Jealousy and Desire: What Are They?

Dear Readers,

I’m going to pick on someone my own size. I’m going to take on the world of jealousy and illicit desire because it happens all the time in the blind and sighted communities. Let’s go to Jason O., age 24 to so, a man with a menacing way of dealing with girls and women. Jason abused many females in his lifetime, including myself, and he demonstrated pure jealousy and hatred toward my friends Deq and Blake. Jason made rash stereotypes about Africans, saying they had AIDS, said I was  lucky not to have gotten AIDS, which is a vile generalization about blacks I despise. Deq is Somali Muslim, and as such, does not have sex outside of marriage, except with a girl he liked here or there. Deq comes from a culture where the woman’s virginity is law, where the man controls everything, and where the woman may not be so important. Does anyone remember reading Born in the if Rains by Fadumo Korn? Or Fadumo Abdi Hersi Hussein? She mentions that her father never hit his wife,  like she said this was the case with her Nicole Yusuf and the other men in the family. Yusuf had two wives, not uncommon in Somali Muslim cultures, and Abdi Hersi Hussein or whoever the father was, he was a great guy, many camels and such, but he was a proper gentleman. However, his first wife Milano was an elope job, rally. What did Jason know about the Somali culture? Nothing. Yes, many Africans arrange marriages and sometimes within the family, but this isn’t always true. In any case, Jason made brazen stereotypes about Deq’s culture that were disrespectful, even when we were broken up. Deq now has a Kenyan born wife, and will probably have a baby. With her, he will have sons or daughters, who knows.

Now, I want to say how ironic illicit desire and jealousy has become. Jason’s recent ex is being framed for cheating, and worse, one girl is knocked up. Not the ex, but someone else. This is a clear demonstration of sexual misguidance within the blind community, something no Somali family would tolerate. Of course, Fadumo’s sister Khadijah, she was almost married off at only nine or older or something of this nature, she was probably fourteen, and the guy was too old for her. This usually happens a lot, but illicit desire among teens is highly discouraged. I wouldn’t discourage desire of any kind in my teenage sons or daughters, but I would not put up with cheating from her husband. Though African society allows polygamy, this is illegal in the United States, and I would not condone such practice because oftentimes, one wife is not as loved as another. And this isn’t just Muslims, it’s all the third world societies, and some upper world cults. Blindness community members take note, where are you getting your sexual guidance from? It all starts at home.

Ever had that talk with your child about the birds and the bees? And the flowers and the trees? It could be something positive for your child as he/she grows up. Tell your daughter, for instance, she will need to keep her privates private and to only the man she loves and is married to, only that man can have those. This was hard because of the extreme situation I was in with my family, but I’ve found the man I want. He’s awesome, and he doesn’t cheat or run around or get girls knocked up. OF course, nobody introduces me to a different man to marry like Tula’s dad did in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I hated how he expected Tula to abide by strict Greek rules etc. Tula fell for Ian Miller, and that was that. Tula and Ian eventually marry, but not without obstacles from parents and family on Tula’s side, and not without Ian becoming Greek Orthodox and their daughter later having to be Greek Orthodox and go to Greek school. I would not want my kids going to Chinese school, even if we lived in San Francisco’s Chinatown,  which is. Famous setting of many books. Anybody heard of Lawrence Yep? He wrote books about Chinatown, children’s books, older kids’ books, all that. San Francisco and Chinatown host a Chinese school, and may I hit home for a second? Yep wrote some stories about family and relatives as well.

Here we are talking about unwanted cheating, and Yep did not cover that in the books I saw of his. Must I say though that there are many books about love that go viral, like Shakespeare’s  Romeo and Juliette, but those said stories are extreme. Florida introduced a Romeo and Juliet law to keep teenagers out of sex offense class. Teenagers having sex when one is under by a year and the other is over, just by a few years or months, all that  allowed in Florida. For a deep red state, Florida showed some progress in the demoralization of disabled adults, teenagers, and  unmarried adults at large. I’m not kidding, it is unlawful for relationships to be condemned, but for blind people,  we are constantly being threatened by families, other people, and jealous exes etc. I received a weird call informing me that my wedding was illegal, that I should turn in the paper and lose my money, but I will not believe in the gender bias of the policy. Government policies like this one have been around since the 1940s, when Roosevelt first introduced SSI, so I try and explain why we chose what we chose, but the weird caller didn’t care. Apparently, I think this was all borne out of a very illicit desire because the person the caller told had kissed me good night the last I spoke to him. I will not name the people involved, but I have a warning message for all of you guys.

No trolling around, of course, but face this matter. I don’t put the f word in a paragraph fifty times. But here’s something else; if you are illicitly desiring me while I’m in a relationship or when I say no, I mean it. No. No means no, and you could come across as creepy to some, weird to others, desperate to many. Please, if you’re blind, male, and desperate, I don’t care what you want. Don’t create trouble for me and the man I chose to be with for life. Therefore, kill that desire and go find someone local for the sake of seeing her on a daily basis. A local girl would be good for you, jealous one, because obviously, creating drama where it doesn’t belong can have consequences. Sorry to say, but the next time you try and mess up my relationship, I won’t be there. I’ll be happy with Trenton.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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