WHy Women Should Rule the World and Not Men

Dear Readers and friends,

The following is a list of reasons why women should rule the world, even including during those times of the month, and not men. Over Facebook, it was brought to my attention that our brains are wired differently, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do tech and leadership. AS many alt rightists might tell you and is implied every time they march about carrying their tiki torches, or the way they hurt others, is that women are not fit for leadership. Quite the opposite, though. Who needs alt right supported research to prove this? We don’t, and below are reasons why diversity and a safe and inclusive world where women are in charge is crucial to the human race:


  1. Women bear the brunt of childbirth pains, and it’s not even about the book of Genesis in the Bible. Before then, oral traditions gave women sacred positions in the family hierarchy. We brought up the babies, sure, but there are loads of pieces of literature and legends of Native lore that elevate the position of women’s lifegiving powers. For instance, Cherokee legend has it that seven women in their moon times took the life of a powerful being that tried to decimate the tribe. So for you guys that think arrowheads are the solution to every problem, think of these Cherokee women who took down an all powerful male being. There are powerful stories of women choosing their own mates, making decisions politically about who represents them, so much more evidence I can share.
  2. Women have more empathy in nature than some guys do. Women as leaders have to learn to listen to their constituents, thus gaining an understanding of what the people want. This is lacking in our current system. When a woman runs for political office, she shouldn’t be subjected to sexist rhetoric about her body image, or worse, her sex organs etc., because if we did this to men, then what would happen? The men currently in power aren’t listening to the poor, the disabled, or worse, the single moms, the hungry, the downtrodden among us. Leaders can pull us through by listening and carrying with them the emotions and requests of their people, thus women should be leading because empathy wins over more people than apathy. The current patriarchal nonsense we have in place is only doing what’s best for the privileged class, the most beautiful, the pale eyed people, the rich. Imagine the Amazonian powers of womenfolk in action doing the opposite of what is being done now.
  3. It is a matter of world peace and prosperity. When a man is in power, war starts and ends badly. When a brutal man is in power, whether politically or in a company, most of the time according to observation most company workers or constituents leave, rebel, or revolt against him. There are examples of companies that haven’t had this, but could still benefit from a highly empathic woman in charge. Apple, God bless their product and executive at hand, shows us that even the small marginal groups have a say in the production of their products, even with the current executives in charge. There are women who present on stage, and then you have their true commitment to hiring disabled folk like my friend Clayton. THere might be some empathy here but he just might get the job after all the rigor of the questions. He seems to be doing well, so there you have it. Apple will likely hire more blind people as the need arises for those people to fix products related to our condition. Why and how does this have to do with a woman leading? THere are women who lead departments within the company, and their empathy is essential to prosperity within the company itself. I gotta give kudos to Mr. Tim Cook, whose leadership and awesome stuff has led to the creation of Apple watch, which thankfully has had Voiceover in the first generation, which is essential again to its prosperity and sales numbers. Geez, why didn’t Google put their screen reading software into their wearables in the first generation releases? It can’t be numbers or viability, it had to have been misconceptions about blindness or inability to figure out how to implement such things. I say if Apple can do such things, so can Google, no hard feelings on either company as Google products fall into my iPhone 27 fold. Women leading in any setting promotes more of a peaceable environment, a place where creativity and systematic numeric thoughts can be shared amongst the company members, and such thinking can lead to great things happening.
  4. It is a matter of the capabilities of men. Men have had their place in leadership become a thing misused. Men do not realize half the time that the woman under him/them are impacted gravely or in good ways when they make decisions. For example, women in Saudi Arabia are forced to marry men who treat them half the time like animals trained to cook and clean, I should know because I’ve read memoirs on this subject. Men like Mr. Saga, who kidnapped his American born daughter Sarah should never make decisions for their daughter. Sara was subjected to abuse and denial of education, a forced marriage, and separation from her children because she wanted to leave Saudi Arabia but couldn’t. Her husband by the forced marriage refused to take her kids to America, and she didn’t want to stay. IF a woman led the Saudi royal family, this would not be an issue. Try reversing the decision making powers, and having the ladies be in charge of how many children they produce, what job they got, and with whom they have sex. Things are a lot better, and women are believed in cases of rape and sexual assault versus now in the manly world of wife beatings, spousal rape, and male privilege. Women in SAudi Arabia bear an average of six children per household per lifetime, according to an article I read in National Geographic, and that number goes higher when a girl is married young and is forced to live her life pregnant or nursing, cooking, or having sex since a ripe young age to perhaps fifty, after which a man can marry another woman but a woman is the back door to divorce, which means abuse is tolerated, beatings happen, and sadly, no empathy on the part of so many men in that region of the world. Religious freedom is nonexistent in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE. Why? Because men are in charge, and Dubai being a playground for rich privileged people doesn’t help matters. Imagine if women ran the Middle East. The whole Israel Palestine peace process would go forth and be solved in less time, and with empathy in the picture, female leaders will make it possible for Palestinians and Israelis to hold hands under the same banner of love, no divisions or that kind of thing. Israel had Golda Meir as its prime minister for a time, and she led the people through through the Yom Kipur war, which was shorter in length than some of the other wars that divided the people. Heidr alAbbadi in Iraq can’t seem to figure out how to target illegitimate militias called Isis, but with a woman in charge, Isis would be defeated by the powers of womanhood, and a more accepting worldview of women’s leadership.
  5. Creativity is essential to technology, something that guys forget. Guys sit there and code in tech companies, but have they forgotten that a woman’s artistic side can blossom in any tech arena? Women come up with weird but logical ideas, such things being more usable than guys’ ideas at times, for instance, a guy invents a porn site … like we need those. Women like me and others could, for another example, design an app that allows you to rate doctors and practitioners according to empathic traits, disability access barrier presence or lack thereof, and willingness to work with disabled women in childbirth situations. Such an app should be created because disabled mothers are numbering larger than ever before, and such a lucrative thing can guide the decision making powers of new and returning mothers, or just women in general. Another idea for an app would probably be one where moms and aunts and those who take care of children can rate things, review things, and not just toys either. Women and guys alike would benefit from an app that would show you deals or links to certain items such as baby feeding equipment, knives for cooking, or perhaps software for keeping kids safe in the world. women have ideas that go beyond household stuff, thus we can create tech that aids and assists in quicker results for blood sugar testing, for example, or one thing I’d like to see is medical bracelet type tech implanted in the wearable of choice that automatically tests your blood sugar levels and in simple language tells you to “get something to eat.” With such technology, my friends who are diabetic will never use another needle again. Needles suck, I know. And this sort of creativity is something that could come to fruition in Apple’s watch, but the next thing I would want to see is a synthetic pancreas so that any type of diabetic would never poke themselves with needles or use inaccessible insulin pumps again. Insulin is also in shortage, oftentimes coming from livestock, pigs and such. Again, I read articles on the subject. I hope that a woman’s or strong empath’s leadership will result in such creativity and that medical devices like the one I suggested are covered by Medicaid 100%. Diabetes is just one health condition we humans must tackle, but it takes empathy, creativity, and good listening skills, all qualities women have.

I hope you find these items crucial to what we in society need to do to change. Women’s worth is not only in the home, it is in the whole world.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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