How to Confront Hate Speech Online: My Story

Dear Readers,
Ever been in a moment where you feel like defending your rights above others’ rights was mportant enough to troll and threaten others? You’re probably among millions of blaks, Latinos, and other kinds of people who have been trolled, hacked into, etc. Last year, when Trenton and I first got together, I experienced some nasty trolling that I called out because the troll in question, and this is sad, was only 15 at the time.

Ivan Soto, age 15, trolled me four times, and I tried ignoring it, but he just kept doing it. CBC news marketplace also has a wonderful rule on what Ivan did, and we know it as hate speech. He started out by saying I was a disgrace to humanity, which he is for disrespecting his elders, and how I should go to work for the man. He claimed he was a successful blind man and used disposable email addresses to make it known. I thought this was an adult, but to find this was a child was quite disturbing.
Ivan continued three times more, attacking me as a disabled woman, Trenton as a black man, and me some more. He claims Trump will take away SSI, and if he does, nobody will live. That’s for sure. He can’t.
Anyway, the last time Ivan attacked me, he used the word fuck more than fifty times per sentence/paragraph, and could not stop attacking me or Trenton. Though Trenton is not worried about this stuff, I am because Ivan could grow up into a white Supremacist psychopath such as the one I discussed in a previouss post. Ivan is like Hunter Hollingsworth but with parents who spoil him worse than Baron Trump is spoiled. Even a twenty something can be a spoiled child, take the psychopath I mentioned before.
So that’s my story, but how do you confront hate speech? Blocking and reporting were most commonly cited as ways to do this. CBC News recommends a 2-comment rule as a recent video shows. One of the pannelists in the video studied hate crimes, and she and CBC Marketplace have found that hate speech has gone up 600%. Even Ivan is one of a million angry people found online. So to confront the haters, only comment twice. Tell a friend you trust what happened, but ignoring does not work. I’m a firm believer that ignoring trolls does not work, only lets them behave much worse. Ivan was not ignored, and so far he has decided not to attack me because a buddy who knew his networks threw him out. If he does it again, I promise to report him to the local police. He should be charged with federal felony trespassing and harassment if such protections can be enforced. If I have to, I’ll go to the Texas Attorney General and the CO Attorney General’s office because trolling for racial reasons is wrong. Because hate crime is so common after Trump’s election, I dare say this, but I’m asking commenters to be respectful when writing comments. Please if you are the victim of a troll, only 2 comments, then block the offender. Report if necessary, especially if the offender has your address, place of work, or phone number. This is the best way I can recommend confronting hate, and please watch the recorded Facebook live on CBC news Marketplace. They also have a wonderful video about race though it can definitely play a role here in the U.S.
Thank you all for reading, and have a safe February.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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