13 reasons why I won’t watch 13 reasons why

Dear Readers,

Imagine you have been bullied heavily and sexually assaulted in school, books stolen from you in the hallway, your lunch stolen multiple times. You’re sick of it, so what do you do? 13 reasons why, a Netflix original series, is a great teaching tool, but there are thirteen reasons why I won’t be watching the show.

Public schools sounded an alarm about the series, especially when the first opening lines popped up. THe main character’s life is over due to suicide, and she leaves behind a narrative in the first lines about her life being over because of bullies. There is a good reason why people do this to themselves due to bullying, and that’s because bullying is bad and worse than ever. Bullying can hurt others, and if the wrong person is named in a kill list, especially by a bully, it can have grave impact on the school and its environment.

Public schools want a warning list and resources at the beginning or end of each episode of 13 Reasons Why. I think that’s reasonably good because we need to teach kids that there are resources out there to prevent suicide.

Too graphic and morose for viewing at times. People are saying that some things are just too graphic and 13 Reasons Why could be one of those things. Digrassi isn’t meant to be that way, and what little I’ve watched, it has some graphic parts, but there aren’t super graphic moments, like the time that Zig and Maya were swatted by Hunter just because Maya was shutting down Hunter’s gaming club. THe show tackles more issues than just bullying, but 13 reasons Why tackles just the bullying part, and we should put a warning label as stated previously on each episode.

I never thought I’d experience what was in the show, rather I didn’t. Bullying in the extreme is not what I grew up with, but maybe I could view it to remind myself that I grew up in a better time when bullying didn’t take place on the Internet.

Teachers hate this series. ANd as well they should because they almost do nothing about teen suicide due to bullying. Not all teachers, mind you, but a lot of them. I bet my old band director will love the series personally because his band students are supposed to be tight knit, but students posting stuff on social media could affect his band students. I bet he might learn something, and the resource list suggestion might help students cope with the loss of a student at any time.

Bullies might get validation from seeing someone die or hang him/herself in the series. No, bullies should know that their actions reflect badly on them, including if the death of a student is involved. Public school bullies are the worst they’ve ever been, so take note. Parents of bullies should be disciplining the bully child in their home, doing what they can to prevent suicide of a student. Force that child to accept differences in people, period. Any teacher caught favoring bullies should be suspended from their job, especially for allowing the actions to lead to suicide of students.

Students may not be able to discuss bullying properly. 13 reasons why is supposed to get a conversation going, but students may not be allowed to do this because the principal of the school may not ever allow a student to converse with him/her about bullying on campus. Not without the victim not being believed. Bully victims should consider having a conversation with parents and school board officials, of course, but over this show? Whether you choose to watch it or not, this show should start something.

I might not have done thirteen reasons here, but there are more reasons why I won’t be watching the show. There is another show called Dear White People that covers being black in America, and introduces police brutality and subjects around it. Titusville people should watch that show because if you look at the census, the town is 83% Caucasian and very few black people live in good conditions in the town. It is a typical Southern town, which is why I’m not a resident there, and why I feel that Dear White People is a better selection than 13 Reasons Why, at least for me. Racial differences could impact bullying, of course, so yeah.

Dear white people for the win.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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