My Take on an Inaugural Address

Dear Readers,

If Trump read this post, he’d be surprised that he’s trying to resonate in my opinion with all of us, but he of course left out disabled people. President Trump and his inaugural speech did not enliven me once, not at all after the applause. I cannot give Trump his blessing on my finances, nor can he fix the unemployment rate of disabled people. Just wait, we’ll lose all disabled workers, and our jobs will be at stake. The Donald is also paranoid, a germophobe, and somehow he could be considered other phobes as well. Since he’s privileged and rich, I can’t say he’s a good guy. The man is clinically a narcissist as I’ve said in some posts prior. I want to continue writing, but if he has his way, all my thoughts will be censored, which I won’t tolerate. Freedom of the press and speech are important to me, especially if you’re talking about Muslims and blind people and their rights. I have every god given right to have an opinion, which should also include the opinion that guardianships should be outlawed. Why do you think I say this? Because this is a free country. But not free in the sense that a rich man can take away my dreams as a person with a disability.

I want to starrt a home business. However, not being able to sign contracts would negatively impact this. It is awful that someone would also take away the right to marry the person you love, and marriage guardianships should most definitely be outlawed and declared unconstitutional because it bans people from making a choice based on freedom of choice. My parents don’t think I should be married alon the lines of a black man, or a man with a disability. But I don’t like able sighted men for the very reason that they could abuse, use, and financially misguide me into something worse. Dan, a homeless man from Denver, is one such. He stayed with Trent and I for a week and some, but the apartment building kicked him out because of smoking dope. We weren’t aware of someone like that smoking dope. Unfortunately, I got a violation letter because of this man, whose name I’ve changed for privacy concerns. He is not allowed back on the property and he had stolen my suitcase. I need a new one, but how to buy a new rolling suitcase like the one I had! I don’t know.

It’s scenarios like these that drive paternalistic viewpoints like my mom and dad’s view that I don’t know what’s best for myself. Well, I do. I want to live with a man that understands and loves and will protect me, no fake love, no convenience marriage at all. I don’t marry rich brats who steal. Like the Donald for instance. I would probably not get into bed with a man like that for the sole reason that I don’t know how he’s gonna act around a blind woman, period. He’s gonna entertain his wife with all the glorious past life he had, bullshit the rest. But I wouldn’t get in bed with a rich man because I don’t know rich men. I don’t want a rich man, period.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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