That List on Facebook: Preexisting Conditions Revisited

Dear Readers,

Around the country of the United States of America, there are millions of Americans with the preexisting conditions on Facebook that everybody’s talking about. Trenton stole and pasted the list from a friend, and I’m going to go in depth about why the GOP government must not pass this new healthcare legislation.

Remember Ashley and her autistic daughter? The daughter will require special education, which will become severely underfunded because of preexisting conditions, and the state might opt out of covering her daughter’s condition, autism. Remember that most of my friends on Facebook are blind. One of the most vocal critics of healthcare reform under the president is someone I know well. Reina Brown is a very awesome advocate of those with disabilities, and she has preexisting conditions that stack up to the ceiling, but healthcare reform under President Trump could bar Reina from receiving pain meds she requires, things she needs because of mito. Mitochondrial disease is a female only disease for the most part, and pain and inability to walk are some of the many things that can happen to a “mito warrior” as Reina calls herself along with thousands of countless others. Mito disease doesn’t seem to be the only thing she has to worry about her insurance dropping. THey could stop covering things like Autism, which she has the high functioning form of, and disabilities would also not be covered. For Reina’s future children, adopted or not, they would end up losing coverage if they’re disabled in any way, and pregnancy would not be covered for Reina should she decide to, for example, choose to become so if she wanted to or could. I think Reina has made up her mind but her boyfriend can’t be the only provider in the house, and she thankfully works two jobs. However, working and dealing with healthcare issues is not easy.

There are many others like Reina in the world, especially here in America, who need to be able to cover their medications and do so in an accessible format. The insurers who drop preexisting conditions under this new law would be violating people’s right to live. Trenton and I have preexisting conditions, and thanks to Medicaid, I also have dental benefits. The dentist stuff has to stay, and if I don’t go to the dentist, I might need more expensive dental work because let’s face it, I’m getting old. But because of preexisting conditions like blindness and possible anxiety and depression, I might not get that coverage. I could be refused for many reasons, including that it’s too expensive to keep me alive. WHat I have to say is, well, bullshit. I call bullshit on this because nobody is worth more than the other. If Reina were poorer or not able to work, she should still be kept alive through the pain meds she needs, the other things she must have in order to keep herself stable, the premiums being low since she works. I hope that others can learn from the poorest of the poor, however, and realize that we are valuable and meaningful people with names, lives, and numbers of friends.

Meet my buddy Caitlin. She has a pile of preexisting conditions, and lives in Georgia, which could freeze the expanded Medicaid and cut her benefits. Caitlin uses an aid and a service dog to complete basic tasks such as cooking, nuking things in a high mounted microwave, or turning on and off lights. Caitlin has a more severe form of CP, is wheelchair bound, and needs some help with the most basic things that most humans take for granted. Caitlin is great, has the bubbliest personality, and can make a person laugh at the drop of a hat, but if an insurer drops her aid and coverage, she could get pretty mad. IF I were to ask Caitlin about what she really wishes for this healthcare reform, I bet she’d just say it like it is. Caitlin cannot pay out of pocket for her care because it costs so much. If she changes staes, where her husband to be, or should I say her husband, Michael Angebrandt, lives, she could face the same crap. Who would take care of the basics while Mike is not with Caitlin in her home? Caitlin has to use her aid, aids, whatever, especially with the hubby not being home. Tennessee and Georgia cutting Medicaid benefits to disabled people would put Caitlin in grave danger. I now have a closing message for Trump.

Do not pass the healthcare reform bill. The American Healthcare Act is a joke, will be a dangerous bill for people with disabilities, and folks like Caitlin and Reina need healthcare that covers all comprehensive things, including maternity care and preventative medicine, things like the kids’ shots and other things. Caitlin will want to someday take her kids to the dentist, though without much pomp and circumstance, but the kids will need dental care coverage without need of factoring in their future mom’s preexisting condition. Reina wants to have a pain free life, able to work and all, and though she’s working, needs to be able to afford her medication. Please take these stories and run with it, President Trump, and don’t repeal and replace the healthcare bill that saves lives.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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