Quick Update and Sorry for the Lack of Rap Up in 2017

Dear Readers,

Writing this blog post on mobile as the Chromebook is being a jerk. Speaking of jerks, a jerk known to the blind community as K.O. Will be going down hard in court today. Why? The baby’s dead. We’re not just talking my friend Bree’s, her baby being a girl, we’re talking the other significant other’s child. THat child was in danger and she died from her injuries, after having been taken off life support. I am hoping the man known to others as JDO gets what he deserves, life in prison. Or the death penalty for killing not one, but two babies.

Another update: I may be getting a Macintosh in the middle of the year, exited much? Yes, I am, but not excited about the sticker price. $600 including tax, peripherals, keyboards and pads. Ugh. That’s almost an entire paycheck. Speaking of which, Trenton and I have had to accept that Social Security is cracking down on people who lie about their relationships. It’s either lie or don’t get enough money to live on and invest in our children. I can’t work the traditional go to the office way because of fears of harassment, and I have no intention to go to work like that because it could mean no maternity leave, no parental leave, no family time. I could end up losing my relationship with Trenton because the Arc Call Center is a factory that doesn’t quite accommodate people like it should. If I have a family, I have to have a few things: parental leave, maternal leave, and a few days off to give birth to a child. I also have to be able to take care of the child if he/she’s sick. That’s impossible to do with low wage jobs. Plus my child must have immunization. Speaking of which, …

If we do get our business off the ground, my buddy Heather recommended Kaiser Permanennte and Kaiser Health insurance because they’r cool and have tech as a way to remind you of appointments. Not that Denver Health Medicaid on’t, but I think Kaiser might work because their app works on oiceOver, will it work with TalkBack? Who knows? But a lot of apps don’t work with TalkBack as I’ve seen before I went iOS. Mac OS is the way of professional musicians, but believe me, it’ll be the best for everybody if I had one. When we get the Legal Shield business off the ground, we hope to get a Braille display as well. I’ll need one for work and Rehab won’t buy anything the consumer really wants or needs. DVR didn’t care to purchase a mac and the Howard Fund denied me. Therefore, I have to save my money and buy it. I’ve tried working with the NFB, but they’d rather buy JAWS, and I don’t associate or do business with an organization who hires a prick who bans me from a list where I met half my friends, preventing me from having a resource to turn to because of his own stupid opinions. Who knows? The blind men who are lost sexually should take a second look within themselves, and stop accusing women of “spreading rumors” about “rape.” I was isolated because of Andrews and the NFBNet administrators and could not join a conversation without criticism. I can no longer communicate with NFB members because of their judgmentality toward women, and the way they make female victims of rape look bad. I’m sorry, but female rape victims are more commonplace than you’d like to believe, and I could have been one of those. AI contraire. There are so many disabled females who are raped or obviously I fronted with sexual abuse, and many others will go against each other and try to put me away for lying. Sadly, most of the rapes, abuse, and assault are done by disabled men themselves, capable of preying on women because they don’t know how to act or behave sexually, and never learned in school. JDO is one such, never learned how to truly care about women, and he has no empathy or compassion for or attachment to others as is demonstrated by his victimization of myself, Carol, the late Jennifer, Bree, and many others. He gets around blocks on Skype, tries to threaten Bree’s husband, and worse, begs and pleads for mercy, which hopefully he won’t get. The prosecutors have to believe Bree and Alicia, the two women who were victimized in this sick game of his. While I’ going to DJ in clubs and at family events, JDO will sit in a jail cell without all th creature comforts, moaning about the death of his and Alicia’s stepdaughter. HE will likely face lethal injection for what he did to that girl. Hoping that’s what prosecutors decide. Sta tuned.

Okay, this wasn’t as quick an update as I wanted, but at least I covered a few things.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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