In support of females in technological fields and other equality landmarks

Dear Readers,

Forgive me, I’m trying to put myself to sleep, and in a way I can’t sleep because lately stuff’s been going on. But the hottest topic on my mind is the recent bad manifesto that James Daymoore wrote in support of the alt right’s view of women as sex objects, that men are driven for inventiveness and status, and that biological differences make women unfit for tech jobs. Well, Miss Google Engineer, I support you. Why? Because Mr. Daymoore was fired responsibly by his company for promoting harmful stereotypes about women. Let me break down what it’s like to be a woman today, in 2017, versus what men are doing.

First of all, women are driven for more than just success, we women are driven to stardom. We have more power, and it’s not just in our bodies. Women are more able to understand the world around them, because of which we can devise better laws to protect us from rape, rape/homicide, and inequality of the sexes or based on gender differences between other minority groups. Women are better for government and leadership jobs not because of biology, but because of commonsense thought. Think about it. Would you want a white male property owner to free slaves in a country? Would you rather have a white male property owner as a civil rights icon? And only for the alt right.

I’m sorry, but Breitbart is the worst news site the world has ever seen and all for promotion of horrific gender stereotypes. Women are better suited than men for the tech jobs and inventions because let’s face it, women go through more and can relate to even the most primitive biological reflexes, i.e. childbirth. It is the woman midwife who can understand, collect evidence of, and alleviate the pain of childbirth, and a thousand other pains. It was the primitive and ancient midwives who, after seeking help from nature goddess or whatever else, gathered a garden of medicinal herbal concoctions that alleviated the pain of childbirth. Women are the ones who understand each other, and giving birth is just one thing that most women I’m sure are passionate about.

It’s a woman or girl who can possibly invent apps and technology that assist doctors in treating patients with things like child birth complications or other medical stuff, and yet you see most of the lab science being done by men? Oh no, there should never be this much of a disconnect between men and women.

For one, I want a female doctor looking at my woman parts, making sure they run smoothly. When a woman is looking at me, I feel a lot better because trust me, the anatomy speaks for itself. We women can talk about what works for each other, even in the most ancient civilizations, we did it too. What Mr. Daymoore says is totally off the wall. He should grow his own uterus and travel Downing and 30th in Denver, or South Chicago, and watch what happens when a man impregnates a woman, and not by the bonds of love, but by force. His “drive for status” manifesto just goes to show that it’s okay for men to develop a sex drive so dangerous that Hell could spit it back up and then, they would force it on a woman instead. It is men, 90% men and a low 10% women, who are sexual predators or have inborn sexual impulses that are not a status symbol, but a drive to get him in jail and Sexaholics Annonymous. There are women sex addicts, of course, but men in the predator treatment groups should never forget what they said or did to make their victims upset. Or worse, what these men did could get these women pregnant, pregnant as young as ten!!!!!!

What Mr. Daymoore also advocates is a world where women are corsetted and worshipped, required to honor their husbands and do as they say, including not making money or doing jobs in fields of creative technology. Rose, the main character played by Caitlin Winslett in Titanic, found herself confused by such standards when Cal Hockley, the worse of a man in history, said to her, “You will honor me as is required for a wife.” Um, Mr. Hockley was mistaken! Cal’s demand for honor is just the same demand I want to avoid in a man, a man like Mr. Daymoore. I am a Rose with no need to worry, for I found my Jack Dawson in Denver. Funny I mention this movie, but I’m using it as a history lesson and to point out that women aren’t sex objects for wealthy sons of steel tycoons.

What James Daymoore advocated was a world in which it’s okay to beat your wife. Well, I say we banish Mr. Daymoore to Saudi Arabia so he can see how that works. Many Saudi men are decent towards women, including my friend Hassan, who’s blind and knows how to cook. I bet he’d charm the ladies with his cooking, and believe you me, Hassan does what he does because he loves to do it. His mom, however, cannot leave the country without a mahram, or male guardian’s permission. Is this what Mr. Daymoore thinks women should do? Mr. Daymoore’s actions in writing the above mentioned manifesto against Google’s diversity programs is rightfully the worst piece of written garbage in the history of Google. James Daymoore’s memo would be more well received in lower developing countries than in America, as the CEO of Google did his part by firing Daymoore and keeping his employees safe.

But Mr. Sundar Pachei, Google’s CEO, is from a country where more rural predatory child marriages take place, where there are few opportunities for women engineering students, and where arranged marriages are the norm. Mr. Pachei should tell the next trashy writer in his ranks that he gave up that view of women for a more world centric view, a view where women are included, can choose to be career changers, and marry as often or as little as they want. Mr. Pachei’s own native India is known for its amazing food, don’t get me wrong, I love deep fried Punjabi samosas any time, but those women who make the samosas are often arranged to marry a man they don’t even like. Mr. Pachei would make an ideal husband for any lucky woman, but I would like to see his wife at work, doing the things she loves to keep her mind sound and happy. She could make an app to revolutionize the world of her husband’s fortress at Google, and perhaps she could be an engineer herself working on other people’s apps. Heck, if I was well educated and computer savvy to the point of speaking Nerdish, I wouldn’t mind a conversation with Pachei himself because we’d probably understand each other’s talk more than a ditzy blonde in the alt right circles. Daymoore probably should consider that $28,000 was raised for him on GoFundMe, which is attrocious because I can’t get people to sponsor my wedding fundraiser. Trenton and I want to get married, but we’re disabled and can’t afford wedding accessories like a freaking designer dress for crying out loud. We’re planning our wedding in the park, and it won’t be in a church, and I wanted a string quartet. But that $28,000 for Daymoore could have been spent on that wedding plus the honeymoon, and whoever donates to Daymoore should be ashamed of themselves because the alt right movement is not kind to blind women in the workforce, especially tech.

Silicon Valley needs more Sundar Pacheis, and less James Daymoores. We also need more of Grace Murray Hopper, and less of the Donald Trump mentality that has reigned.

This is my manifesta to young women and girls pursuing engineering. Go for it. My mother did it, so why can’t you? And don’t hand your careers over to sexual labor and children, keep going with what you do. Your status as equal partners to men are the creative driving forces that will shape our future.


Beth Taurasi

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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