Power Rangers Reboot Time: A Full On Review and What Next?

Dear Readers,

What do you like to binge watch? What did you like to binge on in the 90s? Well, you might have said a few things: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which only came on once a week; Power Rangers, which probably came on every weekday or so; or there’s always a drunken pile of Nickelodeon shows we used to watch: Doubledare, SpongeBob, (still on by the way), and many many others I could name. While TMNT got a reboot as well as some of the other cartoons, SpongeBob included, Power Rangers got the much needed reboot that some fans probably desired.

This was a much anticipated movie, and waiting for a described copy was worth it. I watched the movie front to back, and the prologue was awesome. However, there were subtitled parts in both the main body and prologue that without description, you would think this was some Japanese or other foreign film. At least the subtitled part or parts were fully translated and it didn’t add much to it. The premise of the movie is simple and fans could easily relate to it. Five teenagers, all misfits in a seaside California or something town, find themselves in a mine and train to become the “power rangers”, slated to protect a crystal of life from the notorious Rita Repulsa, queen of darkness. Simple, right? Wrong!

Rita didn’t seem to be as weird as she was back in the day, but Elizabeth Banks pulled off a pretty awesome and evil and yet weirder description of Rita. She constructs a monster in the film, and … “Make my monster grow.” Yes, she says that in both this film and back in the TV series. Does anyone remember the putties? Yes, you see plenty of those bad boys in this film. If you were a fan of Power Rangers in the early TV days, you should be able to understand both the origin story and the resulting action and adventure this film brings.

My critique is quite simple: the film descriptions of action and blood were pretty good. The play by play of every fighting scene was pretty straightforward and the weaponry used by the rangers was pretty well in line with what fans should remember. The zords and the resulting megazord were described in such detail that I was right there in the middle of it, who needs VR to experience this? The descriptor was pretty good at going through scenery that flip flopped around, as it did at some points where the rangers were training. I would give this film a 5 star rating for the community if I were crazy enough. I don’t care what Rotten Tomatoes said, this film needs to be brought out for what it is. Fans see some good character development in the five misfit teens at the beginning, which is extremely important for critics and fans alike.

So what film do you like from this year? Feel free to comment, and please be good about leaving a respectable comment because I’ve had trolls in the past deliver unwanted messages to this blog. I’m pretty sure the real good readers here will understand why I wrote that clip.

Here’s a hint when writing a comment: tell me whether you watched a reboot film and what you liked or disliked about it. I watched Power Rangers back in the day because my little brothers watched it, but the movies back in the day were not described. Ugh. Descriptions in action films especially today make a huge difference in the imagery we can project in our minds as a blind film watcher.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite movies and don’t be shy about being honest about the movies you like, don’t like, or seriously wish were never made.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Power Rangers Reboot Time: A Full On Review and What Next?”

  1. I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as a film that put Star Wars back on the map. It didn’t bring too much original to the table, but it was a fun romp and has gotten me excited for the other films. Rogue 1 a Star Wars Story felt like a sort of return to form, but slightly darker tone, on the franchise.
    Moving on though, my favourite cartoon tv show of all time is, without a doubt, Transformers Prime, which ran from 2010 to 2012. Unfortunately it is not described, but I still found that the story fit so snuggly from beginning to end, and it had one of the best season endings ever that literally made me shocked. There were so many little arcs and slightly darker elements, and artifacts that the Michael Bay transformers don’t even do justice, and yet the show seemed to have so much fan service and situations that reminded me of not only the movies, but the past transformers shows as well, bringing a lot of familiar things from the Transformers lore into the fray, and adding new ones. It was very well executed. From the origin story of Optimus Prime as told by Ratchet, with the origins coming into play for an arc in season 2, to a new hero at the end of season 3, it was such a wild ride. We also see an absolutely ruthless season 2 finale leading into season 3, that shock I was telling you about, well earned. It is a basic, yet complex series and is highly, highly recommended.


    1. We need to talk more about this. I am absolutely wowed by your comment. I haven’t even gotten into transformers at all. It was kind of weird to me. Being a girl and all. But anyway, love the comment. Yeah you should continue reading the blog if you feel interested.


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