The Year End Rap Up: 2016

Dear Readers,

2016 had its highlights, downfalls, etc., but the most notable things that happened in this year were as follows:

In January, I was dating someone, but he broke up with me two weeks after we got together, which was both unfair and almost the most awful thing you could do to someone. I must, however, report that the issue was worse than I thought. I was chased out the door like a sick dog, banned from CCB property, and told not to come back. Boundaries were placed unfairly because of the safety of students and staff, however, there was no need for such things. I wanted closure, answers, and a reason for all that happened. I’d like to say there was no apology from staff, so I won’t be associating with the NFBCO except in terms of NFB NEwsline which I sometimes use to check on TV guide listings and political news and other news, which I no longer watch TV for news at all anyway.

February, I was browsing Twitter when I came across a tweet from Trenton. Trenton and I ended up meeting in the middle of the month, and we hit it off pretty well. I’m glad to say it started out good for me and Trent, but then things got weird. His mom at first didn’t approve because of rushing, but I think she came around realizing that housing is altogether impossible, and I wanted a truly independent life for Trenton and myself. We are currently in the process of moving to a different apartment building, and we will have to let Food Stamps know about this move, and we will do the same to social security because of the issues our building has. The building is poorly managed, us having a broken up microwave and no working microwave till January or afterwards. This is unacceptable, the work order not being done till January because the microwave had been broken after my buddy Shawana noticed the lights were starting to die. Well, they died, and the heating element broke too.

March was the month Trent and I officially moved into my apartment, our new apartment, but the church called Sovereign Grace Community Church in Westminster lost faith in me as a Christian due to their scriptorial jibberjabber about not living with a man who is not your husband. Okay, I hate to write names in my blog, but let’s just be frank. Glynn McKenzie seemed like the friendliest and most Godly and caring person on the planet, and for his pastoral staff, Keith Daukas and Tony Walsh, to have made such a terrible error in interpreting the scripture given my situation with my family, this is unprecedented. For those two men to make up false convictions about Trenton breaking up with me were quite unacceptable. I was and still am scared away from church because Grace is unaccepting in its “godly” interpretation of my situation. I don’t honor parents who abuse, and God should know that even to forgive that abuse could be an incentive for them to keep abusing. My dad behaved better than Mom as I’ll reveal in December when it came to Trenton’s Merry Christmas wish, but still.

April was spring, and with it grew the showers and May flowers. But we did hear from the grandmother, who wasn’t happy. Honor thy father and thy mother. That was the grandmother’s altogether all too familiar slogan when it came to the way she wanted everybody in the family to be treated. Okay, then what do you do when your mother doesn’t approve? He’s 32 years old, not a child anymore, so should be doing the following things: owning a house, having a family, doing a job, raising said family, and having adult things to do at said job or going to coworker picnics and Christmas parties. Normal stuff like that. But we have no normality.

May got better. We planned to change my phone carrier, but then I think it was this month I figured out that QVC denied me a Q Card based on false ID evidence that I was “deceased.” Ugh. I’d like to ask that the credit bureaus please change that to I am alive and kicking, and give me that stupid Q Card. I’m going to do a thorough investigation against the bureau for not correcting this, and use of Indians … like India people instead of Americans to discuss American credit law. This won’t go away unless something happens.

June was boring, except when we got T Mobile. Trenton had better credit, so we bought our current Galaxy J 7 phones for 2016, and we are thinking of jumping to S line phones first. IF that is what we do, we hope these new phones have Nouggot. If so, we’ll be happy. Hope the Talkback updates do their stinkin’ job.

However, I must say July was really boring. We’ve begun to notice that our finances were taking a turn for the worst. That was awful. Anyhow, we ended up having to rely on food banks for food and something horrible happened the next August month.

In August, we had a homeless man show up, and thinking we could try to be nice to this man, we offered him a place to stay temporarily, but no, he took advantage of us. I also switched mental health providers because of the failure of mental health services I had to provide couple and therapy for families. Couple therapy would have saved Blake and I a lot of heartache, and because we had a friend stay the previous month, Ulysses Garcia, that is, I should have mentioned, we were beginning to feel awkward. But Phillip eventually got kicked out and told never to venture on the premises again. Fine, we thought, but the damage was done. I now have no suitcase, so I’m going to have to buy another suitcase that rolls so I can put a luggage tag on it. Possibly after we get our new address I’ll buy a new suitcase set.

Anyway, next came September. By then, we were shook up over a violation we received after Phillip not only doped around in our home, but subscribed us no doubt to porn channels called Too Much for TV. Ugh. I called Comcast and told them that this man was buying things he shouldn’t on my TV. I wasn’t aware, but now I have a parental lock on my television. I know, I don’t have kids, but I can’t take chances with anyone at all, not even guys in our home. I’m okay with Shawana watching Free Form and stuff, at least she has a brain in her head and knows that porn sucks and is wrong. Jamil, her new boyfriend, is awesome from what I gather and probably not a porn hub subscriber, which is fine. Trenton says he has no need of porn, and neither does the rest of the world. Porn is like prostitutes on camera, all that sexual crap should be tossed up in the dumpster. I had a crappy birthday, only receiving $100 to spend at Walmart. I’m going to be honest, Walmart hates my caregiver, and my caregiver hates Walmart. I’d rather have Visa cards so we can do other things and go to other stores with said gift card, even go out to a restaurant or two for my birthday. Maybe Olive Garden or something, but no, a walmart gift card!!!!! For heaven’s sake, my family should know my limits, but they don’t listen to little old me.

