Letter to the Lost

Normally, when I write a letter, I start, “dear” or “to whom it may concern”, but today, this is a note to all the lost ones. This is not something I normally write, but this is a note that should tell those who think they’ve found their way that even they are lost.

I’d like to start with those white Supremacists out there. To Steve Bannon, David Duke, and others, hands off me and my fiance. He’s African AMerican, I’m white, but guess what? I have a touch of black in me. My grandpa was part Cajun, and Cajuns have been known to intermarry with blacks. There you go. We have a child of a slave in our ancestry. Trenton’s ancestors were slaves, but who cares. If you think it’s okay to shove my baby into the road, I won’t let you. You’re making America hate again. We’re supposed to be a great country, and the way to greatness is not shoving black people off a sidewalk. This reminds me of a scene in Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry by Mildred Taylor. Lillian Jean Sims shoves Cassie off the sidewalk, and Lillian Jean’s dad says, “You will say yes, Miss Lillian Jean.” Guess what? I want nothing to do with being called Miss anything. As to being called Mrs., I want to be called Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Trenton Matthews, with respect and dignity due me as a woman with a disability. And your racist rhetoric has no place with me and other Americans.

Secondly, to anyone with problems of their own, problems with communication, autism, mental illness, I’m with you all the way. Nobody should hit you, despise you, or belittle you for your disabilities. Trump supporters have done this to me, and Trump inspired important events, but worse, he inspired someone to impersonate someone on the Eyes Free blind android list, and that impersonater wrote that we were “stinky pigs” and put pro Trump crap in the email list, permanently archived for the world to see. They banned the user.

This is unprecedented behavior.

Now, to the blind community who voted for Trump, you’ll have to fight for Medicaid services for the disabled. And you guys got yourselves into this mess. Only the wealthy are benefiting from Trump, that’s all. But he will be impeached and jailed for racketeering and fraud, and here you all were saying that Clinton was crooked.

To the blind Hilary supporters, watch your computer screens for cybertrolls. Make sure that trolling gets punishment. I won’t have someone messing around with this girl again. And we should have laws against cybertrolls like Ivan, age 16, from Texas. He voted in his own mind against immigrants like … oh yo ho, his own parents. Immigrants make up a majority of this country. In fact, the Statue of Liberty calls to all of us in the world, likely those who become immigrants in times of war and other things. We must be willing and able to spread the real message behind the statue of liberty. And this includes blind people.

For those of you who think Trump is God’s plan, he’s a false prophet of racism, misogyny, and bigotry. There are more reports coming through the news of incidents like that of Cassie and Lillian Jean. An incident occurred in a college once with a black girl called Natasha. She left the sidewalk because some guy said, “No n*****s on the sidewalk. Get in the road.” When asked why he did this, he said, “I’m just making America great again.” Wrongo! A group of Christians told Natasha she could walk on that sidewalk and she was a beloved child of God like everyone else. Does Trump even see what he’s causing?

My note to the lost concludes with this. If you’re a Trump or Clinton supporter who doesn’t understand the message of either candidate, do your homework. I’m no nasty woman, but nobody calls Hilary a nasty woman, or any other woman. If I ran for President, you’d bet I’d have to reasonably add provisions to Medicaid for the families with disabled people. My friend Ashley is the parent of an autistic girl who needs therapy and other services through Medicaid. How’s she going to get those services in Trump City? I didn’t think so, they won’t be able to obtain the services they need. There’s an autistic adolescent called Brianna who’s experienced bullying inn her home state of Maryland. How can we protect her? Trump won’t.

How’s this girl, me, how am I going to keep my services like medical insurance and transport to appointments? What about home care services in case, God forbid, my disabilities become dangerously bad? Don’t play the Beth is Lazy card here. You need to understand that without Medicaid services, I’d not be living independently with a man I actually care about, who gives a crap about me. Therefore, I ask all ableists and Supremacists to kindly delete all hate speech against me and others you really don’t like, step off the Internet, and stop your activities immediately. My fiance and I have the right to walk together on the same sidewalk, marry, raise our kids, and use whatever resources provided to thrive. Not just survival, I’m talking about thriving. Thank you for your consideration.


Beth Taurasi

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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