Once Again, Why I Won’t Reconsider Islam: Ableism 101 Explained

Dear Readers,

I recently received a disturbing comment on Facebook, let bygones be bygones and trust Allah and stop putting up links etc., but this woman who commented on my blog doesn’t know what ableist comments I’ve had hurled at me through a second person involved. When I was dating a young blind man who has since moved to Ohio, I was indirectly given the impression that the brothers, the males in the Muslim community in the United States or Denver or wherever, they wished that I would marry someone with vision or who would drive me around. This is called ableism and should be stopped. As a former Muslim I can’t speak much to the marriages because all I saw was an able couple getting married. Deq, the man in question that I was dating before, has since been married off to a woman who has the prime purpose of taking care of him. Blind men and women should never have to be taken care of, period. This means guardianship is a no no, home care should be very sparingly used, and no way am I going to go into a nursing care facility because of blindness. It is absolutely offensive to people with disabilities to be told to marry able partners so they can be taken care of. This statement along with the missing out of marriage to a man that I choose and the legal barring me from marriage by family are the reasons I left the Islamic community. Trenton Matthews is the only man that even bothers to stay even amid gossip and seeds of division sewn by the blind community in the United States. I have one word for these gossippers: stop it. You have no right to gossip and divide Trenton and I, and I don’t put up with gossip any more. This means I have to block Mrs. Love and Mrs. Davis, two women who do not see the reason why I don’t need a guardian, two women who are menacing my efforts to stay free in Colorado where there is bus transit, where there is someone who actually cares enough to stay with me, where there is hope and independence. For Love and Davis, there won’t be much hope if they continue ableist philosophy and mental health disability trashing. That’s what these women did. They trashed me along with Mabelin Ramirez and an unknown troll, thought to be Ivan Soto but we don’t even know the guy’s name. He said he didn’t like politics, so why the Republicking twitter? Where did the attacks on disabled and African American folks come from? Where did it all start? It was a Trump supporter, apparently, and it could be santiagoblue7, who has in the past made fun of Native Americans, a la my ex. I feel that this ableist trolling and gossip is none other than scaring me out of Islam and other religious communities.

This is why I’m not going to Grace Community Church in Westminster, too far away and they won’t give rides because in their eyes, I’m still a burden to the world. They practice an Elitist form of Christianity, not true Christianity as Jesus instructed. Imagine if Jesus came back today. What would he say? WHat would he do? Who would he hang out with?

First, Jesus would say, “Why are you all fighting and being a bunch of jagballs and not seeing who each other is on the inside? What is wrong with you all? And why are you telling others who qualifies to serve your country? WHat kind of despicable creatures are you?” Yes, I kid you not. None of that sacred rhetoric and jargon of the Jewish Pharosies for this guy. What would JEsus do? Well, he’d hang out with all the people who are undesired by the populace. For instance, he’d serve a meal to a transgender woman or pansexual person. He’d eat with gay guys at a bar. HE’d pray with lesbians in a field of flowers. That answers who he’d hang out with, sort of. His disciples of today are the modern day Peters, Simons, and Johns. The disciples of Jesus today will likely be ordinary guys AND gals. Yes, women will be welcome in his inner circle, called to follow and serve the people over which Jesus is supposedly Lord. Jesus will call people who are blind, deaf, and autistic, mute, psychiatrically abused and disabled, people who are LGBTQ+ and people who are Muslims, Jews, etc. He will preach in a synagogue. YEs, you heard right. I stand with Reformed Judaic belief that Jesus will attend synagogue because he was Jewish altogether. JEsus probably won’t like some of the ones who follow the old law, maybe not the ones who recognized his covenant, but still, the Reforms and Messianics may end up seeing him in their places of worship more. If Jesus said that “thou shalt marry disabled partners for the sake of utility”, I would never believe in him. He never said nor did the Father say that disabled women were to be married to nondisabled men. Therefore, the true Ableists are the Muslims, Christians, and Conservatives of any Judaic or Abrahamic sect of any sort who believe that I, Beth, should be married to a disengaged and awful partner because he is able. I wanted a man who would engage with me and say he cared, show his love and appreciation for me because of who I am, not listen to gossip and all those other details about me without defending me and defending his position with me, blind or otherwise. My man should not force me to attend church, temple, or mosque if said church, temple, or mosque is spewing hate speech and ableist talk against disabled women, not providing that these women can choose who they want. Disabled young men do not have status in any religious society, therefore it is rendered an able religious community if it does not accommodate us, meaning disabled people. I can’t go back to that statement that we need to be taken care of.

In closing, I am going to deviate slightly from topic because a breaking news story happened yesterday. Charlie Gard is dead not because of the government or his parents, but because of ableism. Ableism is dangerous and since little Charlie is gone, who will go next? As I have highlighted profiles of British ordinary common folk with disabilities, I won’t repeat that. However, we need to realize that editing DNA and designer babies is coming fast, so Charlie Gards in the world with rare mitochondrial disease caused by DNA defects can have that disease edited out. However, you can’t edit everything out, including blindness caused by German measles, something I got. My mother “caught a bad one” according to her mother. That’s how the blindness came, and that’s why it is as of now irreversible. No religious healings or spiritual charismatic casting the devil out of me is going to cure blindness. It stays, I live with it, and any church who believes in faith healing is totally wrong in thinking that a blind person with irreversible eye conditions can be healed at all. This is also why church for Trenton and I will be out for a long long while until we can find a venue for our wedding.

Thank you for reading this blog, and for those of you who’ve commented, comment on. respectful comments are encouraged if anything you want to talk about deals with the blog topic in question. I would like to thank Aaron Danvers-Jukes for commenting on my review of Power Rangers while offering another movie suggestion for me watch: Transformers. Holy crap, I need to watch the original Transformers, but Michael Bay did make good movies. Action plus weirdness.

Anyway, thank you all for your great support of this blog, and keep the support coming.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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