Something You Should Be Telling Your Children

Hi boys and girls,

If you’re a youngster reading this, you should be thankful your mom or dad let you read this. This is something that parents fail to tell their kids, and we have all failed somewhere. But the biggest financial or emotional failure with kids is letting them know that sometimes a favorite uncle, a mom, or dad could not be trusted. I will have to tell my kids that family cannot be trusted all the time if they’ve committed crimes against women and children. Guardians cannot be trusted if the child becomes an adult and still doesn’t have his/her civil rights. I personally know that family cannot be trusted, but not only for the reasons I have given in previous blog entries, but because this is so complicated that a youngster might not understand this stuff.

You see, kids, some parents think it’s okay, especially stepfathers, to touch you in a way that is inappropriate, deny you of food, or beat you if you do not do your chores. It’s okay to tell a grownup that you can trust, i.e. a teacher, if you feel like you’re being abused at home. Sixteen-year-old Sabrina was killed by her adoptive family, and Iowa did nothing about it. As if her life wasn’t worth the lives of their sons. She was worked at home like a slave, and beaten for not doing the work she was required to do. She snuck food when she wasn’t supposed to eat, and was denied food for days. Sabrina should have lived and been given help, but her distrusting family didn’t give a care. See, kids? You have to be strong in the face of abuse, and report it. IF you don’t report your abuse to a grownup you can trust, you could die. The one beating you got for not doing your chores could translate to more beatings, denial of dinner, and possibly the end of your life too early. So, kids, waht have you learned today? Families can’t always be trusted, and not all families have love in them for their children, so if you’re not with the correct family, social services will place you with a family that will love and care about you. All you have to do is tell a grownup you trust if you are truly being abused, and they’ll know it when they see it. Sabrina weighed 60 lbs when she died. Sixty pounds! That’s too little for a teenager. She was gaunt and pale and all that stuff.

In any case, I better go now.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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