Copyright and Rich People: Governments and CISPA

Dear Readers,

I recently had a copyright flag possible on one of my facebook live videos. I had to delete the video stream I made because Arcane Music, a rich company, wanted rights to their music acknowledged. Well, I’m sorry, but the CEO can part with a million bucks. We had a law in 2011 that would have allowed cyber snooping, but this is a ding I won’t allow Arcane Music to get rich on. Any music company CEO’s reading this should take a look at who they’re dinging for copyright infringements.

First I am a simple blind girl typing this on a Chromebook, and my earnings of only $736, all of which comes from SSI. So as you can see, I cannot pay for your rich plush pillow lifestyles. Your copyright licensures should never come before the lives of the have nots who are trying to showcase gaming, mplay music for the sake of playing music, etc etc. IF your name is Donald Trump and you’re reading this entry, you are fired. You’re fired. And that statement isn’t trademarked and copyrighted, but if you’re Trump, you have all the plus pillows in your bed you want, including pillows a mile long. What about all the Slavic beauties you have a chance to marry? Models like Milania are hard pressed to marry rich, and that’s major hypergyny. So don’t complain if I say you’re fired in a sentence on my blog.

If you’re a CEO of a music company living in some highstrung flat in Manhattan, congratulations, you love New York, filth and all. Not all the streets are filthy, of course, but you gotta love it, rats ‘n all. But your life is ten times better than mine, at this point you have a super, a maid, a butler, a cook, any number of things. I rely on Medicaid, so if you wanna infringe on my right to showcase my singing or play a certain cover of a song, realize who you’re going after. jAnd for heaven’s sake, read my lips and read this gosh darn blog. You could learn that I have a life, and at least I’m not demanding the best suite magically come to me like Kim does all the time in her hapless attempt at fame. Kim West, and yes, Kanye, are so into themselves as my long lost VI teacher said of my middle school classmates. Guess what else? Kimye have two kids!!!! Who have a nanny! You know how many mothers in your offices would kill for that so they don’t have to put the child in daycare? What if I were like Olivia Benson, have to work all the day long so victims can be safe? AT least she loved Noah, and in the Law and Order episodes I see with them both, she takes mothering Noah seriously, even if she’s not married and just dating Ed Tucker. Olivia doesn’t just put Noah in those inner city daycares. In this show, she and Noah use a babysitter who is awesome, and Olivia pays her. You know how many of us want this? I can’t have kids right now, I can’t even finance a wedding. But let’s say this: if I can’t finance a wedding, I sure as hell won’t finance any copyright infringement cases you throw at me. You can’t sue me anyway at this point, but it is useless to try and go after me because of my peasantry. And hell, I write ten times better than any medieval peasants. Thank you for your support, readers and others, and please go vote.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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