A Proposal, Albeit Not a Modest One: Resolution for Dealing with Corrupt Probate, ABusive Guardianships, and the GOP Tax Plan

Dear Readers,

Imagine you are disabled in the United States right now. WHat is your life like? What is your aspiration for life? Have you been forced to drop out of college twice? Has the DVR system failed you not once, but three times over? Well, that’s my life for you. And that’s the lives of millions of blind and low vision folks here.

I am a bit envious of those blind folks in Britain, Canada, and other places, but not so when I feel what pain they go through. But in the United States, we have a system that corrupts our courts and is hurting our disabled. WE disposed of Anastasia Adams, a precious young woman whose life was “not worth saving” according to Innova Fairfax Hospital and the guardians in charge of her. Yolanda Bell repeatedly called for her sister’s stay of “execution.” HOnestly, our culture has gone to death, no longer pro life, and we welcome only able bodied folks who are pale as ghosts. WHat do you suppose we do about it?

IF I, for example, have to go to a group home because I can’t afford to live on my own, if I have to live with parents or family on either side because I don’t live on my own, I propose that Trenton and myself leave the north American continent behind and investigate countries who are welcoming to disabled immigrants. WE need to be nomads at this point, according to my proposal, and suppose we move to Britain.

If we do, then we’d have to give up freedoms, but who cares? THis country is bunk, is not providing a life for me and Trenton that includes something more normal, only surprise wrongs that I have yet to right. I am not a policymaker or a government/parliament speaker at all. Because of my low status in America, I am more prone to becoming the next Anastasia Adams, but worse. Trenton may not be able to say goodbye to me if I’m an old lady, and a public guardian could stow me away in Florida against my wishes. I hope the Attorneys GEneral of both Florida and Colorado read this carefully. We have a choice: abolish all guardianships that punish and/or hinder the lives of disabled people and abolish the practice of probate abuse altogether or we leave for England or someplace else that will not tolerate guardianship. Yes, the NFB and ACB are seen as radical, but we need to show the Brits how it’s done. They might learn a few tools and techniques, jot down notes, and think twice before deporting us back to the U.S., back to the corrupt court system. And we do have a choice. We shouldn’t have elected a narcissistic con artist called Donald Trump, but it gets worse. The government wants to end net neutrality and hurt the poor with a new tax policy. IF we disabled people face group homes and guardianship because of the GOP, we’re outa here. WE won’t put up with our independence lost because of slashing benefits and Medicaid and SSI and all that stuff. Even the pensions in Britain and Australia are higher in value than the SSI in the U.S. In this country, there is a danger greater than anyone can stand. We want to change the courts and attorneys, to change the policies the government may put in place, but we disabled people have no influence and no power unless we get elected, which we won’t because the world seems unfit for us. I’m sorry to report that the choices here are the only ones we disabled independent citizens have in order to keep our dignity! If we don’t act now, we could be put under public guardianship and placed in a home with cognitively impaired people who really need the services other than us. Trenton and I are blind primarily and use adaptive techniques and tools for our cooking, household tasks, and soon, we want to use adaptive techniques for childcare and childrearing. We don’t want the older kids looking out for the younger kids or playing a distorted parental role because of us. We want our children of the future to know that we’re the boss, we’re the parents, and to wake up every morning in our house, not in the house of someone else. WE’re lucky that the grandmother is supportive, and so is the mother, who will become a grandmother if a child is born to us. But we could face discrimination in the adoption application process, so having a child is crucial to us doing what we want to do with our lives, start a family. I’m already 31 years old, unemployed, no job prospeects, and I have had no dating prospects for the longest time. Not till Trenton came through, and all the others left where he just stuck around. We’re hoping to have a safe wedding including support from friends and relatives, but the friends are questionable because I don’t have enough in Colorado except a few from the Islamic community who are begging to take me to a mosque. I cannot go in a religious organization because of the exclusion of disabled patrons and members I witnessed as a firsthand member of a church in Westminster, Colorado.

So what is the solution? We have two choices: either change your thoughts and beliefs about disabled people, you rich Republicans, or we disabled people could exodus out of here and emigrate to Canada, when it becomes open, or Britain, if it becomes more open.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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