Facing the Truth About FAmily and Local Guardianships: a Reality Check on Face Us

Dear Readers,

I was given the pleasure of participating in a discussion about guardianship abuse, judicial corruption, and other things regarding that. Jenny (Margaret Jeanne) Hatch got free of hers, and she has down’s syndrome, but for me, it is impossible, and yet I’m blind and that’s really the only disability I have is blindness. As far as I know, guardianship uses the “junk science” of psychiatry to justify guardianships, and it never works. Meet the Johns and Janes of guardianship, people whose elder parents are confined to nursing facilities, drugged to death practically, and not allowed to see their children. They don’t remember their children’s and grandchildren’s names, occupations, and other personal details. Unfortunately, this is the face of Florida, my former residence. I’m not going back to live in Florida for any reason, and Trenton and I may have to delete our honeymoon registry in Florida because of safety reasons, security, etc. One shout of “She can hurt herself” and I could have my morning, afternoon, and entire honeymoon vacation ruined. Face Us with Lulu and Robin is a show worth listening to because you should be educated on the truth about guardianship. Use of unproven junk psychiatry to diagnose Border Line Personality was the worst thing in the world to cause problems for me and millions of others, and I’m going to speak out about this. I’m also going to speak on behalf of those who cannot and are not allowed to speak for themselves. What would I do for Florida if I was governor? Let’s see, a laundry list of things would have to be done:

Outlawing all outside guardianships of finances, marriage, and medical things. The end goal being to outlaw conservatorship or reform guardianship law so it’s person centered, not guardian centered. If an elder speaks what she wants, her wishes will be carried out by law. That’s it. And I will crack down on bad judges in Florida. Here’s how:

  1. If a judge rules in favor of a predator, he will automatically be disbarred.
  2. IF a judge does not uphold the last will and testament of someone who died in bondage, he will also be disbarred.
  3. Worse, for the judge who does not learn and become aware of disabled people and their capabilities, parents and their attitudes, and the potential for abuse to occur, they will not get their J.D., period. Florida should be a shining example of what can happen if judges don’t do their jobs, when elders are not taken care of, and when disabled people are deemed incapable of making any decision whatsoever. This is bogus. Florida should become the jewel of the nation, cleaning up its act, and doing its part to serve elders and mentally challenged and disabled adults right.

Let’s turn the page now to a different subject I’d address as governor. IF I were to have been elected Governor of any state, I’d have disabled adults be at the top of my list. We’d outlaw mistreatment of disabled females, clean up the judiciary system so that the victim is believed if she is disabled, even if she is blind. We need to make sure that DNA is extracted from her fingernails and her vagina if possible, this way we can catch the bad guy. That is, before she takes a shower. We need to change our attitudes toward disabled females and their capability to understand sex. I don’t want a bunch of Katy Talberts running around whereby the mother is irresponsible and doesn’t want her precious “baby” to learn about sex. Then, a boss takes advantage of her and friends and gets her pregnant. UGh. I would never want someone to get my daughter pregnant, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to terminate my daughter’s pregnancy. IF my parents were to ask me to terminate my pregnancy, I would say, not if Trenton is the father, you dumbasses. Trenton and I have the right to do what we want with our family, but Trenton suggested adopting cats. The problem is a pet deposit would be imposed on us, and even with our ongoing struggles with food and income security, a pet deposit would change everything. Babies don’t get deposits, or pet rent, or pet anythings. They require food, water, and shelter like all humans and animals, but they talk eventually and learn to walk and play, go to school, learn, and do lots of other things. Babies are never pets. Pets aren’t the same, either. My friend Carrie calls herself a cat mom, but how is that even the same as being a real mom to people and stuff? How is that even justified? We need a house so we can keep dogs and cats without a pet deposit, be able to afford food and water, etc. Trenton and I have struggled together and currently do not have assets on a house or anything, and can’t buy a house either because we can only have $2000 in the bank period. My dad could swipe all the money, and that is stealing and it’s wrong. Guardianship could potentially lead to someone stealing not only my money, but my spouse and children. Trenton may never be allowed to see me, and all bets are off if he finds me in a nursing facility in Florida. This is why I’m not going back, and I will establish residence in Colorado forever or some other state. I’m told I should move to Canada, but what good will that do? Canada requires jobs, sponsors, and other prerequisites in order to get there. But what about my children’s safety? What about my safety? My dad will not have any control if I am in Canada, but he will likely wonder why he lost me. WEll, it’s because of what I learned in the Face Us show with Robin and Lulu, the horror stories of predatory guardians, and you, Dad, not taking responsibility for your lies and the way you mistreated your daughter. I’m 30 years old and have no time for this stuff.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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