2017: My Accomplishments to Do List

Hello readers and welcome to a new year, new things, clean slate, right? Wrongo. There is still a lot for me to accomplish. For one, the victim count for Jason O. has risen to a new height. Tina, whose name I’ve modified for privacy concerns, must have surgery done on her left hand due to Jason’s promise ring he gave her. Jason willfully injured this young woman, not caring if circulation was cut off on that hand, and how awful! It’s blue and purple now. It will need surgery, an operation to restore the use of her left hand. Hopefully, no amputations as that could devastate people around Tina. Tina needs her left hand to do work in the kitchen, write stories on her computer, and other things like that. JoAnn Owens, Jason’s mom, bought this ring, so I’ve told Tina that she should pay medical bills for her. Sorry, those bills could devastate Tina’s mom and dad and family, and her current fiance, Garrett, is trying to help with the things she’s going through. Thankfully, Garrett’s dad is a sheriff, so we don’t really know what’s going on but we know the case could be in safe hands.

Mr. Owens, Jason that is, must indeed pay the bills with extra work around JoAnn’s Juliette home, sweeping, cleaning, cooking, and other chores being the ones JoAnn should force Jason to do. IF her boyfriend has any problems with this, he should see a pic of Tina’s hand, it is indeed blue, and she frequently complains that she can’t hardly feel it. She can barely lift a finger on it because of a bad ring, and Garrett’s bridal set is real. So I told Tina to keep the ring. Garrett’s that is.

I want everybody to know that disrespecting females should never go as far as injuring a woman’s hand when giving her a ring. Trenton would not dare do something that bad, and he would be smart and size it so that it can come off. I don’t want swelling in my hand where my wedding ring would go, etc., and I’m not paying off surgery and hospital bills to correct any damage to that area. Period.

Also, on my to do list of accomplishments for the year is getting rid of the guardianship. I’m going to put together a budget chart for the year, mapping out all the constant payments we do, big bills first. That should tackle finances, and if anyone thinks this is too personal, guess what? We could be in for big payments or back payments if we either don’t marry or have to pay an attorney to challenge the guardianship. I won’t be discussing details on this case in my blog any further, so if anyone wants to talk about it, they need to shut up and keep to themselves. Only myself and a lawyer will discuss all details of the case, except the financial burden it could have on me. I could be paying upwards of thousands up front, money I don’t and can’t have right now. Therefore, a GoFundMe page was set up for this purpose. I’m going to put a link on my home page for this reason, and I would encourage all readers to contribute so that I am free to write this blog further. My freedom of speech and the press could be encroached by the guardianship in question, and I’m counting on readers and subscribers to donate and help me out.

That’s pretty much most of my to do list of accomplishments for 2017. Barring any mess with SSI, I’m moving to a new apartment with Trenton, and who knows? We could indeed be fine there rather than here.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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