Show Analysis: Just as I Thought

Dear Readers,

It is as I expected it. The show went on May 10, 2017 but no one except Trenton and myself called in. What was founded by the group FaceUs, who hosted the show, was that the whole guardianship concept for my family was racist, abusive, and biigotrous. cause of guys every which way being deemed inappropriate, we theorized that it was a form of abuse. I’m trying to prevent tragic consequences from happening to me and Trenton, and this means that my family must stay away from me and Trenton, regardless of guardianship status. They must stay out of the venue we use for our love commitment ceremony, or spiritual wedding, and they must get their priorities straight, Beth is number one and number one for me is living life the way I want to. Face Us has given me a voice where even the NFB did not. The NFB’s excuse was comorbidity with mental illness, which is still not good enough. Guardianship should be outlawed, and the only things allowed would be power of attorney, medical directives, or a living will. In my living will, I Wil have the guardianship on medical treatment overridden so that Trenton can act as a partner should, and so that if I am old and can’t do for myself, he will know what is best. Our future child or children should be taught to respect the elderly, their own parentage, and later, they could make decisions according to my will. Whether I can or not, they will have their father’s drum, and they will have their mother’s piano. Not the maiden family. They will get nothing, receive nothing, or have nothing. They won’t have anything, and I want a will so that if I do become old and frail, or if a tragedy strikes, Trenton gets all my stuff, he executes all medical treatment, etc. My parents didn’t deserve dominating their daughter in the first place because whether Irish Catholic or Italian, their oppression was nothing compared to black Africans who were shipped here for slave labor and I’m dating and about to marry one of the descendants. African Americans seem a lot more supportive than white families, and that is the truth. Thanks to Face Us, I know now that the guardianship abuse was used as a tool to impose bigotry, invade my medical privacy, and ultimately steal what I wanted. I don’t want my parents involved with children because of how they treated me, and they must pay the piper for how they did it. My children won’t be going to Florida  for a vacation with us. Even when their friends talk about fairy tale lands, these children won’t be able to see such a place due to family interference with mine and Trenton’s family. If my child is given a Make A Wish trip to Give Kids the World Village, we’re going, otherwise, we won’t.  Our kids deserve better support than a family on the mother’s side that doesn’t care and wishes to stamp out black people. Face Us is our family support, and we know it.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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