Trump Care Fails, THank God, What’s Next?

Dear Readers,

WHoever thought Trump was making America great again was wrong, bad, and hateful. Trump seriously failed this time, doing the Trump Care bill, something that could’ve taken away my dental benefits along with my preventative care stuff, stuff like preventing pregnancy of all things. Women are not childbirth receptacles, but to put it simply, Trump wants to roll back women’s rights to choose whether they have a baby or not. IF a rapist were to encounter me, I would have to have his permission to abort his child. That’s stupid because for one, the rapist is a monster. For two, any rapist would want to force me to have his child, so there you go. I would indeed take an abortion over having the monster’s breeding stock. Sad to say, but a rapist should think before he does anything, which half the time he won’t. Trump should grow woman parts and see what it’s like to carry a child for nine months, the belly being swollen and all, and see what it’s like to be in labor. Milania was in labor, but was the Donald there to see it? Now, he should experience it. And that’s one part of TrumpCare I would have argued is not right. Rolling back contraceptive rights for women means I won’t work at Hobby Lobby or any Christian operated facility, and not because I’m personally not Christian, but because of the selective insurance coverage. It should be noted that Trump’s healthcare bill will fail no matter what he does next. Obama had it right, covering more under Medicaid including myself personally. No per capita cap or block granting Medicaid would work especially for me and many others like me who don’t have jobs, can’t get jobs, can’t do things without Rehab’s help or unlawful diagnosis. I don’t know what to say.

The thing I’m happy about is my dentist appointment coming up. I hope to God it is still being paid for by Medicaid because I’m not going out of state for dental appointments. Ugh. Florida is across the country, and it’s not safe for disabled and elderly people alike. I can’t go back because what if I’m told I can’t return home? Trenton would grieve my loss, and other people would not be allowed to speak with me. I don’t care what happens on the Internet, there is something that not only the governors and President are not caring about, but lots of people aren’t caring about.

I found out that the guardianship is a human trafficking in my rights. Therefore, I respectfully ask that the courts in Florida do something to prosecute my parents in the form of a human trafficking charge. They took my rights so they could continue holding me hostage, so thhis is what I’m going to do. I’m staying with Trenton and keeping a low profile from now on, my dad being blocked on my phone again. And if he continues wanting to contact me, he seriously won’t. I’ve already disowned my parents via email, and hope they do not try to contact me again. I’m not sure, not definitely sure what will happen next, but keep it here for all the latest. Obviously, TrumpCare’s failure was a blessing. I’m glad because I don’t have to be on my parents’ health insurance, ever ever ever.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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