In Response to Something I Wrote on Facebook

Dear Readers,

I’d first like to thank my dear friend Kate for copying and reposting something I wrote on Facebook, which I’d like to elaborate on. Not so much the transgender ban in the military, which will be found unconstitutional, and all the crap on Twitter, but I’m here to analyze and observe carefully what this new administration head really is.

Okay, let’s also thank Dr. Leigh Baker, author of a wonderful how to book on predators which does get credit for some of these observations. Let me summarize and elaborate on the observations about our president, and all the trolls he inspires.


First off, when Hilary met Donald, her skin crawled. Why would this be? Although Dr. Baker’s handbooks deal mostly with child sex abuse, I always had the feeling that Mrs. Clinton could sense Donald’s propensity to commit rape on adult women, which could then feed off to young girls. Why? Here’s why. The President and his campaign crap, for one, included a really expletive laced commentary about grabbing women by the hind parts, the private parts, especially beautiful women. What is Milania thinking? This president had the gaul to call women pigs and dogs by his comments. That’s one huge red flag.

Then there’s his past. His dad didn’t exactly give him the right kind of father to son attention he desired, but then Donald goes off and makes and loses millions and millions more respectively, something akin to Dr. Baker’s antisocial case study. Trump is doing what I call racing the country like Dale Earnhart raced his number 3 racecar, but unlike Dale, Donald is trying to wreck the country and flip the car over and get himself into trouble. Though I must say Mr. Earnhart died racing, his races were good and competitive, but then there is a NASCAR debate I can’t get into because it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand. However, I use racing cars as a metaphor similar to what Baker did in her antisocial case study.

Another thing President Trump does wrong is put money in the pockets of the wrong people, Russians, and he’s also paid hush money to his former Trump Uni students. Wonder if he’s paid hush money to his former wives, yes wives, for raping them. Milania is just one of a hundred million other women Donald could have “grabbed by the privates” to put his infamous quote more acceptably written. But the thing is, Mr. Trump also has lowered cognition, and it shows in his speech. Dr. Baker’s antisocial predators have lowered reasoning and cognitive function, and it showed in her case study of a man who did poorly in school, abused his wife, and ransacked companies to get what he wanted. Trump is obsessed with winning, so much so that he’ll pull a complete Dale Earnhart as mentioned before just to get what he wants. Banning transgender persons in the military is just one step, and he could start doing the girls at Marralago in Florida, and it won’t take him long to find a few victims.

Milania probably doesn’t like what he’s doing, and frankly, I hope she files for divorce because Trump is philandering our country’s money and wasting his winning on more winning. His head will explode, all that victory always goes to his head. His response to Charlottesville was unacceptable. Both sides? To blame for all this? I will say, and this sounds weird, I’m siding with the blacks, Asians, Latinos, Chicanos, and thousands of others who classify as Puerto Ricans, etc., all these guys want a normal life and a free life where a safe opinion is fine with the government. Here’s a list of the president’s symptoms according to Baker’s Ten Characteristics of a predator:

  1. Yeah, Donald never takes blame for anything, rather he blames a lot of people for circumstances that he created himself.
  2. He had indeed, according to some biographical sources, a somewhat troubled childhood.
  3. Beneath his winning hairdo and sexy slim body, maybe it’s a tad chubby, he has a damaged self esteem. But yeah, no excuses here, going on.
  4. He may indeed have a substance use issue, and it’s obvious in the number of women who leave him.
  5. Trouble bonding with adults his own age is obvious. He has a legal boundary he’s struggling to keep, but all his wives seem to be getting younger and younger.
  6. He never had real sexual abuse, but I’m pretty sure he has a psychopathology akin to a rapist who goes after adult fertile females. But some people are a bit daring, but yeah, Trump isolates himself from others, yells at staff, and doesn’t appreciate his country for what it is.
  7. Ivana said he raped her, and he paid her to shut her up, and she signed a little affidavit that said she was fond of him. Ugh. I’d like to vomit here because if any other man raped a woman, he’d have to pay for counseling, child support, and lodging for his victim, and I’d steal a rapist’s wallet in a heartbeat.

Okay, I didn’t get all ten of those symptoms down right, but let me just say that my ex, Jason, and the president have a lot in common. Psychopaths often use people as objects, especially those in lower classes, black, or Asians and Latinos. Joe Arpeio is a good example of someone whom the Donald expressed support for. Someone on my Facebook, no name given, said he (Joe) was protecting us from “beaners.” Guess what? That’s a racist slur, and I won’t tolerate racist slurs. Not all Mexicans eat beans, but it has been shown that their diet is amazingly good for cancer prevention. A Hispanic diet consisting of … yep, beans, rice, and good stuff like grains, fruits, and cheeses like in other diets, but yeah, spices too, all that helps with cancer prevention. But Trump and Arpeio share a psychopathology of narcissists and prejudice only deepened and marred both of their psyches into that which hurts young women and girls.

Trump must go, and if he touches another woman other than Milania, and only with her permission, I hope Congress sees the error in the people’s ways.

Kate has seen churches declare transgender people liars, and she reposted because she’s right. They’re good people, not the ministers who decry them as liars. The only disqualifier for military service should be disabilities that hinder combat, things like my blindness or deafness or inability to handle weapons and guns. But a major disqualifier for the CEO of America should be, well, for the President, a major disqualifier should be narcissistic and prejudicial psychopathology. Please feel free to collect further evidence of what I’m talking about. You may say I’m disrespectful toward our president, but he can’t get respect unless he earns it, by not pardoning race profilers, by loving his wife, keeping his aura clean, and stopping the abuse and spoilage of his children.

Thank you all for your time. I’d like to also thank you all for your support on Twitter and Facebook, and yes, Anchor. A real President might as well be the Queen herself, me, because I’ve done nothing criminal, and I’d like to give the African American people a chance to gain reparations for the enslavement and I will apologize. As your President, I will get tough on sex predators in the federal courts, encouraging states to approach sexual offenses even more broadly. Including, but not limited to, the rape of disabled women. I will be happy to tell Congress about my experiences, but we will all work together to make this country great. No, not for white people to go manhandling others with tiki torches, guns, and paint ball cannons, but for a safe and beautiful nation where Trenton and I are safe to raise a couple kids, send them to a safe school where bullying has no tolerance, and round these hypothetical kids into well adjusted adult citizens capable of changing what they see in the world.

That’s my dream for America, so take it for what it is.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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