Jaws for Windows is a Murderer: a Fascinating Take on the End of the World As We Know It

Most blind people might take this entry as a critique, but let me state, clearly and plain as day, that I thoroughly enjoyed JFW is a Murderer. It all starts with a typical screen reader conference, but as months and years went by, the creator, who shall remain annonymous, began borrowing, in a matter of fact way, the way the world would end in the Bible as a way to end the JFW series.

The second, third, and fourth installments are anything but typical screen reader audio project. These installments remind the listener of a horror movie but in complete audio. The story is told, quite frankly, from the point of view of a very injured Alex MacIntosh, better known as the Alex voice on apple devices. The whole series is a fight between him and JAWS for Windows, most famous for its use of eloquence screen reading technology for the blind. I would like to say that when I heard this whole project, bit by bit, the suspense was so great I could not wait to see the final battle. But the middle parts just keep throwing cliffhangers at you, the listener, getting you ready for the next parts in Episode 5 parts 1 and 2.

The part 5 of the series contains lots of borrowing, and a common theme in literature is used to bring this series to a close. Spoiler alert: only one small clue here. Part 5 is a ripped page of the book of Revelation, and the creator puts his belief in the Lord right in the middle of the battle lines. It is amazing what God can do for those who seek him, and the characters in the series are no different than all of us. Though the things these folks did were obvious, things like one was a stripper; one was a thug; one was a brother of a thug; lots of other things, we oftentimes don’t see the inner meaning behind this series installment pair. I, for example, have issues with relationships ending on me, and I might have done a few things wrong in school, was maltreated by family, whatever, but there are things that I still have to overcome. One character, my personal favorite, was Silver, voiced by the KeyNote Gold synthesizer found on BrailleNote products by HumanWare. Silver’s character is portrayed as a bad guy turned good, and … spoiler alert, he gets a special surprise from the Almighty himself as well. Don’t worry, you’d have to understand why Silver changed sides and became the kind of character you’d never guess made the series what it is, a thriller, horror story, and apocolyptic work of art. I say work of art because many books and pieces of media and things we see depict the Apocolypse.

Let’s use an example of a book by Rodman Philbric. The last book I read of him, oddly enough, depicts a post-Apocolyptic world in which genetically improved people rule the world, and “normals”, and yes even the ones with disabilities, are not allowed in a place called Eden, where Proovs live. Proovs are the perfect, the ones who survive what’s called the Big Shake. Let’s go a step back, though. In the last installment of JFW, Alex and JAWS are standing in an area of an open bridge, as described by Robert and Jasmine, both played by British synthesis voices. Both adversaries were fighting so hard it seems like the earth shook. Imagine a world after the quake, after the fight had gone.

In the very last installment of JFW, there are also a few key phrases that for those who aren’t aware, come straight from the Bible, and the phrases frequently go back to a common theme: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” God says this again and again to Alex and his friends, and God is voiced brilliantly by possibly the author of this awesome audio project. Of course, this is also a spoiler, but I wrote this to show how this series has some relation to the Bible’s version of the End of the World. Of course, what of those left behind?

Of course, the Bible tells of an antiChrist, come to attempt takeover of the world. The Antichrist, according to the Left Behind books, is a hybrid sperm baby called Nicolae Carpathia. Carpathia is supposed to be the Chosen Child, the son of Satan, someone who will continue to worship Satan. Of course, Lucifer is also depicted in the JFW project just as he should be in all forms of literature, just as evil and weird as he is demonic. THe whole thing just rocked the walls as I was hearing Lucifer or Satan direct JFW to murder Alex, the whole battle was also a reminiscence of a Viking battle as well. Being that it was a battle involving dragons, I wandered to the battle of Ragnarok.

Has anyone ever truly understood such a battle? We’re talking dragons, monsters, and all the demons you can think of, versus the Einherir heroes of Norse old. Oden, or Woden, the Norse head god, is charged with protecting the world, but when Ragnarok happens, according to Norse mythology, everybody, good and bad guys, will die. Asgard, the Heaven in Norse, will explode and be made new again. Midgard, Earth in Norse mythology, would also be made new. The last battles in the JFW series were both a detective work full circle and a beautifully crafted sort of one on one Ragnarok, but each side had its army. Good always wins over Evil, but that’s the case in most forms of even basic literature.

I’d like to thank all the collaborators on the JAWS for Windows is a Murderer project for bringing delight to listeners everywhere. I’d also like to say that exploring the characters’ personalities is a joy and a half. I hope this project is placed in public for those who want to hear it without having to download it on Dropbox. Not everyone has that. So I give this series a 5 star rating, and even my fiance enjoyed the series. We both want to see more people exposed to the master craftsmanship of this highly entertaining work, and I’ll just say, there are more audio projects where this team is headed.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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