Thanksgiving 2017: What Are We as a Country Thankful For?

Dear Readers,

It is with a disturbed mindset that the FCC could allow ISP providers to block me from blogging, stop me from Facebooking, and slow me down immensely because they want to turn a profit. However, I’m thankful that I can even write this blog, but I will say this: the FCC should be thankful they have jobs, have wives, and have lives. They shouldn’t deny us that because we’re low income or blind or disabled. The Internet should be open and free, no profits. The Comcast company should think about who they’re hurting, and the FCC should think first before they cast a vote. GOP candidate campaign guys who’ve been arrested get to have Thanksgiving with their families, yet there are conflicts of interest in allowing convicts to have at least a turkey and dressing. Even in America, we have still a lot to be thankful for.

For one, I’m thankful I can wear clothes I like, blue jeans included. In North Korea, that is forbidden.

I’m thankful I can wear my hair short or long, curly or straight, and in North Korea, government has to approve your hairstyle. Ugh.

I’m also grateful that we can at least consume seafood and use iron products, for in North Korea, guess what? Sanctioned by the Trump administration. And food is plenty here, but there, it’s rationed and you have to use your shit for the farming community instead of simply flushing it down the toilet. I’m not kidding.

I’m thankful we have clean water in Denver, but even in Puerto Rico, some people don’t have power or clean water this Thanksgiving. Ridiculous, right?

But let’s not forget that the CEO’s of big companies should be celebrating tonight without thinking, “I have a mansion, maids, a cook, a butler, all the computer crap I want because I’m rich. Haha you’re not.” These guys should pause a moment, be thankful they can even have these things. They should also be thankful their wives or maids don’t. have to hand make cheese and beer, two things Puritan New Englanders absolutely had to do. I’m thankful myself that cooking is nearly automated but in my apartment, we have a NuWav Pic Gold, a gift from Trenton’s mom. I’m thankful we can use the pic for browning meats, making skillet meals for two, etc etc. Thanksgiving is a particularly honorable moment for me as I’ve been asked to say grace for the family, which to me is a great honor and blessing I can’t ignore and I am again thankful for. For now, this blog will be published, so be careful what you say in it.

Another thing I’d love to do right now is clean house. For one, JDO’s friends and associates will be detected and not allowed to comment on this blog. I can’t have my Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holidays ruined by this monster. Don’t think this is a lie, it wouldn’t shock me if he did the things he supposedly did. Disabled men are just as capable of abuse as non disabled men. And JDO isn’t the only one..

John (name has been changed) had a threesome with two girls and is not smart with women. There are many John Dohs in the world who don’t know how to behave. Blind men in particular need to learn about consent and respect for women. So there you go. Anyway, comments and authors will be monitored closely, and any author of a comment associated with JDO has been clearly blacklisted. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and stay safe.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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