Women with Disabilities in the Workforce: Can People Please Change Their Attitudes?

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart I’m writing this. The problems I’ve had attaining a job are paramount to societal barriers put in the way for the pleasure of putting such barriers in the way. For one, almost 80% of blind Americans are either of two things: unemployed or severely underemployed in sheltered workshops, and only 10% of blind people are fully employed. The other 10% are part time workers because of circumstances. This is unacceptable.

Why is there no way for me to get a job, you might ask. Well, I sit here writing this and reflecting on all the people and places who’ve shut their doors on me. As a blind woman, I was also called “unstable” by a young woman on Facebook who was also blind, and judged by what you could call “neurotypical” blind people who’ve had better upbringings, which isn’t acceptable by and large. Society allows people to judge others for their abilities, something I cannot ignore and cannot accept or embrace. Crooked government policies also see this, and nothing is done to untwist the policy of marriage protections, or equal rights for disabled people in marriages and families. I as a disabled woman should never have to face the biting sting of the whip of incompetence, something I will never let my children see if they even dared.

Society just doesn’t get it. I cannot get a job because nobody will hire a blind person, especially on talk radio. The North Korean thing is about the only thing anyone will talk about, but my talk radio themes are more centered around equal rights and domestic civil liberties which could be taken away at any moment. Trump being as unempathetic as he is is doing a fine job of trying to wipe out ISIS, deal with the DPRK, but is not trying to take care of his people at home, which is the government’s first foremost responsibility. With great power, Uncle Ben says, comes great responsibility. Has Donald Trump watched Spider Man? I don’t think he even did, you know the one with Toby McGuire? That one. HE probably didn’t pay attention and Baron, his youngest son, was too little when the Spider Man movies came out, at least the one I’m referencing. Trump should take a look at what Uncle Ben said in that movie, and take it to heart seriously. With great power comes great responsibility, and might I add, a burden of truth. Truth is what you do, the tweets you send attacking the Honorable Barack Obama, the tweets and recordings of you making fun of people with disabilities, saying that the U.S. is a business, not a charity, and because I can’t work, you don’t care. I am living off welfare funds because of you and your lack of progressive enough policies to get blind people like me in a meaningful job. I want to be a radio broadcaster, a talk show host, whatever you want to call it, but music education is dying out in public schools. I don’t mind doing the midday shows, and doing talks about headlines, mainly the headlines in Colorado. However, who will hire me? Who will allow me to read messages from people? Who will also accommodate me with the correct software and a Braille display? That is important stuff, though expensive, important. My Braille display of current use is broken and sitting there collecting dust, which it shouldn’t. I seriously don’t want to sit at home collecting dust either, but if society has its way, all my friends would not be allowed to walk down the street. LEt’s talk to a guy who works, a guy who believes in a lot of people and see what we get. My buddy Jessie works. He also is heavily close to his family, which is great considering most families don’t deserve blind children as adults because they don’t know what to do with them. Families oftentimes coddle and cue the adult children who are only blind, blind and blind with some vision. It can get annoying, dangerously unhealthy and downright cruel of the family to coddle or cue the person to say something when they don’t want to. Jessie is not in a family like that, rather his family treats him like an adult. HE goes to work every morning, comes home, does his thing, and goes on about his life during the weekends. Trenton’s family I must say doesn’t cue or smother the hell out of Trenton, as I write this his mom and I plan a shopping trip for the weekend after the first of May. However, because I don’t work, I have to buy thrift store clothes, thrift store things, and consignment furniture and I desperately need a new queen sized bed for Trenton and I. We can’t put a king bed in our bedroom it’s so small, and I have my desk in here so I can probably tell you how echoey it is in the living room. Ugh.

Working makes a big difference, and if I worked, I could afford to get my kids clothing, food, and fresh vegetables and fruits without going to a food bank. Period. The kids need to eat three square meals a day, should we attempt to raise such family. Cats are no different. They need so many square meals a day, and did I forget to mention pet deposit or pet rent? Yes, animals require pet rent, pet deposit, and all that. No lying to psychiatrists or registering a kitten as an emotional support animal because of the rampant fraud that occurs with such animals. Jen, a lady who lives in Georgia, has a dog who carries her med supplies with her. Jen’s dog is classified under medical/emotional support, but still, even guide dogs are subjected to being thrown off the airplane. IF Jen could fly, she would have to leave the dog at home because some airlines have poor accessibility for service animals and ES animals alike. It doesn’t matter, and since she doesn’t work and has so many appointments she cannot leave work for, she probably will never get a real paid job. Neither will I. Jobs are hard to come by, but here’s something worse. The only job DVR wants me to do is call center work, period.

DVR refuses to help with more meaningful stuff, and I wouldn’t care more for the crap going on at all. This is what blind women face in the workforce: sometimes it’s sexual harassment, other times it’s too much scalding from the boss. Blind women are not immune to rape in the workplace as the women of Fox News were not immune to verbal abuse from Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ayles. This is truly unbelievable, you may say. But I don’t want to take the chance and be talked down to or walked on or on top of by men in the office, period. I don’t put up with stuff like this, or to put it a bit less mildly, I don’t put up with bullshit. I don’t, and I’m more no nonsense than you think.

I have a message for employers who are obviously interested in my work: please hire me. I need a job as much as the next guy, but you should give me a chance because I have more eloquence than the shy sighted blonde in the back, and you’re not looking for visuals, you’re looking at audibles. Like a voice. Period.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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