Christmas: What Does It Mean?

So this Christmas, Trenton and I received a pretty cool set of stuffs, including chocolate which we shared upon arriving home and from Mother, we received a precision induction cooktop gold edition. It gives us better opportunities to cook without need of a stove and the stovetop we’ve used for ever is too much to clean. Cleaning the oven was the worst thing caregivers refused to do, including one who claimed she had to take a Medicaid class in order to do it because I was a Medicaid client. Ugh. Well? The PIC gold should do the trick with regards to cleaning because it’s easy to do. But Christmas isn’t about getting things at all, it is about the giving of love and family relations and joy to others. In a religious sense, Christmas should be about the birth of a savior, Jesus Christ, a king born to a peasant woman named Marium, or Mary as most people call her. Sadly, nobody would give as much if a girl was born. This clearly shows the discrimination against girls in some regard during Biblical era family life. However, Jesus shows us that girls and women are indeed special.

Jesus showed us also that the handicapped are special, but what would he have said had he looked at this world today? 80% of females with disabilities are ten times more likely to be raped or abused either by family or other disability community members or even nondisabled male counterparts. Tina (name has been changed for privacy concerns) dated a guy who was abusive and said guy is only a small fraction of the guys who are spoiled due to male preference. Jason and his family have been known to be abusive, including toward me. Jason made fun of Tina’s illnesses or BPD and bipolar diagnoses, and worse yet, he made fun of every quirk and thing he saw in a girl. It’s the fact that there are too many Jasons in the world, compared with the number of Josephs, Joseph being the foster father of the Christ Child. There are too many Jasons compared to decent men like those men I dated after I left him.

Blake is a decent guy, and he realizes that there are more women abused who have disabilities than able women. Because of the high rate of abuse of females with disabilities in America, and even around the world, there is a high number of mentally ill people with disabilities. Many females grow up treated like inconveniences, even a burden could be mentioned. Jesus’ love could save these women, but face it, there’s still a high rate of abuse of females with disabilities. Out of ten females with disabilities, I can name eight who’ve had sex outside of marriage, a few that might have been pregnant outside marriage and had their baby removed, more having been raped as teenagers. Jesus would be angry and would truly want to flood the world. But would he flood the world at the mention of gay marriage?

What about transgendered issues? My friend Joey’s former CCB roommate came out to him as a trans male, and that has never bothered him as a Christian. Both Chris and Joey are like brothers, best friends, etc., and even Joey has come to understand the trouble that lies ahead for transgendered young people. Today, you are told to go to the bathroom where your birth certificate label is shown, male or female, no matter what, in the Carolinas. This is atrocious, but thank God Denver gets it. We have a strong LGBTQIA community where the gala choruses were held. My friend Ulysses can testify to the strength of Gala’s efforts to help with trans issues, and they know what issues to tackle. Gala presented them with a song, sung by one gay men’s chorus, called Testify, which sums up how even disabled people feel. Ulysses tends to lean toward female tendencies, though prefers the pronouns “they” and “them”. More gender neutrality is their creed.

Unfortunately, Christmas means that we should be spreading peace and goodwill to all men and women and others alike, including the disabled and LGBTQIA people. However, we still don’t have a clue how. Manger scenes and Christmas trees don’t do it enough. Let’s explain what Christmas truly could mean.

A young single mom loses custody of her kids in court, but the man acts like a fool and gets arrested simply because he is selfish and wants the kids back. So a family pays her $4000 or more to start over in her town after saving lives, working hard, and being forced out of her apartment almost. That is the plot of the movie Christmas Secret. If you haven’t seen it, go see it, download or purchase it and see what I mean.

A child is diagnosed with Leukemia and wishes to meet Mickey Mouse, or perhaps she wishes to be a princess. Either way, the Make a Wish Foundation raises money and grants her wish. I donated to the KJSC Radio Make a Wish foundation, and it is making a difference, a $700 plus difference, in a child’s Christmas or the last days of a child’s life. My friend Carrie Loveridge died years ago, died of a strain of leukemia and she got a wish to meet Michael Balton. That was her wish. It was granted to her by the Make a Wish Foundation. Many teens in those days also got the chance to meet N. Sync or the Backstreet Boys as wishes, wishes that would carry these young lives forever. Twin boys went on a Disney cruise together, knowing that one would die of cancer. That was a wish also.

All of these things are positive ways you can make a difference during the holiday season. But as 2016 draws to a close, I’d like to further make sure we all know that trolling and political musings about how great the GOP is won’t be spoken here. REason? Too divisive, I don’t mean censorship here, but it is too divisive and I was attacked by a teenager who, thank goodness was robbed of his computer network. There are fifteen year olds who can code and create things on computers, something we haven’t seen before. In my day, you did not code at five years old, period. But I have a strong recommendation for all the teenagers who wish to gripe and groan at me. Don’t. Trump will likely be impeached for his misdeeds and we will have to pick someone else, and the government will likely fall in the hands of God. Christmas will continue to happen year after year, but we need to think positive and think carefully about who we talk with about things online. The way we address each other is also important. Christmas means a lot of positive miracles, a lot of great things happening, but in 2016, it should really mean love is in the air, family all around, and wishes for children who want them.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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