NFB Resolution Time Will Be Delayed

Dear Readers,

Usually, I write an analysis of the NFB resolutions, and ACB just ended its conference and convention. The NFB convention resolutions, at least the ones proposed, at least for this year, will go up on the Agenda later on. The agenda will have all the usuals, but I’m clearly looking forward to the following:

A resolution condemning Greyhound for its use of inaccessible sites and apps for blind travelers, thus a lawsuit is being filed.

A resolution further stating that blind parents should be protected. This is serious. Buck V. Bell is outdated and stupid, so the NFB should rule on this fairly.

A resolution condemning guardianship regardless of disability. Guardianship is a way of trafficking human beings for their rights due to their handicaps. The NFB doesn’t seem to give enough attention to the problem of blind adults constantly under attack for their rights and finances by their parents. I know some blind adults whose checks fall into the hands of their parents. One is very abusive toward females, as stated further below, and should be monitored around other females. Blind men seriously need to learn to keep themselves under control, especially at convention times or times where a female friend or professional is present.

A resolution condemning rape of females anywhere who have disability, regardless of home status or even in the NFB centers themselves. After being banned from the NFB listserv for students because I tried to paint a real picture of who the blind males are, I have resolved that a resolution should be adopted and passed because females who are blind do not need to become the vessels of men’s losses, whether sexually lost or morally lost. Blind men are just like sighted men, but tend to be disenfranchised more often because sighted women often feel they have to mother or baby the men, which isn’t right at all. There are good blind males out there who are married, have kids, etc., and don’t go having extramarital affairs. That is to say that for the same tokens and coins in the game, there are blind males who do worse. But because these guys are blind, they think they can lay the finger on other women or the woman’s consent more so because these guys are blind. Blind predators do exist, I know a few. And the NFB is doing nothing, I repeat nothing, about it except kicking them out of the centers and not acknowledging their existence. There are a few Johns who have raped Janes at centers and parties related to the NFB, and I want to see a total cleanup of this, not a cleanup of the CCB big kitchen, not a cleanup of the curriculum, though it would be nice to see an addenda on sex education for all adults and young minors thirteen to eighteen. Why? Because people need to know that predators exist among us, and they’re worse than the sighted ones. The sighted ones may try to take advantage of blind females, get them pregnant, etc., but at least they get prosecuted for the crimes they commit. One young man ruined his life at CCB by having a threesome with two girls who I won’t name here, and this guy, this guy had to be prosecuted. But no, he’s successfully employed? Where’s this picture wrong? Successfully employing a man who is not smart with women and smooth talks them into his bed is a wrong choice unless he learns to cope, gets the right treatment, and joins a sex offender group registry class where he can learn about grooming, safety plans, etc. Those things are important. Grooming, by the way, is not the act of combing one’s hair or shaving one’s beard in this case. Grooming behavior is what I’m talking about, and it is defined as luring a child or adult female victim after approach. I know this stuff because I read a book about it … like a million times. Predators exist in all facets of life, but particularly for the blind, this is devastating.

A resolution acknowledging that not all tech apps can be accessible. Let’s face it. The My Little Pony games, Mario, and thousands of others are not going to be accessible by voiceover or talkback. Trenton and I do not play many games except the ones marked accessible, and there are a few. However, game creators are simply not able to make their content more accessible. Nintendo is a Japanese owned gaming company, and boy their games reflect the game needs of all people, well, except for blind ones. In Japan, the blind are not considered often for jobs or places in life, and females who are blind are often trained as itako, like fortune tellers on the side of the road, etc. Sadly, this mentality translates to Nintendo’s inability to make their game consoles and games themselves accessible and fun for blind individuals. I can understand why sighted people would put up a fight about Mario, besides there are too many fast and quick snap visuals in a lot of the Mario levels. Trenton could not even get past a certain game level himself. Plus iOS and Android are just mobile phones, don’t capture the retro game coolness that a Nintendo console could. The WII fit could work, if given some nonvisual menu prompts, but demanding that all the world be accessible is a wrongheaded notion that will get the NFB no further than the executive offices of a prosecutor who may say no to a lawsuit against Nintendo. Some blind people play nintendo no problem, but for someone without light perception, total, the whole bit, playing certain kinds of videogame can be a challenge and on the phone apps, can be near impossible. I know some guys like my buddy Jessie who play Mortal Kombat, and he’s good at it. I don’t know why or how, but then there’s Killer Instinct. I just wish the NFB would see this and either build on it, or accept defeat and move on.

The NFB convention is to start next Monday, July 10, 2017, in Orlando. So if you’re there, send me an analysis of the resolutions and what you think.

The ones who send me resolution analysis should also let me know if their favorite passed. Any ones that are not adopted will be noted in the next entry.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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