Technology You dreamed About Part II: Big Decisions and Changes, How Does it Affect the Blind?

Dear Readers,

How many of you dreamt of a time when we could see our lover through the phone? Or your teacher through a device you hold in your hand? Imagine you heldn in your hand the key to all the technology we have today, at least you dreamt of receiving email on your watch; receiving music and digital downloads on a perfectly working MP3 or whatever player; going all Dick Tracy with your same watch and talking from your left wrist to someone in England. Well, I’ve also noticed Google jumped in on the band wagon with watches, but because the honorable Nimer Jaber did a review of the LG Sport, good but it told me a lot, I’m seriously considering an iPhone, no, I want one by July.

I thought that Android wear 2.0 could be more accessible, but the reviews I saw of it had a common theme: the watch itself was clunky and uncomfortable. Ugh. Never mind the Talkback, an experimental feature that doesn’t work with half the apps! And some aren’t installed. Ugh.

I’d like to credit Jaber for the review, as he is crazy about technology along with Trenton. But the crazier of the two of them likes to fiddle with developer/canary CHrome, but that could lead somewhere I don’t think I’d like to go for now.

Okay, back to my decision. I would like to have an iPhone in my hand because of access to more and exclusive apps, though I won’t abandon Google completely. I’m still gonna mess with Google Home, something akin to the computer out of star trek minds. Remember the wrist communicators are also familiar to sci fi fans of Star Wars and Star Trek, along with Dick Tracy. But the only watch that will work for blind people is Apple’s watch, with its own native OS and screen reader. I saw a review of it by David Woodbridge, editorial team with Apple Vis, where I am learning about the watch. Mr. Woodbridge’s review is a lot more positively promising, and what did we expect? I can’t continue with an Android phone if I can’t properly use the watch. Plus I hate fumbling around in my purse for the darn phone. I’ll use it to check things, yes, but the watch will be useful when … say, Trenton sends me an iMessage, and the thing taps me on the wrist. Think about it. I could also use it to answer calls if my phone is locked in my purse somewhere and this is an important call. Apple watch has its place, so does Android wear, but Android wear didn’t have Talkback first on the very first OS it came out with. More developers will likely bring things to iOS first, bring access as well. Voiceover is something Apple puts on all its stuff, so you can use it right from the shelf. It doesn’t always work with any other company, except that Google’s coming along. But you still can’t cut and paste properly with Google’s talkback as well as Voiceover. Voiceover allows me access to more stuff, and my sighted buddies can stare at me while on Facetime, an audio and video chat feature available to all Apple users. Just wait till people ask for smellevision, television that smells. Or what about something akin to Feelies? Brave New World style technology is on its way, so one day you will not be just able to see and hear your partner, but if your partner sprays on cologne, you’ll be able to sniff it with smellevision which I’ve seen/smelled before in a simulator ride. But think of another thing: we could also go to movies/theater houses and we might feel what is going on. Imagine the imagery described, okay? Plus add sound, all right. But then, put your hands on the knobs, and feel yourself in the action. Well, … not that far, but the technology is already there.

I honestly believe that some day and millennium later, we will be so advanced that phones may be a thing of the past. For instance, imagine smelling the burning rubber of tires though you still can’t see it. But also imagine the raceway, then imagine yourself at home, sitting on your couch. Okay, add the raceway to your home sitting on your couch. VR is already coming, but we need virtual smelling and tasting so that the other senses can participate like in Brave New World or Total Recall. Speaking of which, I better get out of here. I phones might have smellevision one day, but could Apple possibly open the senses further by implementing this into Macs? They’ve already done away with function keys, brought Siri to it, etc., but what about being able to hook up something to your mac or TV and suddenly, you can smell or feel or hear the raceway as if you’re already there? That’s what’s next, and I hope these things are accessible for blind people.

Guys, I think today’s tech is not running out of ideas. The watch thing I thought would never truly materialize. But the smellevision may one day come as a surprise. One never knows where the imagination goes. At least one day, Google will make all its products accessible, whether on a wristwatch, which to me has to be comfiy and stylish yet durable and practical. LG’s Sport watch is not either of those things, and yes, the style has no speaker. Therefore, no Talkback. Why? I’ll talk about the future of law and ethics next time maybe. …


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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