October was awful. We were scammed close to the end of September by a Craigslist asshole from California. He wanted $16,000 dollars or so maybe subtract a zero from the ones, but $1600 for what he called a shipper. Liar. We were devastated as we wanted to sell my laptop, a windows machine that was currently broken at the time. Windows absolutely sucked ass and needed to be reformatted but by whom! Thank God Edward saved the day. Eddie decided to buy us a Chromebook, a beautiful HP 14 G4 with 4 GB ram, 32 GB SSD storage and micro SD expansion card space. I’m typing this to you on that now.

November had its ups and downs. However, Donald Trump won the presidential election. But here’s the kicker: Trump could block grant housing and Medicaid expenses, so I planned on being involed with CCDC, but the trouble was transportation, and I was recently invited to a new member orientation. Sadly, though, I can’t make it because of the cold, caregiver issues, and Trenton and I need to save our money. Ultimately, I feel a bit isolated because transportation costs skyrocket, and there’s no nonmedical transit that works. My caseworker, well she’s ours now, says she’ll work on getting Metro Transportation and Airport to help with nonmed expenses. That would help us to do stuff more, and we could use the shopping or going to the mall trips. Maybe we could even go to the movies, I don’t usually do that. But we watch descriptive ones at home, honestly.

December, ah, December was a fine month. REally. Shawana came to visit us the previous month, and we decided to take away a few things. She was practical in her way of showing us how to save, but the big thing was the cooking. We got our beautiful precision induction cook top, the gold edition, from Natalia, Trenton’s mom. She has since been supportive and we had two dinners at Grandma’s house, she being the cool one. I must say though, most grandmothers are conservative about the idea of marriage.

What do we hope to accomplish in 2017? Well, here’s what we want to accomplish. Termination of guardianship based on the reasoning on any grounds for getting the guardianship. My parents used this to abuse their powers, so they could still dominate and authoritate as parents, but still they don’t realize they’re both gonna die. My dad won’t be getting his nursing home bills paid by me, for sure. Mom? She’s the one the bandmates of mine in high school dug the dirt on. My mother could have been the one who started this mess, and she should pay immensely for it. She used me as a maid or servant in the house, threatened to kill me, and otherwise garnered rights over me to stop marriage for me and Trenton, which we were told to go forward with anyway. Florida may not recognize my marriage, but I want to become legally and spiritually married in the state of Colorado, even if we’re gonna lose $300 in our total monthly income, so what? The church and God mean a lot to me, but even a nondenominational church could be too ultraconservative for our tastes. Daukas and Walsh, for instance, are too conservative to handle my case, and should know that honoring a child abuser is not right. God doesn’t always change people and he purposefully didn’t change Pharaoh Rameses II, the one who didn’t let Moses’ people go. In response, when Moses said those famous words, “Let my people go”, God sent ten plagues meant to teach Rameses and his family a lesson. The straw that broke the camel’s back I think was Rameses saying he was God. This was what happened: God sent those plagues, beginning with hail, boils, flies, frogs, gnats, three days of darkness, all starting with the bloody Nile river, which was so crimson it was never to be the same again. Then, he sent rain, killed all the livestock of the Egyptians and spoiled all the crops with locusts, but worse, he killed the firstborns of the Egyptians and anyone else who did not put the lamb blood on the post of their doors. That included the son of Rameses II. God is greater than any guardianship, and if he has to send mini versions of the plagues to teach my parents a lesson, even if it was only one, I think that might do the trick. Because my parents want restriction, I want freedom, and I want personhood and first class treatment from all people, period, including the legal system. I believe that if God is greater than the guardians who claim they’re guardians over me, then God can do good and rather destructive things to teach DAd and Mom a lesson. Maybe Danny Taurasi might not die like the little son of the Pharaoh, since he not being involved was innocent anyway. However, there has to be a lesson taught here. My father and mother abused scriptural practices and provoked their child to wrath so they need to be punished.

I suppose the flu might work. IF they don’t give up after they initially get sick, the flu could become incurable. I don’t know what God has in store, no one does. But God has all power and sole control over every last piece of dust on his or the planet he/she created. I believe that God could have a female side, not this patriarchal masculine stuff, not just that. Honestly, women have more power than men. Why? Because women learn to cope and work with childbirth pains, a feat that men are not physically able to do.

The wedding will happen. And God is in control.

Happy New Year, readers, and remember, trolling will not be put up with next year. Inauguration day will ultimately be canceled if Trump is impeached. No excuses, now we have to fight. Fight for our rights to be people, not slaves.


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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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