Letter to my Loyal Readers

I’ve written letters to all kinds of people, including the President, my family, etc., but let’s face it, I feel I’ve forgotten about my readers. Among my readers may sit a troll who went about posting inappropriate negative messages about me, and I confirmed it was not Ivan. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm anything because nobody will confess  to the crime of trolling an innocent person. I’ve seen a real act of swatting, though it was done to two fictional characters. Maya Matlin and her boyfriend Zigg. And it was done by a rich spoiled brat. Some of you may wonder why I’m writing this, and I have a good reason to. None of the commentary on Facebook I  experienced was acceptable. They didn’t read the last entry I posted about how four times the number of kills in the September 11 attacks equals the amount of old and disabled individuals disposed of by the probate courts via guardianship, suicide due to guardianship, anything else? You bet 8000 plus elders is just too many. That was more than a thousand times what the Orlando Pulse shooting claimed. More than twice what a suicide bomber in Pakistan may claim each day. 8000 plus per year. That’s also more than a thousand per cent higher than the Virginia Tech Massacre combined with the Pulse shooting and all the other shootings I’ve heard about. No matter how many people died from gun violence in Chicago plus all the big cities, you could possibly get that number, but 8000 is a number you can’t match with just 49, 32, or 2000 or 2500. And it affects everybody.

I’ve been accused of being paranoid. But there is plenty of stuff out there to support my claim of 8000 plus. Go to http://www.faceus.org, and http://www.aaapg.net and you will find all the stats and figures and the hidden truth about what  you won’t listen to. You’ll  find a wealth of information about the probate court system, and anyone trying to silence me with mental health junk should stop while they’re behind. I’ve already been therapeutically treated for border line, which is not my diagnosis. I’ve already been wrongfully diagnosed with bipolar, and all this junk science about me and others who are disabled has had a horrible impact. My family will be barred from being my family because I feel that the kids could be badly influenced by people who abuse, criminally take away rights just to take away rights, and who don’t believe that singing  is a viable  dream and career to have. My kids will sing and play musical instruments and will be trained to be able to play in a band, go to symphonic concerts, and do things positive  with their lives to affect change in the country, including the use of http://www.change.org, which allows you too start a petition like two young Muslim girls did in asking American girl president Katie Dixon to create a Muslim American girl doll. That would be cool, but it would be pointless without change’s easy to use platform. Even a nine-year-old can use the internet these days. My kids will soon after being born have a computer and code to learn. It will be practically in the kindergarten year that my child will learn to code an app, a program, and maybe work for one of the tech companies that made my child’s school stuff, which may include both Apple and Google. I bet you all my child will also grow up in a freer society because of government policy that helps, not hinders, people with disabilities. Those who bash people on Facebook regarding this stuff should know that they’re also vulnerable and could become a prime target for probate court abuse. This is not paranoia. This is real, and if you don’t want to look at the websites I mentioned before, then you all are so out of luck.

Readers, if you want to continue being part of the journey, you need to follow the guideline of please respect all the people who are writing this blog. Respecting the author is the biggest guideline and I am writing this to remind you all that trolling is not allowed, give me a legitimate Twitter and email address so you can be respectfully read and responded to. There are people I can no longer speaking to as a result of trolling, but I feel that I’ve been victimized too much. Please write only positively worded and respectful comments on this blog, and visit the websites I’ve recommended. Thank you for your support for all this time.



Letter to God

Dear God,

This isn’t just a letter to ask you to bless  my family, my friends, blah blah blah. I’m asking you to do me a favor. Watch over and hold close those who have been wronged by their families. Sounds selfish in some degrees, but I’ve found my life’s calling. I want to help girls and women, yes, but the real problem gripping the country is evident in the death of the great Kasey Kasem, and his daughter and sister of hers are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against his former Jeanne. God, Kasey’s countdowns were wonderful beginnings of my week, gave me relief in times of trouble, and the long distance dedication letters always began, “Dear Kasey”. Well, my dear Heavenly Father, I’m asking you to send Kasey this message, and it doesn’t begin, “Dear Kasey” the same way that the others did. I want you to send Kerri a sign that Kasey is always up there, smiling, away from the brutality that ravaged his life at the very end. Nobody should die in solitude like this. God, if only you could tell me that this won’t happen to me or Trenton when I become an old lady. I want to die in my own  home, lying beside the lover I found in Colorado, not in some old dump of a nursing home that abuses and leaves me with bruises and a bloody nose every day. I don’t want to forget my kids’ and grandkids’ names and dates of birth, either. None of that. Okay, a comma splice there, but oh well, gramma addict.

After I hard of Seacrest taking over the countdown, and then Kasey’s life ending this way, I did some research. It affects everybody in the country, and frankly, there should be no excuses  for probate abuse in guardianship cases. As the funny video of Arthur and the Teletubbies flashes across my ChromeBook monitor, I’m often reminded that I could e banned from watching YouTube and interacting with friends and family who actually care about me. God, bless Trenton and I with whatever plans you have that will give us a place in your Heaven, wherever that is. I pray that folks like Kasey and all the others who’s been wronged will haunt guardians who’ve wronged them, and my parents will learn a tough lesson about stripping their daughter or their former daughter that is, in any case I’m not at all related or associated with them at all, I hope they learn a lesson about this and give it up for the safety of my children. I want my children to have a mom, a mom that won’t be stolen from them for safekeeping and isolation.


