What Will Pass at NFB 2017: an Overview

Dear Readers,

The NFB has done an average job of resolving differences and issues here. There is the obvious need to make tech affordable and accessible, but there are other things. The Air Carrier Access Act is mentioned twice, so I’m not expecting either resolution to pass because of redundancy, but there is a need to train airline personel. Inaccessible software and Sharepoint were also covered, but once again, the only social issues the NFB could have covered were not even given a word. NOt a word was spoken about the trafficking of folks with disabilities under guardianships by family and well meaning strangers, etc., and once again, because of comorbid disability, I’m not being listened to. The NFB seems to have the right foot forward regarding discrimination and tech, but social discrimination and civil rights of all individuals is not being given enough attention. The Droople web service was commended for being accessible, but there’s one thing I hope we are more aware of. Ziosk in restaurants were mentioned, things like Olive Garden and Chili’s have them. Trenton and I usually tell the wait staff we can’t use the software, and they end up having to do things the old fashioned wait on your dinner way. Olive Garden is quite expensive, but still great. I’ve not had problems with wait staff insisting I use Ziosk, and the operating system is indeed inaccessible, so this is what the NFB really wants. A completely accessible home, but what is the point of accessibility if we can’t be socially accepted? What would be the point of ChromeVox and Narrator if I can’t buy the technology or if someone has the gall to claim that I’m not able to use it because of a social dislike? The NFB has good intentions, but the grade for resolutions will have to settle for a B minus, at least in my book. I’ll look at ACB stuff, and try to be balanced, but a B minus for the NFB is the best grade I can offer. The biggest problem that the resolutions have is the social unacceptance of blind people with comorbid mental or physical conditions, but the resolution of sorts ealing with emergency broadcast access for deaf blind people is reasonably good. Now we need to give blind people access to a better life, a better town with better social acceptance. Not a little town where a blind woman is accused of leaving a mark on someone she did not or where a blind man has a history of sexual offense. We need access to coping materials or recovery stuff, whatever the weather. The NFB wants to be the leading organization of the blind, but it can’t do social acceptance. B minus is the final grade because there are just a few things a leading consumer group should be advocating for, and they got the Braille thing in the bag and all the tech too.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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