What Is America’s Modern Slavery?: Analysis

Dear Readers,

Imagine you didn’t have your rights. You don’t have the right to an opinion, don’t have the right to dress and style as you please, don’t have the right to marry whomever you want, etc. This is the lot of people in North Korea. However, in America, we have a hidden truth that I’m about to reveal.

I may have a limited guardianship, but the truth is that guardianship is slavery. Any form of ownership of an elder or a disabled person is a form of slavery and human trafficking and should be made illegal for the sole purpose of protecting the elder or disabled person from being malnourished in a nursing home, dumped in the street, living in a garage on McDonald’s, living on $10 a day and unable to pay for or lease an apartment, or ultimately dying in these circumstances. Meet Karen, a nurse from Naples, Florida, who ran away from her full legal guardianship because the guardian was being abusive. Meet Jacquelyn, who is now deceased because of guardians’ abuse of her daily. HEr daughter Kathleen Dunn was unable to save her. And finally, meet Carol Weeks, whose life can best be described as trying to end the relationship with her family because of guardianship and the possibility of guardianship abuse. Carol has a brain injury and blindness, along with sleep issues as most blind people do. However, she will graduate from the Hadley School for the Blind in Illinois and pursue a dream of hers. With guardianship, she wouldn’t be able to do that. My dream isn’t necessarily to become a rich and famous musical entertainer, to be a police enforcer, or to do things that are concrete. My dream is to be able to wake up in a world where all guardianship is fraud, illegal, slavery. Where all the courts will work harder to protect elders and disabled people, regardless of what a guardian wants, from maltreatment and malnourishment. Guardianship is traditionally associated with these things, and as well it should be. There are many victims of guardian abuse I could not name here, but if we don’t help the Karens and Kathleens of the world, there will be more Jacquelyn Scotts and more Jenny Hatch cases that go unwon by the disabled or elder person because a guardian wants them to get a job or do as they say. My father is an example of a guardianship abuser along with his wife, my mother. They denied me independence and hope online as I was not able to find such in Titusville, so I relocated to Colorado so that they could not tell me what to do. They can no longer touch me, even if I couldn’t challenge their rights. However, I would like federal health laws to be passed so they can’t read therapy and prenatal care notes. They must never have access to these notes because a baby could be on the way and they will be barred from seeing him or her. IF Trent and I decide on a baby, we will have to make sure they don’t contact me about the baby. IF they do, I’ll just say, you can’t see the baby. End of story, you have guardianship, so you can’t have my baby. I won’t let you see my baby, and any unauthorized visits on your part will result in further legal action. So there you have it.

Karen is too old to have children, so perhaps are the many others who are abused and neglected in nursing homes and group homes for the disabled. bI do not want to be a victim of abuse and maltreatment in the hands of a public guardian, so I’m asking all of you who read this to kindly stop calling me paranoid. Stop calling me negative. Stop calling me whatever you want to call me because it’s not gonna help your cause. You could be the next victim of American slavery, bought and sold for your disabilities and rights. Please make sure you are reading this, after all if you don’t, you will be uneducated.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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