Things Society Must Changge in America: Becoming the Cutting Edge We Should Be

Dear Readers,

As crazy as it sounds, there’s a lot that society must change in order for us to become the cutting edge country we once were, and I’ll start at the bottom and go to the top.

Social Misconception About Blindness: Because I wrote ten bad things about being blind, the point being that society causes the 80% unemployment and under service of the blind and disabled, society must get over its misconceptions about blindness or any disability. There are many blind and disabled people who have skills and talents we must use in order for the U.S. To become more great again. Are you reading this, President Trump? If he wants to make America great again, he should consider disabled people for hire. Kick Betsy Devon out of office as secretary of education, and replace her with a blindness professional, a blind teacher, or a former blind student. I don’t trust this woman with our education system. Neither should the Congress.

Educational Defficiencies: No deleting history, more field trips, and inclusion of able blind and disabled or blind students in the classroom are among the laundry list of things that this education system must do in order for me to feel safe and have peace of mind about my own children going to public school. Among the top five things I can name for the education system are field trips being a must, anti bullying being number 1 on social conduct scores, veteran teachers teaching at all the bad schools so the kids get the brightest talent, blind students being required Braille instruction regardless of how little vision Rey have, and vocational options must be available to all high schoolers so they don’t necessarily have to waste money in universities. Making college free for all individuals is not realistic, and universities like Notre Dame and Harvard are not state schools. They want your money, so what’s the best alternative? Field trips have become obsolete to some people, but why not enchant students with trips to the zoo, a hospital, or even a small laboratory for  high school students who want to earn degrees in microbiology? A young man once followed my pediatric practitioner so he could learn what a doctor does, etc. Hosa club was probably this boy’s favorite  time of day. Chorus and band should be required at least for a year in schools across the ages. In all honesty, learning about history and civics has become all the more important. We must be able to take our students to Washington D.C. To see all the government buildings, including the White House. The students would learn about bicameral  legislature and other subject matter typically associated with social studies. Trips like that to the Colorado Capitol Building would also be wonderful because Colorado kids would learn about civics and the state legislative process, to think they’d be watching it happen right before their eyes.

Gender Choices and Inclusivity Policy: Listen up, North Carolina, get rid of the Bathroom bill, and I mean that. If you’re a resident of the Carolinas and you’re transgender, you should be able to choose the bathroom of your choice. Don’t like it, GOP folks? Well, too bad. They’re big and larger than anything else in your minds, and they’re human beings like you and me, so treat them with respect and dignity. It’s hard to believe that Carolinian states like the North part are so exclusive when it comes to bathrooms. Reversing transgender rights is a stupid decision. Better yet, let’s do unisex bathrooms to solve the whole problem, this way the whole family can use the bathroom at the same time. And the stalls will have a ful door and lock for security, and of course, for the women who identify as such to feel safe and secure while supposedly doing their business in the bowl. Who cares who identifies or “wants to be” male or female? If your identity is male, use the men’s room. If you’re female, then use the women’s room. But if this problem gets too much, unisex bathrooms should be put in place in all restaurants. Boys and girls should learn about each other’s anatomy in school, how to respect it, and how to deal with homosexuality and transgender issues in a healthy way, not in an exclusively heterosexual context.

Better Songs on the Radio: President Trump should be funding NPR and NPR classical stations. Why is this, you may ask. Because some people say classical music is good for you. If a woman gets pregnant, she should be able to sing lullabies to her baby, and learn classical lullabies, something that a lot of today’s parents don’t have the time to do. I think not working has its advantage here, not having a stressful work schedule at least. If I had a schedule at a workplace, what about my baby? Trenton said he’d be glad to take care of the hold, but lack of the arts education has a profound impact on babies as well as older people. If you don’t know what Brahms’ Lullaby  sounds like, you’ve lost something quite valuable. My parents had stuffed toys and music boxes that played the lullaby, which even for my brothers as infants was important. Celine  Dion has her own version of Brahms’ Lullaby which has been catalogued in her album she dedicated to her then baby son. Her son is probably a gifted musician, or he may never carry a tune in a bucket, but Dion and her songs will be enough for Renee Charles to possibly get some of that gift she has. And he’s mature, so said Dion in a very old interview I watched. She is someone I would give an award to for being a good mom because at least even in the babies’ early days, she’d be singing them songs, English, French, all that stuff. What are today’s parents doing? Not as much as that and definitely not singing to babies. We need to incorporate the arts in our daily lives, even when we’re not in school. It would help with conversations. Imagine what your child or teen could be talking about in their talk if it was about the Mozart symphony they heard. Maybe that’s better  than the drama at school.

Cars. We need to quit depending on so many automobiles. We need a bus-centric city in every state that has public mass transit readily available, especially for blind and driving disabled people. We should be allowed to use the commuter system at a discounted rate based on income, and one such model exists! In Boston, Massachusetts, the blind are free to ride the T subways in the city and around the Boston metro area, so far as I know. I went there, and commonwealth ID cards also allow blind workers to get to work for free. That honestly takes the stress off of us, we don’t need to pay for transit in Boston, and because of this, we stimulate the very expensive economy even on SSI.

Women in Government and Executive Positions. Because of what’s happening with Bill OReilly, I think it’s time for women to take command. Even Trump is not fit to lead our country because his maleness is too intimidating and he uses it for bad things on women. He treats the First Lady like a piece of crap, from what I’ve heard, and would grab women’s bodies if he could. It’s not locker room talk. Because male humans have fallen under a wicked spell of patriarchy, it is time for women to lead our government–if she doesn’t get kicked out–and for women to take full and complete control of justice and law. The three women in the Supreme Court certainly make the court diverse, but we can’t have so many men and no women in politics, and as CEO’s of businesses. Carly Fiorina must defeat Donald Trump if she wants to see women progress because Hilary Clinton may never make it. Criminal or otherwise, it’s the men who are more deplorable in politics than the women. Women should be making the decisions about their own lives and bodies, and to have a man make all the decisions about their wives is tantamount to paternalistic societies like the Middle East. This must stop.

Technology and readiness. Kids should be kids, not your little computer programmer at six years old. I believe kids should be learning code, sure, but making apps at six is a stretch. Technology is great, but they should still practice their penmanship, something Apple incorporates into the iPad.

In any case, these things are essential to America becoming a great nation, and I hope that with time, people shut Donald Trump up and take notice of what America needs, and it’s not to get involved in other people’s business or whiten the nation. It’s to correct wrongs and work with what we have.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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