Pro Life, or Pro Woman? What defines Pro Life?

Dear Readers,

I went to a conservative private school, and there I had to learn that “marriage is pro life.” Is it really? Some women really aren’t able to deal with pregnancy, and a hysterectomy would not work for some women because they don’t believe in throwing out the uterus. Unfortunately, some women who aren’t able to carry are raped, but pro life movements state that abortion is wrong, murder, and denying the fertilized egg of life.

Well, I have a news flash for the pro lifers out there. A fertilized egg that later gets very sick and has to die will die, and sometimes must be removed from the woman’s womb, so this happens a lot. Women who miscarry are often shamed, but miscarriage happens too much. It is not the woman’s fault if she miscarries, and it is not her fault for carrying a rapist’s child either. However, I would personally never spread the seed of sadistic men like my ex (initials JDO) or even the seed of men like Ted Bundy, who was executed for murdering multiple victims. If the child’s father was a slave trafficker, I would personally have that slave trafficker prosecuted if I had that power, and as for the baby? Well, if it is a boy, I would either have two options: carry the boy to term and adopt him out only to find out he inherited the sadism of his father, or abort the pregnancy because at that point, I would be considered a victim of slave trafficking. And I should have every right to make sure the world is safe from guys like Johnny D., whose character is portrayed in Law and Order Special Victims Unit later seasons.

It started with Ariel, a young girl who went missing, and her mother Martha, undercover as a madame who went looking for her daughter. It was discovered that Ariel was under the tutelage of Timmer, a pimp who was then arrested in the episode for pimping teenage girls, and then we find Johnny D., who was abusing girls like Ariel and others who would not cooperate and have sex with their customers. One such girl, Ellie, would later become pregnant with Johnny’s son, who was adopted by Olivia Benson, one of the detectives who was on the squadron. Benson would tell the story of Noah’s mom to Noah when he was just a tiny baby in her foster care. Even more, Benson will probably get a good cop out of that little boy, I wonder when Noah Benson will become a cop, but it is known that Johnny D. was Noah’s biological father, and a sadistic slave driver who frequently abused young girls. Johnny Drake, as is later revealed to be his name, should never have been allowed to have children, but he did because of his work. Sadistic men who commit sex crimes, crimes that sometimes go unprosecuted because the victims are either dead or disabled, they should never be allowed to father children. Fathers take a great deal of time with their children, so mothers should not be forced to carry the seed of sadistic killers, rapists, or racists either. I honestly would choose not to carry my ex’s baby because if I knew he’d go on to abuse other victims, even go as far as hitting one and sending her to the hospital, then lying and saying that because of his blindness, he is incapable of abusing, well, he is. If I knew what he was potentially capable of, whether it be devinace in sexual behaviors or deviance in other ways, I would have never dated him at all.

To the people responsible for the bad commentary on this blog, you have been blacklisted so that your comments will not appear, and even if they did, and even if my blacklisting didn’t work so well, I can still look up the IP address and email and have it blacklisted. I can’t condone men who commit crimes against humanity, or men who commit crimes against the women I stand up for, blind women whose testimony would not be believed because courtrooms want proof of sex and other things. My ex did the things he did because his victim was pregnant, and the baby miscarried. It died in the womb and never got a chance to proove the world wrong that sadism spreads sadism. Evangelical churches should never condone sex crimes of their ministers, and if you are pro life, you should understand that most women would not want to carry the seed of their rapist because it doesn’t make sense for that baby who looks like JDO to go on to become JDO Junior. I would be honored to carry my significant other’s child because he is a responsible man and will make a good father for said child. However, men who talk racist doctrine, hit girls for fun, and use disability to put up a veil of secrecy around abuse, those men should be punished and not allowed to have children, period. And if he impregnates someone, she should choose depending on the gender and likelihood of the baby’s potential to commit crimes whether she wants to adopt the child out or keep the child safe and away from his/her father. News flash for those who think I defamed JDO’s character, talk to the schoolmates who came to me with plenty of evidence to support my claims. Talk to the many girls he has hurt, is hurting now, or will soon hurt. Think about the grooming for abuse, the misuse of money, and the procurement of more victims through the Internet. Please do not comment over this post if you can’t say what’s true, and anybody, even blind men, are capable of abuse. Not paying child support is just the tip of the iceberg. Blind men and sighted men alike can impregnate women of all kinds, and I’m lucky I found the good one. However, I will not be told that I am defaming character of someone who truly is an abuser, is a known abuser, and is not going to stop abusing till he’s caught. Hiding behind disability doesn’t work.

Credits go to all the friends who support all the pro life movements, but bear in mind that antisocial behavior could spread to offspring if not carefully monitored and nurtured out of the child.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Pro Life, or Pro Woman? What defines Pro Life?”

  1. Most people who call themselves pro life really aren’t pro life when you take a look at the big picture anyway. They say that abortion is murder, no matter the circumstance, but then once that baby is born, if it is born, and as it grows, they would allow it to fall victim to various for-profit systems that they support, such as private health insurance and the military and prison industrial complexes, that would lead to and even directly cause the death of the human being whose life they were so desperate to protect while it was in the womb. Another noteworthy point is that too many people who call themselves pro life at all costs are indeed the abusers. Not all are, but too many to ignore, and those that are not don’t have any problem with that child bouncing around the foster system, which is itself rife with abuses of all kinds. Do I consider myself to be pro life? Yes, to a large degree, with notable exceptions. Of course the life of the mother and rape/incest are most definitely exceptions, as no one should be forced to carry a child under those conditions. Otherwise, a woman’s choice of whether or not to carry a child is a matter of conscience, and is between her and whatever deity, if any, she believes in. I will do all that is within my power to try to convince a potential mother to choose life, but ultimately it’s not my decision to make, unless I am the child’s father, in which case I share that responsibility. However, I can’t overlook the failings of the pro life movement to take into account the right to life outside of the womb either. Until people who say they are pro life stop being pro death once a child is born, they have no credibility whatsoever as far as I’m concerned.


    1. The main reason why I became pro-choice was because of guys like my ex. And because there are of course the dangers of abuse with pregnancy sometimes. However I am pro life when it comes to the child having disabilities. Thank you for your awesome comment and I will continue looking forward to your commentary.


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