Korean women soldiers face astronomically larger sums of sexual harassment than the male soldiers. After which, these women are usually forcibly married off to men who might not have it all there. My friend I mentioned earlier might have had to work in a nuclear power plant provided he survives being born sighted in North Korea. HE’d then be given a docile bride, but his ability to love would be compromised by serving the regime. He’d have to do his usuals, producing children for the state, but his bride would have to give flowers to statues of Kim Il-Sung, produce a child or two, and all without love or understanding in the marriage. Thankfully, my friend lives in a country where there’s plenty of food, and yes, women marry for love. Another odd thing about North Korea is the fact that their women are shamed for having their menstruations. This could mean these women aren’t allowed to throw out sanitary napkins, for instance, something we American women take for granted. North Korea, in truth, does not elevate the status of its women by much. They are encouraged to get cosmetic surgeries to lok like the ideal Korean wife/bride, provided they’re upper class.
  3. This country is doing business with a cult. The moment you fly into North Korean air space, you’re not allowed to oppose the Kim family. You hear nothing but propaganda films praising the ruthless dictator. You can’t even watch Netflix or any other form of in flight entertainment. Is that fair!
  4. North Korea does not truly educate its children. They’re learning that their leader invented the hamburger, which is false. They’re learning he composed operas, is immortal, all gracious, wise, and gentle, all this is false. IF he is allowing people to starve, cutting disabled women’s tubes without prior reason, or forcing the able women to marry unstable and not so loving husbands, then his inventions and opera compositions are false. Our President doing business with dictators will only push us down the same path.
  5. North Korea starves its people on purpose, and blames whole families for the sins of one. Imagine that because your dad stole a television, your brothers and sisters and yourself would all go to prison and have to suffer the consequences. This is the reality for North Koreans who disobey the dictator. They are not allowed government disapproved music, which includes some Southern kPop and most American artists. This is bunk and should be reversed if America is going to do business with a dictator like the Kim dynasty in the DPRK.

IF anything should happen to this country, I have none to blame. Our President certainly doesn’t care enough that Otto Wormbier was callously tortured by the Northerners on the Korean Peninsula. He doesn’t give a crap about the fact that ableist thought exists in grave manifestations of the worst kind. HE doesn’t know what and who he does business with. The only thing he cares about is the Art of the Deal, and even that “art” won’t work in cases where whole lives are at stake. THe stakes are higher for disabled Koreans, who face possible orphanage placement in the South and total isolation in the North. Korean should open its doors to disabled folks, stop the guilt by association punishments, and allow Western and mainstream thought to filter in because music is supposed to bring people together. Women should be married to the men they choose, and out of love, not as a reward for the men’s service to this brutal slug who could become the next brutal reason to end a dictatorship, the next Siad in Somalia, Stalin in Russia, Castro in Cuba. Worse, he could be the next Hitler in Germany. Trump did have many parallels in Hitler as I stated before, and it’s evident in his Muslim bans, his throwing out African immigrants, and his comments about Africans being from countries with a big fat expletive where no President should go. We need to elect progressive candidates to congress and other places in government. If not, we could be in the same boat as North Korea, Cuba, Russia, and other places where dictatorships thrive on the blood of citizens undesired.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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