The Most Backwoods State in the Nation

Dear Readers,

I’m appalled. I once called Florida home, but I’m truly appalled. Look closely at the yachts and other kinds of water crafts off the coast of Miami, and you’ll be fooled. Beyond the palm trees, tropical tiki bars, and drinks beyond your wildest imagination sits a state desperately in need of help. Florida, compared to other states, is backwoods, governed by conservative majority, also governed by elder and guardianship fraud and abuse like no other. I spoke to a lady whose mother, one of many Jane Dohs of guardianship abuse, is not allowed to see her own daughter. The lady was a millionaire, now she’s a peasant. SHe is shriveled down to a bad weight, on drugs, and not allowed to see her daughter. Chemical restraint and isolation are common characteristics of abusive guardianships. My mother, for instance, was right on the money with other abusive guardians when she declared she’d raise the dose of medication I was on simply because I was in love with a man she deemed inappropriate. THis is just one example, but elders may be drugged for years and told never to see their relations and children. THis is not how I want to end my life, nor should I wish that on anyone.

I’m seriously trying to figure out why Florida is so desperately in need of a good cleanup. Florida seems to have forgotten its once glamorous role as the state of fun or romance, and it hailed as the number one place to retire. Sadly, Florida is no longer on the list because of Republican governorship, guardianship abuse, and elder care abuses that are so rampant you couldn’t slice or dice it any better. I worked at a Florida nursing home, and an abandoned old lady and I became friends. Mary was left at the home because her family no longer desired to take care of her. There were other ladies like Mary who were left at this home, Daytona Health and Rehabilitation, because they were too ill for the family. Remember that some families would throw their friends or family members in a nursing home because they just don’t know how to take care of their elder family member. Here’s the reality behind homes like these: all residents, with the exception of very few, have a wandering guard brace on their ankles. It keeps them into the nursing home facility itself, and it does help somewhat with the Alzheimer’s and memory care ward for the residents who do wander. However, what about those who are just being drugged? I didn’t see any abuse at Daytona Health when I worked there, but then again, one could be wrong. ANother visitor could smell something awful, and one third visitor could be haunted by the sounds of the ideosyncratic voices that echoed in the memory care ward. I was haunted by such voices, namely one, and it made me think. I don’t want to be a nursing home resident in Florida, period. Regardless of what a public guardian says, I won’t leave Trenton and the family we attempt to create. Our family may be small, just us, but Florida’s nursing homes are no place for a family like this. Not even myself.

Florida must outlaw all elder guardianships and family guardianships of young adults with disabilities. Why do I suggest such a thing? Because of the way we’re currently seeing abuse of power. There are good honest people in the justice system, and they managed to put one certified public guardian in Nevada in the slammer for being exploitative. April Parks was put in jail, and so should just about every one of the Florida public guardians who abuses an elder or person with a disability. My parents could face a lot of jailtime too, if only they understood the seriousness of it all. Their particular guardianship was founded to protect from one person, but it expanded into “We don’t want you getting married because you pick the wrong people.” First of all, I could’ve married Michael Bonhomme, a young man who emigrated here from Haiti, but has since lost contact with me. Haiti being too poor for Mr. Bonhomme, he came to Florida and eventually was pushed into marrying a woman with intellectual impairments, and she bore him two kids. Rachael and Moses are growing up with their dad, but the mom was unable to function as a wife. I advised him to go before a judge and properly divorce her, not because I was interested, but because it wasn’t fair for Amy. His ex has a racist family history, and since Michael is black Haitian, it only got worse when I was talking to him. Michael is stuck in Titusville, and I wonder where he went. His children need to know how to take care of their daddy when he gets old and frail God forbid. However, because he had the two children, I was forbidden from dating him, which is stupid because you don’t always meet a single father with children. Most single fathers don’t give a crap about their children and don’t pay child support.

My family won’t be allowed to do one more thing. I’m going to expose the guardianship on a show done by Lulu and Robbin. Face Us with Lulu and Robin will feature me, and I’m ready to be frank and honest about the guardianship and all of its flawed reasoning. Please feel free to tune in via BlogTalk Radio or call the guest line when available. I will post the guest line on a Facebook status, so please make sure you’re a Facebook user before calling in or seeing the status.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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