Open Letter to the President,

Dear President,
Hello. My name is Beth Taurasi, a resident of Denver, Colorado. I am currently unable to sleep at night. Why, you might ask, am I writing this letter at practically 3 in te morning? Well, from night worries about a civil war that could happen on our so called orders to the thought of my fiance being bombed in the quest for your world domination, I have many many worries. You want to run this country like you do your businesses, which are dropping off Amazon like flies! You know, a friend of mine who’s Jewish says she supports a move like that from Amazon, including removing sales of Ivanka Trump products as well, and removal of Breitbart news ads. Why? Ask Mr. Bannon.
First of all, you are attempting to spew hate in this country, and with your lack of empathy, that’s not hard to do. Listen, you need to learn some behaviors that will neutralize the lack of empathy problem. Try to imagine yourself in my shoes for a second: you live with a fiance who is of a different race, you both live in an apartment complex specified for elders and disabled people, you’re blind, you only make so much in SSI per month, you’re on Medicaid. Think about what you want to do with the 70% of us blind folks who don’t work, but what about outlawing contractual guardianships so we adults with disabilities can have home work businesses like Melaleuca and Plexus work for us? What about Legal Shield? Heard of that? This is how I’m attempting to challenge my family’s right to force me into working as a waitress for less. And may I add that my breast size should not determine whether I get a job at Twin Peaks and I won’t allow some foreign bachelor to cop a feel. Remember, I have a loving partner here.
You think Steve Bannon is a great pal, but guess what? It’s guys like him, that Mylo Themopolis guy, and this other young troll I’m about to mention that are eyesores for this country and cannot be allowed to speak. Yet your GOP senators silenced a woman for quoting famous black figures. THis is unacceptable behavior. And cut out the executive orders.
We don’t need immigrant bans, and why don’t we need them? Don’t tout the Obamas for this. You don’t want to work with your enemies. You consider Somalis enemies, and this is making it hard for an ex of mine and good friend to be able to carry out the duties of husband to a woman who was matched with him from Kenya. Yes, I said Kenya, not Somalia. She may be ethnically Somali, but she is Kenyan born. Let Deq’s wife through. Deq is a blind Somali who became an American citizen as a refugee, and he did it legally before you snipped the threads of who could come here. Now his wife will have to fight the ban in order to be his wife.
Mr. President, my fiance sometimes has nightmares, empathic moments, etc. All because of your horrific actions against everything from the Congress, Elizabeth Warren, and everybody else to those who don’t look like you or your wife and kids. Consider Milania for a second. Just because she is white doesn’t give her privileges. By your orders, she should be banned from this country because she’s in a so called questionable country, perhaps she’s Russian. Do you really think Putin is cool beans? No, he’s ruling Russia similar to Soviet times, and Sochi’s wiinter games weren’t so great because of Vlad Putin.
You should also consider that since you are unempathetic toward your own people, you should get counseling and listen to the video of your victims. Read the following story of how I was victimized even before you moved to Trump central in D.C.
Ivan Soto, now sixteen, trolled me four times, disguising himself as an adult claiming success. He used disposable emails, and I dug some into said emails, then used Republicking1 on Twitter to attempt further trolling which was put to a stop when I blocked him and his personal account, Ivan Soto himself. He also impersonated my ex boyfriend, stating in mild language that he was glad to be rid of me, as if Blake would talk like that. Blake knows better because he had a great upbringing, even when we broke up he still talks to me. What Ivan did by impersonating Blake was to anger him, and I wish his mom had found Ivan personally and whipped him a few times for impersonating her son using mild language. Kathy wouldn’t have something like this.
Ivan went on to suggest that my fiance “rob a deli” as a means to succeed. That’s one way to put my man in jail, of course. My man is not the type I would expect to rob anything, and impersonating Blake and suggesting that my man rob a properly running establishment was all inspired by you. You should consider that Ivan’s family is Mexican, so I don’t know all the details of his parents’ background. The same thing happened when another young girl called Mabelin Ramirez attacked me on Twitter and WordPress the way Ivan did previously mentioned. Mabelin tried to spread a rumor about me, but covered up her own trail. I wonder if those two, Ivan and Mabelin, should both be exiled to Mexico for their actions toward me, a law abiding citizen of America who truly does not want to see someone get hurt. Mr. President, think before you sign that next order. Congress are your buddies, friends, whatever. This is a country, not a corporation. You can’t pay me to be silent on issues that mean business and are of importance. One more thing, fire anyone who further marginalizes blind people. We’re sick of being bullied, made to feel helpless, etc. I want a wedding grander than any of your weddings. I want a life better than the one Ivan Soto proposed. I will never rob a bank or a delicatessen store in order to make a living. And my fiance is not a gang member. Nor will any son of mine be a gang banger. Don’t think that all blacks are like this, and notice I didn’t even use my sweetheart’s name. I don’t want you coming after him.
Anyway, read my letter and realize that you need to learn empathic behaviors toward your own people. Narcissism is not something we need right now.
Beth Taurasi,
Who says insomnia really sucks.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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