THe Comparison Between Donald Trump and Hitler, Justified by Action and One Woma’ns Story of Twisted FamilyI ssues

Dear Readers,

What do Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have in common? Many things. I’ll name a few:

Donald and Adolf were both narcissistic.

Both hate a certain kind of ethnic nationality or religious group. Hitler hated Jews and those who were not Nazi sympathizers, Trump hates Muslims and anyone who takes wealth from him. Like blacks and those who aren’t Trump party sympathizers.

Both banned people from coming to their country.

Both have emboldened suspicious minds.

Both are supremacists. White supremacists.

What do their differences have to do with it? Very little.

Let me say though that Hitler had the most twisted and stupid mind of any evil man. He wrote a book that detailed how white tall people with blonde hair and blue eyes were to rule the world, create a Aryan master superrace. Sounds almost no different than Donald’s manifestos and tyrades against women, Muslims, people with disabilities, etc. We must put him in check or the following story could repeat itself.

It was during the time of Hitler’s Third Reich that conquered Sudetenland, the Czech countries, the Balkans. Little Erika Matko was a happy baby, playing with her older siblings, being the normal child with golden hair and blue eyes, just an adorable little one. Then one day, a terrible thing happened. Erika was kidnapped and then adopted out and placed by the Liebensborn program, a twisted and evil attempt to “germanize” children in the conquered Sudetenland and Balkan satellite states. She was forcibly renamed Ingrid at that point, vaccinated at a Liebensborn home in Germany, then left with a Nazi sympathizing couple, a couple with a dark and brutal history. Herman and Geisla adopted Erika, now Ingrid, and tried to raise her as one of Hitler’s supposed hopefuls, to become a “mother” for a Nazi child someday. At least that would’ve been her destiny had the Allied command not won control of Germany, Italy and Japan. Ingrid’s life changed, she and her adopted brother Deitma were taken to different places in Germany, but Ingrid made a life for herself under the professional apprenticeship of Geisla as a therapist, later working for years with children with disabilities. But Ingrid’s mysterious birth family problems kept bothering for years, until she scrambled through the Nuremberg files and found charts, charts, and more charts detailing the placement of Liebensborn children, both full bred of “good blood” and stolen like the woman had been at birth. She found out later by DNA test that she was related to a Johan Matko who survived prison and exile, only at the expense of losing a daughter and misnaming another as her, Erika Matko. Her full memoir is available on bookshelves for your reading pleasure, but I’d recommend reading this book. It is powerful, deep, and will have you shaking at the edge of your seat, wondering if Ingrid would find herself. The old woman is now bringing hope to others who were liebensborn babies, and there’s more to it than this. IF we don’t put Trump in check, we will have a second Liebensborn program installed here, though under a different name and with different criteria. What would this all look like? We must put this Presidential hothead in check or who knows how many little Erika/Ingrids we will meet on a roadside. We could end up with a story like the next and following vignette.

Hitler not only targeted Jews and those he conquered, he also targeted adults with disabilities. There were many children with disabilities in what he called the Children’s Killing Program, and the t4 Adult Killing Program. Just give a few years, we will have no where else to go with that statement. Hitler’s Forgotten Victims is a book that tells the story of blind women sterilized, deaf women who can’t have pleasurable sex lives because the Nazi regime stole it from them, and many thousands of disabled babies and adults alike killed with cyanide or euthanized at what old Ron Wollford called “euthanasia camps.” I remember vaguely hearing about these euthanasia camps, they starved children and adults in their “care” until they died. Then, a letter would be sent to the person’s family with a stamp of evil: Heil Hitler. What will we do with Trump’s name? Will we kill our fellow citizens and say, “all hail Trump?” This is beginning to scare me. We must remember that Pope Francis said it best. He puts it like this, to paraphrase a recent quote, when we get angry, we lose our judgment and better conscience. WE are impulsive, and like the ones who voted Hitler in, we let anger dictate the consequences and listen to too much propaganda and slogans like the ones both the Donald and Hitler used to win their peoples over. Pope Francis doesn’t like Trump, and I don’t think he’d like Pence. Pence was a bigot signing a law in Indiana banning gays and lesbians from complaining if they didn’t have rights. Do we want another Hitler? IF you don’t want another Nazi Germany or a World War III, please read Hitler’s Forgotten Children written by Ingrid von Ulhaffen, the woman I mentioned before, and Hitler’s Forgotten Victims. Read up on the Third Reich as much as possible, and I dare you to translate the propaganda machine films that Hitler was in. We need something to stop the propaganda. And if you are super studious, do not comply with Trump’s orders. There you have it, folks. Just be careful.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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