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Dear Readers,
I'm here, as the notorious Agatha Trunchbull once said, "to teach you all a lesson." Unlike Agatha, however, I'm not here to call necessarily ALL of you out. However, there are two women on Facebook that I've had to call out on numerous occasions because of one thing: they do not oppose guardianship for my case.
These women, their initials A.E.L. And A.D.L. On Facebook known well in the blind community, are not qualified psychologists and do not understand how to diagnose someone they haven't sat down with in person. These girls also don't know how to do their homework, research what guardianship really holds for risks and side effects, and refuse to stop urging me, Beth Taurasi, as an incompetent ward of the state of Florida. I left Florida for darn good reasons, and I named the guardianship as my top reason for leaving, busting my ass at Colorado Center for the Blind, and now living independently with a significant other. A., let's call her A Love, she doesn't get it. I refuse to allow a parent to step in between me and my current significant other because the parent figures have prejudice and prefer white European Americans, a race I personally despise because of the bad history that goes with them. I"m not saying I hate everybody, but the general label of Caucasian comes with a bad set of labels like Klansman, or KKK member. I told you all about a family member affected by the KKK. He was Irish. They faced a lot of discrimination, and many Irish fled their country because of the potato issues they were having on their own land. Well? They found work here as indentured servants, and sometimes slave overseers. Trenton's ancestry should not determine whether he is in a relationship with me. My parents are stuck in the 1970s and in a really old school mindset when it comes to disability. In their minds, blind equals stupid and disability equals incapable of doing for oneself. This only applies to folks with Down's Syndrome. Let me introduce you to someone who understands the role of person centered guardianships for people like a cousin with Down's. Bear in mind that 80% of Down's babies are now at risk of abortion, so to see this lady's cousin alive is stunning and astounding because now this disorder of the genome can be detected. Genetic screenings show if a baby has a variety of genetic conditions, including Down's Syndrome, so couples think that abortion is an option, but I know it's not because of famous Down's Syndrome actors and actresses, and most of all Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz. Emily and Barbara, their moms, pushed the envelope and the bar and let these guys live where they wanted, not in a group home. Jenny Hatch's guardianship was not person centered because the parents put her away in a group home, even telling her not to go to church and not to go to a job she holds at a thrift store. The home punished her by isolating and drugging the young lady.
Before I go further, let me state that Monica, the lady I speak of, believes that guardianship in this case prevents her cousin from being shuttled into a group home, institution, or worse, death. As long as the guardianship is centered around her cousin and not the money involved, I'm fine with that. However, guardianship that does not support the wishes of the person involved is abusive, in my case wrong. A. Love does not get why her commentary on Facebook is out of line with conventional thoughts. She needs to know what it is like to have to take the mental health dope that is psychological or psychotropic drugs. Try doing this while in a nursing or group home, being told who to see and how to behave. Do I need that?
Try being told that black men like to get fresh with hire women, not always true, and try being told not to see a certain celebrity you have a crush on, that your interests are not appropriate to family standards of sports worship.
Try all of this, and then tell me if I really need a bamboozling guardian who can steal my money and steal my life away as much as he/she wants. If my parents die, a public guardian may steal my check, force me to get diabetes while eating at McDonald's, and force me to have only ten bucks a day. When they die, they better have a will so they can specify that the guardianship was abusive, wrong, and inconsiderate of my wishes. If that doesn't show on their will, either of them I hope will face charges of fraud, guardianship fraud. There are people such as my friend Karen whose vice was silenced by a public guardian. Karen could face many problems trying to free herself from the guardianship which is full and complete. My parents may have a limited guardianship, but them letting me choose to live in Colorado as a choice either they made, or they'd face me in court over. Colorado is a blue state, second highest in the ranking for best retirement state in the nation behind New Hampshire. That's why I'm here. Healthcare, supports, and friends who care enough to let me be involved with a choral group I'm about to sing at.
Now, the second A, let's call her A. 2, the second woman is definitely not qualified to speak for my case, and yet she sits there and says I have mental problems. Yet she must look at herself in the mirror, see the error of her ways, and shut up on Facebook about me. Let me now show you why.

IF A. Love and A. 2 would look carefully at these articles, they would see that there is rampant disabled and elder abuse in Florida, I'm ashamed to say where I grew up. If these girls don't shut up, their names could be listed under the victims profiles too on these websites. They could be old women, shunned for being handicapped in some ways, both being blind and arrogant. Their philosophy on me does not build the Federation either because the NFB should be condemning and deploring guardianships like the one I'm about to discuss.
Dawn and Saundra York are blind sisters who express desire to go to training centers like BLIND Inc. or CCB, both run by the NFB and both with immersive training programs. The girls were treated horrifically by their family, placed under a guardianship, probably limited or full, not centered around them, but around their parents, especially a stepdad. Saundra emailed me and said it was nice to know they weren't alone. I told them to call Mark Riccobono on Monday, but I might have to send him an email about the girls and their case, and then send him their email addresses. Mark Riccobono and his organization should be advocating for complete freedom on my behalf and on behalf of the York sisters because the parents in both cases tried to deliberately lower the functions of thei offspring in order to either steal their check, control them, or cover up past abuse and continue future abuse. I condemn any efforts by the NFB to stop the girls from doing things they want because they believe in a philosophy in which we live lives we want, not what guardians want. If you think the York sisters need a guardian, read the websites above. If you think I'm any different, think again. Many blind people are abused by their parents so any abuse ictim could come down with mental health issues, but thankfully it does not interfere with cognitive functioning in my case. I still pay the damn bills, bust my ass paying rent every month, bust the bank on groceries, and bust my ass working on a damn good relationship. If anyone thinks I'm cognitively impaired, go to a group or nursing home and look at the websites above. These articles should change your mind. Also, look carefully at the ACLU's efforts not to address my case. Nobody wants to take the case because people are coming between me and my lawyers. Titusville attorneys are dirty, and that's truth to me because it's a small town. 23 years later, I said I as fed up. You should see what 23 years in Titusville can do to a person who is blind or disabled, especially after Kennedy Space Center shut down its Space Shuttle program. No transport by bus or cab, no Uber, no Lyft, nothing. Isolation is not the way to go. Whether the York sisters and I need a lawsuit to fix the statutes is not the subject of this blog post though. I'm saying carefully chosen things about why a guardian is not needed in my case. I'm not going to Florida unless I have a security detail. And I'm going back to Colorado. No judge thinks straight when it comes to blindness. We need to figure this out. I want A. Love and A. 2 to shut up and read the websites without complaint.
Please feel free to read these websites, readers, and give me any feedback, respectable of course, on what you found.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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