Your daughter,

Beth Taurasi,

Who wishes to change it to Evelin’s Elizabeth Taylor

Letter to the Governor of Florida

Dear Governor Scott,

You don’t realize this, but Florida has too many guardianships. I can name myself as  a victim of guardianship abuse. My parents got this because they felt that behaviors and disability would mean that men would take advantage of me, but there’s no excuse. I’m 30 years old and living in Denver, Colorado with a lover who actually gives a crap. My lover and I have decided to do a spiritual only route with concern to marriage because of your state’s unlawful presence in my life, my parents’ guardianship stating that I am incapable of discerning love. Well, it’s their own fault and I was not number 1, numero uno, in relationships past. Blake put his family above me even though this family approve a girl who later turned around and hurt him. I want revenge on his behalf personally because this other girl tricked his family, which wasn’t right Joey put his training above me even though we’ve since become friends, and he has a new girl in his life. I’m happy for him, but it took me a while to find myself again after three weeks of him. Jason was a monster who abused and nearly killed one of my friends, and of course he isn’t safe to talk to. I wish people would understand how unsafe Jason Owens is and was to talk to at this time. He is too far gone for counseling, and he hit up on staff and clients when his ex girlfriend past tried to get him help. He is the only person I would know who needs to be nursed, live in a facility, and be under guardianship for life. Criminals themselves should be in prison. Jason should go to prison for nearly killing his own girlfriend, fooling around with her in her sleep, and making prerequisite statements against me to nearly all his exes, and post Jennifer Weaver, well, god bless Jennifer, she was a wonderful girl and I wish she hadn’t gone but God took her too early. Post Jennifer, Jason had abused several close online friends, and nearly physically killed another in Ohio. He never flew to the states  where the girls were from, they visited him. As for me, I’m free to be myself around my partner, Trenton. He’s African American, which my parents are against, and they refuse to let go the guardianship because I don’t have a job. Jobs, Governor, are hard to find, and you don’t understand how Florida jobs are rare and few and far between for blind men and women of working age. You have a resident of Miami who works proudly at Marriott as a booking agent, some others work vending stand operations, and others work low wage jobs at the Lighthouse. Some work nagger jobs, jobs that should be offered to teenagers. I wanted a meaningful career as a chorus teacher, but cannot get such a career. Now, I’m considering becoming a DJ at a nightclub, or the kind of DJ that does not only nightclubs with raves and stuff, but I might do special occasions and play other people’s music, things like birthdays, weddings, and quince Bowers’s, important milestones for young girls in the Latin communities. I have a Mexican caregiver who gave two of her daughters these types of parties, but her youngest daughter might not get much of a party. The Quincenierra is so important and I’m willing to add Spanish and Latin music to my library so I can learn more and do these sorts of things. There are special songs they do at said parties, but in order to do DJ work and mobile work as a DJ at best, I need a Mac computer, which costs $1200. I can’t afford this because of SSI, and Trenton and I will have to elevate our economic power through multilevel marketing in order to get that far. But Honorable Governor, contracts must be signed in order for Trenton and I to do the business together. I will work the business, Trenton will collect the money. But how many memberships will we get? We need residual income, and maybe we won’t need the rebate. Maybe one day, SSI will not be an issue. But my parents want me to earn $8.25 an hour. No. I will not do this because Trenton will get lonely easily, and I know what that’s like. What about the kids? I want to make sure the kids get the best shot at life possible, so Governor Scott, I’m asking you to bar my parents from seeing my kids. I will initiate by writing you this letter. I don’t want my parents involved because they’re abusive and because their attorney plans to fight any challenge I bring to the table. The attorneys plan to use outdated information about a seventeen-year-old girl who no longer exists. I urge you, Governor Scott, and your Florida judicial and Legislature, to block my parents from going to see my kids, and put them away because I want to raise my children of the future in solidarity with the appropriate kinds of people: people who tolerate differences, LGBTQIA people, etc., and I want to teach my kids a very important lesson or two about abusive relationships. Love is respect, and it works both ways, and my parents had no respect for my civil liberties. Because if this, ACLU was badly manipulated, and I can’t sue through them. Nobody cares about this case, and my lover could be killed or worse, my baby terminated before he/she could live a full and normal life. I’m not giving up the any. That shouldn’t even bee a question because I’m 30 and living with Trenton. Right now, I take birth control to prevent pregnancy, but there will be a time when we will want another place big enough for a family. We want to elevate our income so that we can have a house with a big yard, or just a condo like his mother has.

But Honorable Governor of Florida, your state has some cleaning up to do. Not only am I hearing the cries of pain emanating from me, the personage behind the letter, I fear for those victims like my friend Karen, whose sisters got guardianship for revenge purposes. Karen’s money is now in the hands of probate court, and she fled so her sisters couldn’t kill her. Now she can’t get free of her guardianship either, so she wants to move to a country where there is no guardianship. That’s lot, after all, most countries don’t speak English as the first language. I recommended Canada or the United Kingdom to which she responded, “They have guardianship. No thank you.” Governor Scott, to hear your citizens say they want out of this country is stunning to me, and it says that our flag does not truly stand for liberty and justice for ALL. Instead, liberty and justice for the ruthless, able bodied, white, and rich. If you’re ruthless and rich, double whammy and more power to you. Please understand that there are many people in your state that have guardianship that is illegal and fraudulent. Outlaw guardianship of elders and young adults with disabilities of all kinds, including aging related ones, blindness, and any strange things they have. So what if Britney Spears is eccentric? She doesn’t need a Conservatorship, she needs love. Love and support and not Kevin Federline. Britney needs someone who can father Shawn and Jayden, her two boys who mean the world to her. Amanda Bynes may also be under guardianship. It is time to speak out against this practice. Guardianship should be illegal and never allowed for anyone. Instead, a person centered model will be put into place. For those with intellectual disabilities, a more supportive role should be demanded of kinder people.

Think about this, and if you dare read my blog, look carefully at your elders and young adults under guardianship Hell, and tell my parents that they will not be pardoned unless they admit they committed fraud against someone they abused.


Beth Taurasi

No longer a resident of Florida due to guardianship fraud.